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Posted by Prof100 | Aug 09, 2018 @ 11:44 AM | 933 Views
8-16-18 HH tech support declared no trouble found when the were able to repeatedly bind my Inductrix Pro with a DX9 they had available. Mine is a DX8 Gen1. Then they tried to tell me it was perhaps my radio. My DX8 has 27 planes bound to it. They said I should send the radio back as well. I call BS.

8-08-18. Induxtrix Pro arrived and it was defective. It would not hold bind. Called HH tech support and said it must have a bad board. Sent it back with prepaid FEDEX shipper. Dexter at tech support said it would take 2 Weeks.

Bought the small FPV quad to learn FPV. Price was $80. Setup instructions for the transitter had nothing for my Gen 1 DX8. Found the below video on line that explains radio setup.
Bit wordy but it covers Gen 1 DX8 setup.
How to bind Spektrum DX8 to Blade Inductrix FPV Pro (14 min 14 sec)

Switch selection is key.
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UPDATE 7/30/18
Maiden was a failure. Have to be able to see the plane to fly it line of sight. No damage in first flight. Line of sight does not work when you fly too far away and the plane disappears in the background of gray clouds with 2D mode on and the plane not properly trimmed out before engaging The Eagletree Guardian stabilizer.
Nano Goblin maiden 7 29 18 (0 min 52 sec)

$230 spent with RMRC and I now have a Nano Goblin with the add on camera plus two batteries. I also bought a spare VTX as a backup. It is now ready to fly. I added a 5 A Ubec, a 6 channel Orange RX (Spektrum) and a Eagletree Guardian. The prop is only 3 inches in diameter and you get one left and right. If you break one you only have to swap out any two wires on the ESC connection to use the opposite rotation prop.

Building was a non-event. Applying the decals or stickers wrinkle free was biggest challenge. Everything just fits. The 6 channel Orange Diversity receiver, SBEC and Guardian make for a tight fit.

Range checked at 90 plus paces.

Max throws are 12 mm at high rates with 25% expo. I had to dial down the rates in the TX. I also moved the servo arm connection inward one hole to increase servo resolution. No need for long servo arms when you dial back the throws.

Camera is an all in one 200 mw Sinopine that plugs into the receiver. 5 volts max. input. Do not unwittingly plug it into a balance tap. A crispy critter will be the result.

Weight is 247 grams or 8.7 ounces (or about two sticks of butter) all up weight measured with a common kitchen scale.

AMP draw test
Using the Eflite Power meter with a freshly charge pack (after setting throttle range):

Run 1 at wide open
7.7 volts
6.5 amps
46 watts

Run 2 at wide open
7.4 volts
6.5 amps
48 watts.

Lithium Ion 3200 mah 2S pack weighs about 100 grams
Charge to 4.2 volts per cell.
Battery university recommends .5 amp charge rate.

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Bought it when it was $50 off for $229 (Father’s Day 2018).

Assembly was easy like most Horizon products. While portly (i.e., heavy) at 45 ounces the speed is less than the 1100 mm Elev Hobby T28. Flight characteristics are very similar which is no surprise.

With the included AS3X the $229 price is better than the 11H T28 ($150) when you factor in the $20 8 channel RX, $20 Castle Creations 10 amp UBEC and a $65 Guardian Stabilizer. As received the AS3X comes pre-programmed with a well developed set of parameters. Change at your own peril is my advice. An APP and programming dongle is available as an option. I bought one for my Eflite Viking bipe and enjoyed seeing how it was programmed. I changed nothing on the Viking bipe and on the three flights of this plane I saw no need to change any program settings. As programmed from the factory there is no need to add any expo. It is already in the AS3X. Doing so will make the plane feel unresponsive.

Upgrades and spares
I bought the Freewing Super Scorpion nose gear from MotionRC and the servo reverser from Eflite. Scroll down to read how to modify the Freewing nose gear and the plane to work together in harmony. A spare prop and collet were also purchased.

First three flights off pavement went well. The fourth was off grass and the prop hooked the grass, the plane tumbled and it was damaged. Damage was straightforward and not catastrophic. Prop was broken, left main retract...Continue Reading
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Note: It was sent with defective landing gear.

Bought it when it was $50 off for $169 (Father’s Day 2018).

