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Posted by Random Guy | Oct 10, 2014 @ 04:28 PM | 8,546 Views
This past July was the end of my 10th year sloping and my 10th year on this board.

The amount of time I've spent on the slope has ebbed and flowed. With two young kids now, my time isn't my own. When the Santa Ana winds kick up, though, my mind wanders to the top of a mountain with sunny skies, good friends, and a lot of DSing.
Posted by Random Guy | Sep 14, 2009 @ 11:11 PM | 14,137 Views
$450 - RTF with MPX servos all around, fuill ballast set for fuse and wing, 2000 mAh eneloop Rx pack.

Wing bags too...
Posted by Random Guy | Jul 31, 2009 @ 03:56 PM | 13,765 Views
In updating my blog, I just realized it's been five years since I came back to RC and joined the boards here. Shudder to think how heavily involved I've become.

The slope bug bit me very hard right away. I started with a combat wing and within a few months had several planes, including my first "crunchy" - an ArtHobby Falco. I still miss that plane.

The number of other planes that have been bought and sold since then is pretty staggering. My current stable is as follows:

Pike WR 3 meter
Opus V 2m (glass)
Bird 60" Carbon
Halfpipe 60"
Macchi 202 PSS
Prairie Dog

...and then there are the power planes and RC Cars, currently limited to a Hyper 8 nitro and a 1/4 Scale Patty Wagstaff Extra, 50cc. There have been some 1/5th scale cars in there, as well as numerous nitro airplanes. What a chronic addiction!

What's next? Lately I've been trying to focus on upping my DS speeds again. The carbon Bird should help me down that road. Other than that, I enjoy sloping wherever and whenever I can.
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JW Build pics
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o o o
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I hiked up to my favorite slope yesterday and was perturbed by what I saw. The pictures tell the story:
Posted by Random Guy | Jul 11, 2007 @ 11:53 PM | 21,506 Views
Once again thinking about moving some planes, to serve my new flying interests.

First up will be a Shrike with carbon wings, digital servos, metal gun case, carbon canopy, battery. Excellent shape with the exception of a tail feather that needs re-painting. No receiver. Never damaged. Make me an offer...
Posted by Random Guy | Jan 30, 2007 @ 08:49 PM | 24,030 Views
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Posted by Random Guy | Oct 18, 2006 @ 11:05 PM | 26,958 Views
I've been through two or three electric planes and so far they've been a band-aid - something to fly when I can't slope.

Well, last week I picked up a Mini Ultra Stick from E-Flite. It was a plug-n-play model with E-Flite Park 450 Brushless Motor. I'm running off a 3S 2100 LiPo.

Long story short, this thing is FUN!! No hiking to fly it, no waiting for wind, can fly it almost anywhere, almost any time. I actually look forward to flying it, AND I think it's making me a better pilot too.
Posted by Random Guy | Oct 10, 2006 @ 09:35 PM | 27,879 Views
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Posted by Random Guy | Sep 23, 2006 @ 02:30 AM | 28,226 Views
Well, the one thing I've NEVER been accused of is doing things half baked. I'm now well into a Higgins Rodent build and I have a Higgins California Sloper on the way.

The Rodent has been fun to build so far. There's just nothing like it around. Sheeting with 1/32 ply has been a revelation so far. I did my last set of PSS wings (on a CSD BD5) sloper, with balsa and glass. A massive load of work, and the ply wings are as stiff without glass as the balsa wings were with 6 oz glass top and bottom. Yes, there's a weight penalty, but as I've discovered with the 48 oz, 44 inch span BD5, these planes like weight, and fly better with more of it.

The Mini SR is coming along as well. Seems like summer is over here in SoCal, so it's time for big wind, Santa Ana wind planes. Tomorrow will be my first Santa Ana flying day of the season. For those of you not from SoCal, Santa Ana winds are hot, dry, gusty winds that we get in the fall here. They are typically in the 25-35mph range and mean we get to fly all kinds of crazy hills that don't get any action in the normal summer on-shores.

Our Santa Ana spots are all kind of nutty for some reason. One of the best local spots, Piuma Ridge, is in Malibu Canyon about 1500 feet above the ocean. When the Santa Anas blow, this poison oak-ridden hill comes alive with some insane lift. I am positive I've gone over 100 mph here with foam airplanes, diving in from 500 feet up in insane lift. There's no landing area to speak of, and ZERO recovery. Gotta love it.

I've sold off the Pica Sloper I acquired just two weeks ago. It flew great, but for what it cost, I could buy a very nice all carbon 60" sloper. Such is the economics of the large hangar.

The one plane I will be buying again come spring is an Art Hobby Falco. It's the perfect plane for the light, coastal slermal lift we get in Pacific Palisades during the summer. Speck out in thermals and also very aerobatic with full span ailerons.