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NeuMotors 1509
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Leading Edge Gliders 60" Spitfire
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Original Multiplex Alpina NIB

Complete kit photos at rcaerotowing.com
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three-view and background info
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1:3 scale Ventus C
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Kyle, Steve and David,

Here's what I've come up with. Please feel free to edit or clean up as you deem appropriate.


A New Approach to Attracting and Keeping F3B Pilots

F3B is arguably one of the most attractive, challenging, and, ultimately, rewarding forms of RC soaring. Unfortunately, those things that attract most of us to the sport often prove to be obstacles for newcomers interested in seeing what F3B is all about. While a great amount of effort has been put into introducing new pilots to F3B in the United States and preparing them to fly in their first contest, very little has been done to retain new pilots and help them push through, and over the top of, the steep learning curve demanded by the sport.

Attracting and retaining "new blood" in any activity is the key to its growth and success. F3B has obstacles -- some real and some perceived -- that may frighten or otherwise turn away new participants. The intent of this article is to suggest a new format for F3B competitions what will both attract new pilots, provide a way for returning pilots to learn and improve their skills, and support world-class competitions for pilots preparing for international competitions.

This newly proposed form of F3B competition will pair a seasoned (pundit) pilot with both an intermediate and beginner pilot to form a team. These three person teams will compete against other teams made up of the same beginner-intermediate-pundit (BIP) skill...Continue Reading
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Molds for the Sagitta 900 fuselage
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These were posted for a friend building a scale version of the Kestrel. These are originals ca 1971, signed by Eugene Hanle, for an H401, serial #33.

If anyone has these kinds of drawings for the Alexander Schleicher ASW-17, I'd be very interested in getting copies of them.