Assembly was easy like most Horizon products although the plastic articulated gear was frozen on the starboard side. HH will send me a new set but they are on backorder until July. This seems to be a recurring problem. Also, the pull - pull tail wheel required some skilled bending to correct for a pull to the right. I added a piece of hook velcro in the battery bay. The battery bay holds a 60c - 3300 Zippy compact battery in a position maintain CG.

The only mod was to cut a couple of hook side velcro and stick them to the CG location on the wing underside. Simple and effective way of checking CG. You can use other methods as well. This is just one. You want something you can feel.

With the included AS3X the $169 price is a good value when you consider it comes with a AS3X receiver which is a DSMX receiver and a stabilizer that has both Safe Select (wing leveling) and a more advanced Stabilizer mode. A switch on your radio can be programmed between Safe Select and purely a Stabilizer. The AS3X comes custom programmed by the Eflite develop team. My experience with pre programmed AS3X receivers is quite good. I do not bother reprogramming them. They are pretty good to start with as received.

I have about a half dozen flights on this plane. Very good flyer even on 10-15 mph windy days. Cross wind landings are pretty good...Continue Reading
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From flghtengr post.
Key is to make sure rates are set to High before switching the desired switch so it is assigned. Failure to do this and the switch assignment will not work. You will not have both modes.

SAFE Select
The SAFE Select receivers behave like normal AR636 receivers for the most part. Rather than having three SAFE flight modes, there are only two modes - "SAFE on" and "SAFE off". When SAFE is on, it has self-level capabilities similar to Beginner Mode on most of the other SAFE receivers. It has the bank angle limits set to a larger angle, similar to Intermediate Mode on the other receivers. When SAFE is off, there are no self-level or bank angle limit features, turning the receiver into a normal AR636 with AS3X.

The transmitter setup is very simple for SAFE Select. First, you start with a normal, default Acro (Airplane) new model. The first 6 channels are set up to control the plane directly. If the plane has flaps, they should be connected to channel 6 (Aux1) to work with the transmitter's built-in flap system. If you have an additional feature on your plane such as retracts, that would go on channel 5 (Gear).

You can choose whether SAFE is on or off permanently during the bind process. If you bind your transmitter to the receiver in the typical way, SAFE will be off. If you change up the order of the last two steps, you can bind with SAFE turned on.

Bind with SAFE off:
Insert bind plug in receiver.
Power up plane/receiver....Continue Reading
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Sanjay Dehall has a dream of making a flying car.

Sanjay’s Dream of a Flying Car (2 min 47 sec)

Below is a short video of a 1/6th scale prototype test flight.
Sanjay’s 1/6 scale flying car prototype 8-15-18 (1 min 51 sec)
...Continue Reading
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EV800 upgraded with a DVR using the $15 Eachine ProDVR.
I finally added the Eachine ProDVR to the EV800. It requires some soldering skills using a fine tip soldering iron and rosin core solder; a No. 1 Philips screwdriver; and a review of the Youtube video that describes what to do. Four wires are soldered to the board — ground, video, audio, and power. Below is the Albert Kim how to video. Note that he has updated the Youtube page that states the 3.7 volt on board battery is sufficient to power the ProDVR. He also pops out the LED indicator to feed the wires to the board. I liked the LED indicator and opted to drill a hole.

Eachine EV800 Goggles DVR Mod (6 min 45 sec)

Both were purchased over a year ago. And I finally got around to the installation. While the ProDVR says it needs 5v input it operates well with 3.7. Do not exceed 5volts because you will burn it out. Use a filtered in line voltage regulator to step down voltage for 2s and greater battery voltage. In early versions were supposed to permit HD video recording but they forgot to program it in the firmware. More about fixing this in the last paragraph of this post. Newer versions may have the firmware update but I doubt it.

Taking advantage of user selectable video quality
It took more time to set the recording resolution to HD versus the default VGA than to physically wire and install the DVR. Why so long? Answer is simple. The manual was wrong. Manual said to...Continue Reading
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I have the Eachine EV800 but it did not have a built in DVR or Diversity. So, for $100 I bought the EV800D googles with DVR and Diversity. It has better optics.

The 1200 mah 2S stock internal on board battery runs down in less than hour with the DVD running and Diversity turned on. You can, however, plug in a 3s battery where the charger is plugged in and it will charge the on board battery. I made a 3s lithium ion pack (18650) that is velcroed to the back of the head strap. In sum, this pack is supplemental power for the EV800D goggles made from off the shelf rechargeable yard light batteries made by Westinghouse and sold at Walmart. These are lithium ion low amp draw cells (7 amps). Make sure to charge with the right chemistry on your charger selected, By the way, any 3s pack will do.

