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Posted by edwardjohn | Mar 24, 2021 @ 12:03 AM | 5,830 Views
Where to get : https://ban.ggood.vip/XzDd
10% off discount code: BGSEAX65

PID tuning is so "locked in" right out of the box! Great for beginner!
There's coupon inside for Payday Sale!

More details in the video review below including flight video with Mobius.
URUAV Flipo F95 2.5in Cinewhoop (6 min 27 sec)

Posted by edwardjohn | Jan 19, 2021 @ 07:36 AM | 8,473 Views
Product : SPCMAKER Mini Whale HD Pro 78mm F4 2-3S Whoop FPV Racing Drone PNP BNF w/ 1103 10000KV Motor 25/400mW VTX RunCam Split 3 Micro 1080P Camera - Frsky
Price : $142 to $155
Link : https://www.banggood.com/SPCMAKER-Mi...1123036201501P

Go straight to the video below to watch my explanation on why the "Sorry."
Do subscribe if you have not done so!
New 2021 SPCMaker Mini Whale HD Pro - Honest Review (7 min 56 sec)

Design - What do you think? Don't you think this is a very good looking mini cinewhoop! Compare to the previous version, this has the motors and propellers beneath!
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Posted by edwardjohn | Jan 19, 2021 @ 03:48 AM | 8,467 Views
Eachine Airloader! This is my new favorite looking plane of year 2020! Instantly felt in love with the look and it being a twin tractor!

Product : Eachine Airloader 1280mm Wingspan Twin Motor Three Motor EPP Ultra Long Range FPV Plane RC Airplane KIT/PNP - KIT
Price : $146.99 for KIT and $196.99 for PNP
Link to get one : https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Air...1123036201501P

*Disclaimer : this is a review unit provided by Banggood

Despite the brand name Eachine, this is actually designed by the same LTE owner/designer who licensed it for sale to Eachine only.

I get it if some think this is an ugly plane especially with that large opening at the front. Beauty is subjective. Me I think it's the best looking FPV plane from LTE with that evil droid/robot like fuselage from the future. With that Twin Tractor setup, it makes hand launching a piece of cake! You will understand when you have one like the Xuav Clouds and Albabird! I fell in love with it instantly and requested for a review unit from BG which they gladly obliged. Thank you!
Name: Eachine Airloader design.jpg
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Below is a temporary setup. I want to go light for maiden so there's only 4S 3000mAh in it. It's definitely designed to carry a lot of batteries/mAh to go for long range.
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Posted by edwardjohn | Jan 19, 2021 @ 02:32 AM | 8,332 Views
The LTE Rambler RS! Everyone online knows about this Forward Swept Wing in 2020 because of the fight between two YouTubers. I'm gonna put up my honest actual experience here.

Product : LTE Rambler RS EPP 1000mm Wingspan FPV RC Airplane Sweepforward Wing PNP/KIT White - Kit
Price : $119-143 for KIT & $188 for PNP
Link : https://www.banggood.com/LTE-Rambler-RS-EPP-1000mm-Wingspan-FPV-RC-Airplane-Sweepforward-Wing-PNP-or-KIT-White-p-1553436.html?p=DG23031123036201501P

* Disclaimer : purchased with my own money

Spec :
Wing type : Forward Swept Wing
Wingspan : 1000mm
Material : EPP Foam

Firstly the outlook, some may like it some may not, but I like all its line of design from the designer, it looks rather futuristic. Example the Dart XL, Dart 250, Airloader and etc. Rather boxy front fuse but doesn't seem to affect the aerodynamic or efficiency. I had mine rather naked. It will probably look better with fins and stickers put on later.
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Posted by edwardjohn | Dec 31, 2020 @ 03:42 AM | 9,566 Views
Did it go in flames or?

Product : WLtoys WL915 3S Brushless RC Boat High Speed RTR 45km/h
Price : from $94.99
Link - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mDKdHQezbM

* this is a test unit sent by Banggood

Almost Lost my WL915 Trying 4S on Stock Electronics (5 min 42 sec)

Posted by edwardjohn | Dec 08, 2020 @ 01:07 AM | 7,880 Views
Product : WLtoys WL915 3S Brushless RC Boat High Speed RTR 45km/h
Price : from $94.99
Link - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mDKdHQezbM

* this is a test unit sent by Banggood

Recently I saw video of this boat and I thought it is cool! I requested for a review unit from BG and they agreed!

