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Posted by old4570 | Today @ 12:49 AM | 963 Views
I don't know how long it has been ..
But decided to recharge the batteries , I think their voltage was 3.7v or something .
And the Taranis Q x7 is no power hog , I guess I could have run them down a lot further .

But I decided to charge them up anyways .. ( How long has it been ? ) Definitely over 3 months .
Long enough so I dont actually remember recharging these particular batteries . ( NCR 18650B Panasonic 3400mAh )
Did I buy these like about 5 or 6 months ago ?
Oh well , this time I have written down the date that I am recharging on so I get some idea how long the batteries last .
I actually went outside and flew my WL Toys 686 quad
And a few days ago I flew the B-whoop . And been flying the Eachine E32HW ( Review shortly )

I hope this weather holds for a while longer
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 02:40 AM | 813 Views
Banggoods RC Sale has started ...

And there is so much tempting STUFF !

I nearly dropped the hammer on the WL 930 ...

Must resist the siren song !

Holly Smoke , have you seen the price on the XK Stunt X350 ? $100 USD ( I am so tempted , I nearly dropped the hammer )
Posted by old4570 | Jun 17, 2018 @ 11:30 PM | 2,163 Views

Sent for review by Banggood > Product Page

The E32 came last week , but the weather also turned for the worse with wind gust's up to 100kmh ..
This morning was far better , but still windy .

The E32 is a single cell ( 3.7v or 4.2v Fully charged ) quad with altitude hold , one click landing , headless mode and one click return as well flip capability .
Also there is the WIFI for FPV (?) as well video recording directly to SD card or to your phone VIA the Eachine APP .
Speaking of the app , if you like me find the Google app store a complete PITA (?) , then it's relatively easy to find a direct download .
https://apkpure.com/eachine-mh/com.f...chinemh.sdrone > Direct Download .

With the app installed on your smart device ( phone ) , you can receive video ( Wifi ) and record video .
You need the app to record video , which is annoying . With my Android phone lag spikes are common and 5 or more seconds long making FPV VIA Wifi not really feasible .

Altitude hold : Some quads leap off the ground up to 3 meters when power is applied or you use some form off auto take off . I was pleasantly surprised to find that such was NOT the case with the E32 .. It rises gently off the ground and when you stop giving throttle the quad hold what ever altitude you stopped at .. This is nice as if its really windy outside you can still fly indoors .

One click landing : It really works , it's not a controlled crash as with some quads but an actual landing .

...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jun 12, 2018 @ 08:19 PM | 747 Views
Banggood mid year sale

Yeah , Banggood is starting it's mid year sales ..
So if you , like me , have been waiting for BG to start another round of sales .. Well the mid year madness has started .
Hopefully will be as good as or better than the last Christmas ( Xmas to some ) sales .

Update :

Eachine E32HW came today https://goo.gl/mik7XT
Bit on the windy side today to play with a brand new quad , but I have charged the battery ..
Hopefully be playing with it soon ( and do a review )
Posted by old4570 | May 31, 2018 @ 11:59 PM | 1,102 Views
Posted by old4570 | May 30, 2018 @ 10:23 PM | 1,308 Views

Just noticed this @ HK , jumper multi protocol module ...

jumper 4in1 multi protocol module (11 min 55 sec)

Wonder if it's the same as the iRangeX ?

Looks like multiprotocol is moving forward .. Hopefully bigger better things in the future for the hobby ..
Posted by old4570 | May 30, 2018 @ 09:04 AM | 1,351 Views

https://www.banggood.com/Upgraded-Su...t=chendongling - AF Link

https://www.banggood.com/Upgraded-Su...p-1171118.html - Non AF Link

Geez ! Where were these when I was a kid ..
Actually - I recall , we had those zip pull planes .. and the sling shot style launched ones ..
But these are interesting and cheap .. Might get the kids interested in model airplanes ..
Might even be a few older gents out there chasing these ..
Wonder if the power system can be utilized for anything ?
Posted by old4570 | May 26, 2018 @ 11:42 PM | 1,388 Views
Spirit 600 flying wing from Fasttech $20 USD shipped - https://www.fasttech.com/p/7327502
Hot SKY3025 2.5g Micro Servo off Ebay $4.19 each
4ch Frsky Rx from Banggood - https://www.banggood.com/2_4G-4CH-Mi...r_warehouse=CN
6 amp ESC off Ebay
Motor from GB - https://www.gearbest.com/motor/pp_11...ml?wid=1433363

The goal - to build a 100 gram RTF flying wing ( Or better )
Yes - just completed it ..