DVR Recording and playback
Video is AVI and pictures are jpeg saved on FAT32 card. Reformat the card whether used or new. Far right button controls recording. Short press snaps a picture. Long press and a red record light goes on in the upper right. Light goes off after awhile. Press again to stop and save. A red box appears when saving to card.

To playback press source, menu appears and DVR is highlighted. Quickly press channel band button and select a video or pict. Press record button to start playing.

The on screen battery charge level indicator is worthless. It goes down to one green bar in a few...Continue Reading
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Flat wing on board flight with a little Beethoven. With the flat wing and other aero modifications the wing wagging is gone. Adding expo helps with flight characteristics. Launch mode / wing leveling is only used for launch or panic mode. Flight controller aerobatic mode seems like rate mode with some some heading hold. Quite fun.
8 12 18 Nano Talon ONBOARD flat wing (5 min 49 sec)

From bonafidepirate Youtuber—he designed new 3D printed parts to remove the wing dihedral. Doing so eliminates the wing wagging. I had the parts made I insralled them. They were printed using green PETG filament by a friend with hobby grade 3 D printer. Parts made had to be hand trimmed and filed for proper fitment and functionality. Before gluing the new parts assure wings can slide in and out, latch and unlatch. Next, I removed the stock parts using a sharp hobby knife and a small awl to break them free without destroying the foam. Final fitment is tedious but not difficult.

Hot glue was used to position all the parts correctly, including the wedges that level the aileron controls. Permanent gluing is the last step. Hot glue can be removed with alcohol.

Again, hot glue was used to install the 3D parts that remove the dihedral from the wing.

...Continue Reading
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Just arrived as part of my 2017 Black Friday Sale purchase. It was $85 shipped from Hobbyking USA warehouse (11/29/17). Free shipping closed the deal for me. Normal price is $117 plus shipping..
  • 900mm (35.4”) wingspan ARF foam plane
    2200 Kv motor with a 6x4 prop
    3S or 4s lipo.
  • Assembly was easy although no glue or instructions were included in the box. The downloaded manual says to use included glue. HK site has a downloadable manual. Beacon RC Foam Tac glue was used. It used to sell for $4 a bottle but it doubled in price a few years ago for what appears as nothing more than a money grab. Servo arms had to be drilled out to accept the clevis.
  • Wing tip skids added to preserve the foam.
  • Reflex was set on the elevons per manual. Throws as published are well over double what is needed per a review at the field today with two other planes. Following instructions for throws and reflex will result in a epic adventure on your maiden flight. Reduced reflex to 0 mm because this design of the red version had reflex built into the wing but the manual was NOT updated. Reduce elevons to 40% of published specs.
  • Short servos extensions required for Rudder and drop gear servos to connect to the receiver. All I need to do is verify CG. I carved out a pocket for the receiver on the starboard side.
  • A couple of coats of pure acrylic protect the surface and I painted the bottom of the plane a bright yellow (Duplicolor) and left two red stripes. This helps with
...Continue Reading
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My NIB v2 T28 by Durafly arrived today (11-27-17). Box arrived intact. Hurrah for FEDEX. Black Friday pre holiday free shipping closed the sale for me. Total price was about $155 US.

I opened the box and pulled out the wing to test the main retracts with a servo tester. They worked just fine. Doors did not bind, however, I will remove them simply because they prevent checking for bent 3 mm wire struts in the retracts. They are prone to bending that causes the retracts to hang up and fail to function. Wheels must turn freely in the wheel wells.

Foam is excellent. Yellow paint is different than the bright yellow used on Eleven HobbyT28 I also have. This plane has a yellow with a bit more red / orange tint mixed in. I had Lowe’s paint dept. scan the horizontal stab and they made a perfectly matched 8 ounce sample that cost $3.50. The paint only comes in a satin finish whereas the original paint on the plane is a fairly flat finish.

This will take some time to assemble given the control horns require installation which is unusual these days with ARFs. I can strip the self tapping screws as well as the assembler in China.

This plane includes a dive brake and and a FPV mount inside the cockpit. Dive brake will not be enabled to function since it takes up a radio channel. I need two channels for the Guardian mode selection and remote gain.

I will update this thread and take pictures to outline the steps as I assemble it.

