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Posted by Bill Glover | Mar 03, 2018 @ 06:45 PM | 27,942 Views
Many thanks to Banggood, who provided this quad for review. Full details are here:

The QX65 is a bind & fly FPV quad, available for DSM2/DSMX, Flysky or FrSky transmitters and is supplied in three versions with varying numbers of batteries and spares. Mine was the ‘Standard Version’ which comes with a basic USB charger, three Lipos, a spare set of props, a screwdriver and a prop removal tool. A few people have reported issues with the Lipos and indeed one of mine was completely dead on arrival. The battery holder is a little loose with the supplied cells, but this didn’t cause any issues in flight. The motor wiring is secured with a silicone ring round each motor and one of these was missing on my QX65 … I cut a slice from some silicone tube to make a replacement, although this is largely cosmetic.

The big plus for me with this quad is the F3 board running Betaflight, complete with integrated Betaflight OSD. This gives you both battery voltage and flight time in the goggles – no more guesswork about when you’re about to run out of power. I got the FrSky version, which bound easily to my Taranis (note that you must use D8 mode), following the supplied instructions. The quad came loaded with Betaflight 3.2.2 and connected to the Configurator I found that the channel map needed to be changed to AETR1234 to match my transmitter. I also noticed that the neutral point for each channel was slightly out – Betaflight...Continue Reading