Pic 1
Pic 2 The completed Wing

Both ESC and Rx were fitted to the side of the fuse with double sided foam tape + a zip tie
Servos were hot glued into the wing
Pic 3 / Pic 4
The wing tips and control hardware did add weight where it was not wanted , behind CG ..
I still have not installed the propeller , and the 250 mAh 2s battery just , and I mean just balances at CG ..
Weight without the prop and with the battery was ....
Damned close to 90 grams = 90.5 grams ( less Prop )
So I dare say I made it past 100 grams with room to spare .

I may have to buy some slightly larger 2s batteries , maybe 350 mAh ...
Wonder what I have in the battery box ?
Posted by old4570 | May 26, 2018 @ 09:13 PM | 1,342 Views
Picture 1 :
Put some lines on the wing ( CG ) as well for servo placement .

Picture 2 :
I cut the tabs off the servos , made some holes in the wing and set up the servos

Picture 3 :
Before I glue the servos in , it would be nice to know they work , well that everything works .

Picture 4 :
Wing has been Epoxy glued to the fuse , servos hot glued into the wing , servo leads buried into the wing along the CG

All that's needed now is to put in the Rx , connect elevons to the servos , glue on the tips , and hope that everything balances far enough forward to use a nice small 2s battery . ( Oh and the self imposed weight limit of 100 Grams RTF )
Posted by old4570 | May 26, 2018 @ 01:32 AM | 1,669 Views
Picture 1 :
Just test running the motor to make sure everything is still ok .

Picture 2 :
ESC ( 6A ) has been mounted with double sided tape and a zip tie , as far forward as I can get it without stressing the motor leads .

Picture 3 :
Motor is screwed into place , hmmm two more screws or not ? ( I will run it some with the prop and see if the screws come lose )
Some super glue on the threads should hold the screws in place .

So I am on my way to trying to build a 100 gram RTF wing .. ( Lighter would be better )
Posted by old4570 | May 22, 2018 @ 03:55 AM | 1,538 Views
Pictured is the wing with ESC - Motor - Servos , sorry no Rx ..
Total weight in parts ( Without the Rx and battery ) 71.3 Grams ...

It just might be possible to build a 100 gram RTF wing .. Oh yeah the 6 amp ESC finally got here ( Already tested ok )
Will most likely make a start this week on the wing , they are very simple to build . First I will install the motor / ESC ( already soldered together ) .

https://goo.gl/mik7XT Eachine E32HW > Next Review
Posted by old4570 | May 21, 2018 @ 05:27 AM | 1,155 Views
1. 8% OFF for US Warehouse:
Code: USTOYS8,

2. 8% OFF for EU Warehouse,

3. 8% OFF for AU Warehouse,

4. 6% OFF for CN Warehouse
Code: Toyho
Posted by old4570 | May 07, 2018 @ 08:26 PM | 1,452 Views

Sent for review by FastTech.com

Product page @ FastTech

For review I have the Klarus XT2CR a 1600 Lumen EDC able flashlight with two modes of operation , Tactical and Outdoors . And right off may I suggest that the outdoor modes are the choice modes for most people . The XT2CR came set to tactical out of the box and initially I was left some what confused by exactly what Klarus was trying to achieve with the mode of operation ( Tactical ) . The XT2CR has two switches at the back of the tailcap , the main switch and a mode switch . Pressing down on the mode switch in the Tactical mode short cuts to strobe and the only way to stop accidental activation is to unscrew the tailcap . ( Lock out the tailcap ) There does appear to be mode memory , but its the strangest mode memory ! and only seems to work for Low , though a few times I got the light to go into medium ? ( Very strange ) But then there is no mention of mode memory in the instructions ?

User Interface :

You have two switches in the tailcap . The main switch ( a forward clicky ) and a mode switch . The main switch turns the light on or gives you momentary function with Turbo output . There are two modes of operation , Tactical and Outdoor .

Tactical = 3 Light levels ( Turbo - High - Low and strobe function )

Outdoor = 4 Light Levels ( Turbo - High - Medium - Low and SOS function ) .

Changing Mode = Instruction manual sux's for this one : Hold down the mode switch , a green...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | May 07, 2018 @ 08:21 PM | 1,429 Views
Still waiting on 2.5g servos .. ( For my wing )
Also waiting on plastic washers to fix my Q333 ...
The Eachine E010s Pro = Seems to have some sort of Rx issue ( Quad side ) - Maybe damaged - Box looks like it was drop kicked .
What I might do is put the camera on my B-Whoop - Since the E010s wont fly , hmmm , I might also swap out the board (?) , since I did buy this replacement board .