Step 1 — Gather the...Continue Reading
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Good flyer. World Models ARF is a good quality ARF but features like the landing gear are pretty crude. That is, no articulation. The access door is not hinged but rather it is held in with self tapping screws. Wings, of course, are removable for transport and storage but threaded screws and glued in blind nuts are a bit of an adventure to install when fastening the wing.

Setup notes for World Models 1/4 scale clipped wing Cub
  • Front switch is NOT connected because IBEC ignition eliminates a need for an ignition battery.
  • Charge A123 battery using Electrodynamics lead and the rear Electrodynamics switch for charge input.
  • Aftermarket ignition with red light mounted to the lower left front windshield. Tx must be on and Gear switch set to the ON position to run the motor.
  • Kill / ignition switch mapped to gear switch on transmitter. Red light on is to run he engine, no light means ignition is killed.
  • Motor is a DLE 30 side carb with a Bowman ring.
  • RX is a Spektrum DSM2 AR 6200 with satellite bound to my DX8 Gen 1 TX

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DX8 setup for Guardian on Elevon plane
Note: F22 by Golem with TV tabs. CG is 17.5" from the nose. Below is maiden video back in 2008. FF to about 30 seconds. Video is not edited well but camera work is pretty good. Back in the day it had the state-of-the-art 20C lipo
F22 with KFm2 airfoil -- Maiden -- built by Prof100 (Golem's (5 min 11 sec)

  • EDIT: 8-3-17
  • RANGE TESTS (30 paces to pass per Spektrum)
    • Range tested a basic 2010 vintage 6 channel Orange DSM2 that I optimistically installed in the plane. This RX has one very short antenna and while it has the capability for a satellite RX, none was available. Results -- Test failed at 10 paces. Not good. Conclusion, this RX, as installed is not suitable for use in this plane
    • Swapped out for a twin antenna Orange 6 channel R618XL -- antenna routed on the left side of plane. Left side range check 100 paces. Right side 60 paces. This RX was a 2017 version. One of three I bought on a flash sale for $5 each. It is a "keeper."

================================================== =====================
I am posting this to make it easier for the next person who wants to program their DX8 radio for Guardian use.. Hope this helps someone else. This DOES NOT COVER SETTING UP THE GUARDIAN. The Guardian was already updated with desired firmware and mode preferences prior to programming the radio. Elevon mixing was pre-selected in the Guardian...Continue Reading
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WARNING or CAVEAT -- With a AR635 this procedure with prevent the stabilization function from initiating.

I spoke to Thomas at Castle tech support. Auto Calibrate of the throttle is the default and theoretically each time you connect the battery you have to go through a calibration. Truth being better than fiction the 2 second wide open throttle calibration is scarey with 2 hp. electric motor spinning a 16 inch prop. So, in practical terms, all you have to do is position throttle at mid point, connect battery, pull to idle to arm the ESC. idle out and then go full throttle for 2 seconds for takeoff. Top end is recalibrated. Don't like using the Autocalibrate default? Keep reading.

You can easily program the Fixed endpoint throttle using the Castle programming card.

This is written from my perspective as a user of a Spektrum DX8 first generation. This is a three part process. Step 1 is to setup the ESC to use fixed endpoints and Step 2 is to adjust the throttle end points in the servo setup Travel throttle setting interface. Step 3 is to bind the receiver again because you need to reset the fail safe.

STEP 1 -- Switching from auto calibrating the throttle to Fixed
First is to connect the card to the throttle lead from the ESC and pressing the lower right button to Throttle (bottom left) and deselecting auto calibrate and selecting FIXED.

STEP 2 -- Adjust throttle end points.
Once Step 1 is completed you then power up the plane normally and adjust the...Continue Reading
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Stock Splendor except Four basic changes:
  1. Modified Morganmill Battery Cartridge system. CG is achievable without adding much weight to tail. .
  2. Magnets on the canopy
  3. Talon 90 ESC with is 9 amp continuous and 20 amp burst BEC.
  4. Reverse the landing gear for grass excursions.
Morganmill BATTERY Cartridge System (BCS)
BCS secures the battery and permits repeatable CG.

Foam had to be removed to fit the BCS. Plus, the aft section had to be trimmed and shortened to sit flat. A slot had to be opened to fit the ESC to RX lead and the battery connection. Washers as spacers were glued to the cartridge base with contact cement to raise up the base and allow the cartridge to fit over the connection tube that holds the two wing mounting brackets together. Even with that upward spacing of the installed base the removable battery holder (i.e., cartridge) had material removed from the aft bottom to provide more clearance so the cartridge locks in.

