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Posted by ScubaSteve | Mar 27, 2007 @ 08:40 AM | 5,053 Views
PHFEW! Finally completed and implemented the first of many changes to the GB Performance Database. For those who aren't familiar with it, the database houses a huge assortment of various motor configurations to aid builders in selecting the proper number of turns, rotor setups, etc.

In the past, the interface for the legacy database was a bit... well, intimidating . This new interface is completely integrated with the GoBrushless forum @ to make it comfortable and familiar to use. The forum interface allows the user to submit their motor (requires user registration, of course) via a simple form that collects basic motor data, up to 10 unique prop test results, and general setup info. Upon submitting this information, the database is updated with the motor info, but in addition, a new thread is created on the "Motor" forum specifically for that motor containing all the provided info. The obvious benefit here is the ability to ask questions about and discuss specific motors in the Performance Database - an option we didn't so readily available before.

Screenshots are below.

Future plans include the MAIN interface which will be available both online and as a downloadable tool. The main interface will allow in-depth searching, sorting, filtering, and ultimately charting, graphing, and motor comparison.

Of course, we still have to migrate the data from the legacy database to this new system... that will occur over the course of the next couple weeks.