Sounds like plans are forming ...
Posted by old4570 | Apr 30, 2018 @ 10:12 PM | 2,185 Views
Came today ! Yay ! Eachine E010s Pro
Sent for review / testing by Banggood.com
Link to Banggood page Non affiliate link ...

1) You do need to program before flying
2) Inbuilt Rx - Flysky - FrSky - DSM2 ( Pick one ) I went with FrSky
3) The camera was double sided tapped to the canopy = Be very careful removing the canopy
4) The Rx antenna is a bare wire - Might want to route it some where safe before firing up the E010 ..
I might remove it and solder in a covered / insulated wire ..
5) Betaflight for programming ...
6) Bag of goodies = Spare props - USB charger - 1 prop remover - 3m Double sided tape ( for camera ) - and some rubber bands (2)
Posted by old4570 | Apr 26, 2018 @ 08:32 PM | 2,271 Views
A1405 motor from GearBest (0 min 56 sec)

So we know that peak current was 3.15A / 25 watts with all props tried , 5x3 - 5x4 - 6x3

So this tells us that none of those props really loaded up the motor , also tells us the 3000kv claim is just a claim .
I put the motor to the Tacho ..

4.5x3 = just over 11,000 RPM > Oh dear !
6x3 = just over 10,000 RPM

My guess would be that this might be a 1200 - 1400kv motor , ? ( 1400 at best ) ..
I could be tempted to try a 7x3 if I could find one physically light enough , because this is a very small motor or maybe a 5x5 ...
Posted by old4570 | Apr 26, 2018 @ 05:35 AM | 1,915 Views

Well those 1.5mm screws showed up today .. ( I thought I had a 6A ESC ? - Must have misplaced it )
Anyhow .. I have a 12A ESC I can test with .

Motor is 1s - 2s so we will be using a 2s Battery ..

GB gives no specs on the motor ..
HK has a motor !

30 Watts

So using a 2s battery and ...

5x3 - 5x4 - 6x3 and a cut down 5x3 to 4.5x3 .

First I tested current draw and Watts , every prop was around 3.15Amp and 25 Watts and the motor ran cool . So obviously I am not maxing out the motor at all . Then for kicks I got out some cheap electronic scales and I tested for thrust . Motor is mounted to a wood block , I am setting the motor up for pusher ( push down ) to see how much weight the scales register . Obviously with the motor off one sets the scales to zero ...

5x3 prop gave around 110 grams of thrust .. 5x4 prop was about 115 grams and the 6x3 was around 120 grams , but obviously this is static thrust . Pitch would have something to say about flight performance , so I will go with the 5x4 ...

Well with about 3A current draw , around 110 grams of thrust .. I think the motor will fly my wing , especially if I can make it 100 grams RTF ..

Not sure the GB motor can live up the the HK motor specs , just does not feel like a 3000kv motor .. Its dark and tomorrow I will tack the motor with the 4.5x3 prop as it did rev out a little more on the little spinner .
Posted by old4570 | Apr 25, 2018 @ 07:26 PM | 1,976 Views
My wing is here from FastTech dot com ...
I put it on the scales and got 46 grams ( for the foam components ) , that leaves me some 54 grams to play with to get to my goal of 100 grams RTF
Just waiting on the 2.5g servos now and some small ( 1.5mm ) screws
Posted by old4570 | Apr 23, 2018 @ 01:26 AM | 1,487 Views

For review : Nitecore EC22

Product Page @ Nitecore

Nitecore EC22 provided for review by Nitecore

I was looking at flashlights one night ( as I some times do ) and I spied the Nitecore EC22 . Two things grabbed my attention right away , the first being the infinitely variable output and the second was the rotary dial . Never mind the 1000 lumen output or the fact that it it's all put in a very handy package powered by a 18650 or two CR123 . The very first thing I did on receiving the EC22 for review was to take it for a walk . Nope ! , I did not measure current or put it in the light box or anything else . I wanted to experience the EC22 first and then see what the numbers were . When I went for my walk I swung past a friends place and let him and his wife have a play with the EC22 . Now my friend took to the EC22 like a duck takes to water , without any prompts from me he had turned on the light and was adjusting the output . For a non flashaholic to simply use the light so easily tells me that the user interface is universally simple , kind of reminds me of a transistor radio with its rotary dial for on and of and volume control .

After visiting my friend I swung past the local park ( its a big park ) and the great thing is that the road / foot path is raised several meters above the park allowing some one with a flashlight a nice elevated position for shinning a light . For a light with small head and short reflector the EC22 did not...Continue Reading