All in all the modification is good. I can lock the battery down into a repeatable Position 6 of the Cartridge but I did have to cut a relief in the 6 mm cross tube to ensure the cartridge could be locked into the plane. Installing a Morganmill CZ Cub battery cartridge provides the capability to move the battery pack further than the stock battery pocket. Up to 1.75" rearward from stock is possible if desired. Final balance check will dictate final battery location but a preliminary CG check indicates 1/2 ounces (14 grams) is needed...Continue Reading
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Below is from Fastflier. Battery slid back, canopy latch fix and reversing the gear make critical sense The switch fails in the open position.

Recommended Modifications: (Listed in the order of priority)
I flew my Splendor several weekends without any mods, just as it comes out of the box.
It flies fine this way, but it is a little nose heavy. Flies better with mod number 2, moving the battery back 3/4ths of an inch.

1. Cut the wire to the On/Off Switch located on the lower right nose. This takes 10 minutes to complete.
The switch isn't's just another point of possible failure.
This switch isn't reliable and has turned Off in mid flight on many Splendor pilots.
When this happens, you lose control. You simply remove the spinner and prop so you can get to 2 screws holding the nose cowl.
Simply remove the cowl to get access to the switch. Cut the two wire. Best to cut them to uneven lengths and wrap the ends with a little electrical tape. After removing the switch, it works like most electrics. Plug in your LiPo and you hear all the beeps and the lights start blinking on the receiver and you're ready to fly. I'm running the Turnigy 6s 30C 3300 mAh and I fly for 7.5 minutes.

2. Elongate the battery area for the LiPo battery by neatly cutting and removing the foam about 3/4ths of an inch to the rear.
This allows you to slide your battery back toward the wing by 3/4ths of an inch so you get the correct CG
...Continue Reading
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My 4 year old HP Pavilion I7 laptop was getting hot on the surface above the CPU. Temperature was averaging 160 to 170 F. with very little operating in the laptop. This posed a problem and I had to fix the overheating problem or risk damaging the CPU. The machine is unique in the laptop realm because it was equipped with 7200 rpm hard drive.

I actually bought a replacement laptop but found the Windows 8.1 and 5400 rpm hard disk to be no better than my 4 year old laptop. I had 90 days to return the new laptop if I didn't like it with no restocking fee (gotta love Costco).

I decided to see if could fix the overheating problem and speed up the laptop. I considered installing a solid state drive but first I needed to fix the overheating problem by reducing the work load on the CPU. I disabled unnecessary startup programs to reduce CPU load. That helped but the laptop was constantly using the CPU beyond the applications I was running. I wasn't editing video, just running MS Office programs. I found my laptop seemed to be indexing constantly. The Search Indexing function was pounding the CPU and loadings it constantly and heating it up. I then limited the search indexer to ONLY index My Documents, not the whole 1TB hard drive again and again. This helped reduce temperature by about 10 degrees F. That wasn't enough. Load was less. I also ran an array of anti-virus / Trojan cleaning programs and if Malwarebytes didn't catch something then HitManPro. I run MS Essentials to...Continue Reading
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This blog covers what it takes to install the aftermarket Bowman piston ring in a DLE30. The DLE30 side carb had about 3 hours of run time but it never had much compression from new. It almost felt like the plug was missing.

The Bowman rings (Frank Bowman email and phone number 505-327-0696) are noted for improving performance of RC gas motors because the rings are designed for a very close tolerance end gap (.001" to .002"). Material used and reduced piston ring end gap increases compression and hence power. Cost is about $20 and it arrives in a small envelope with simple set of instructions. This is how it comes when you open the envelope.

The DLE 30 I upgraded was a barely broken in DLE I have mounted in a 1/4 scale Clipped Wing Cub. I decided not to completely tear down the motor but do the minimum disassembly to install the new ring. The installation took about an hour while being interrupted by phone calls.

Tools and supplies needed are simple:
  • 4 mm hex head allen wrench
  • a small box wrench to lever the hex head allen to break away the torque.
  • 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • .001 and .002" feeler gage
  • Blue Thread Locker
  • 2 cycle oil to lubricate the piston, ring and bore before reassembly
  • Goo Gone to clean the grime, carbon, oil and 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • Paper towels
Step 1 -- Remove the prop, screws and cowl -- set aside
Step 2 -- Remove 4mm hex head screws that hold the jug/sleeve/head. These are very...Continue Reading