What special about this boat is,
- comes setup as 3S which guarantee to be much faster than the normally 2S boat
- self-righting if you flipped over and it works very well!
- it is Brushless instead of Brushed!
- comes with water cooling!
- RTR electronics already waterproofed!
Damn well worth the money for the features above

Always a fan of F1 looking boat. this is my 2nd such boat
Name: WLToys WL915 RC boat review design.jpg
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The hull is locked with 3 lock, which still leaks badly
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Posted by edwardjohn | Dec 08, 2020 @ 12:43 AM | 7,851 Views
Product : Eachine E130 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Altitude Hold Flybarless RC Heli (RTF)
Price : $57-$69
Link : https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KDGytN2GkU

*This is a test unit sent by Banggood

A new mini RC from Eachine that I think will be suitable for beginner due to two special features!
- Gyro Stabilized (Flybarless)
- Altitude Hold (essential)
- Lightweight, crash durability (not tested yet)

Here's the box art
Name: EdwardERC Review Eachine E130.jpg
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It's actually a pretty good looking mine RC Heli
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Posted by edwardjohn | Oct 22, 2020 @ 03:56 AM | 6,946 Views
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Product : SG 1203 1/12 2.4G Drift RC Tank
Price : $62.99 to $76
Link : https://ban.ggood.vip/VHIQ
*** Discount code: BGMY1203 (International)
*** Discount code : BGVIE158 (SEA )

*This is a test unit sent by Banggood.

It's a RC 1/12 replica of the real and very cool Ripsaw made in the US which was a family project.

Out of the box, it's a really heavy tank though. Quality of the plastic is great, and there are many details on the body as mentiond in the video below.

Scale - 1/12
Control - Proportional 2 channel. FW, BW, Left & Right
Battery - 2S 7.4V 18650 1200mAh
Length - 345mm
Width - 175mm
Height - 142mm
Engine - Unsure. see picture below
*Requires - 3 AA batteries

The first impression driving it was "Man this is so cool so powerful!" Whenever you punch it, it just lift off the front. Speed is fast compare to other RC tank and of course it's not as fast as other RC cars, which it doesn't need to be. This is about conquering all terrain with its higher track surface with the ground.

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Posted by edwardjohn | Aug 27, 2020 @ 08:53 AM | 11,303 Views
Have you been wanting to get a DJI but can't afford one? Take a look at this DJI Mavic Mini Clone!
*disclaimer - not for those after high quality videos or photos

Product : Eachine EX5
Link : https://ban.ggood.vip/V1wW
Coupon code : BGSEAEX515 only $95.15 *for SEA
Coupon code15% OFF for EX5 : BGRCEX5N *for worldwide (period 8-12 Sept)

Name: eachine ex5 clone.jpg
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This is a review unit provided by Banggood.
Option is 2 batteries, 1000m and without bag.

Name: eachine ex5 box (2).jpg
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Posted by edwardjohn | Aug 05, 2020 @ 09:58 AM | 7,366 Views
Had fun afterwork!
Afterwork - Mobula6 HD (2 min 5 sec)

Really happy with the 1080 Full HD quality!
Posted by edwardjohn | Jul 29, 2020 @ 05:27 AM | 11,458 Views
Hey there! The most popular FPV plane in the world due to its long range capability and cheap price.

Here comes the V2 and i made a video detailing the finding and where you can preorder for now.


Wingspan : 1350mm
Wing surface : 30dm2
Length : 828mm
Posted by edwardjohn | Jul 22, 2020 @ 01:13 AM | 8,563 Views
Name: mobula6 hd orig.jpg
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Product : HappyModel Mobula6 HD
Price : Normal at $129, Now USD104.72 with coupon code
Coupon code : BGAF7HD
Link to purchase : https://ban.ggood.vip/UCR0

Hi all, welcome back to my another product review!

Name: review pic duo.jpg
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Anyone like me? I have been flying this Tiny Fake Whoop(Eachine E010 with Beecore) since 2017 and I’m still flying it till today. Surprisingly those Racerstar purple can brushed motors still work though.

So why didn’t I upgrade to brushless system? Well there are so so so many choices out there such as the old Eachine US65/UK65, Eachine Trashcan, Emax Tinyhawk II, Tinyhawk S, BetaFPV Beta65 Pro, iFlight Alpha, HBFPV HBX64, URUAV UR65 and etc. They are all around the price range of $100 which is pretty significant compare to the old brushed Tiny Fake Whoop, so I didn’t get any as I don’t want to risk my $100 getting one that I’m not happy with.

Until recently, Banggood sent me a HappyModel Mobula6 HD, oh boy I’m blown away and I’m sure you won’t regret getting one!

Below are some of the closed up shots as well as its specs.
...Continue Reading
Posted by edwardjohn | Jul 16, 2020 @ 10:36 AM | 13,934 Views
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Product : ToolKitRC 500W M6D Charger
Price : $59.90
Link - https://ban.ggood.vip/UxOy
* Banggood summer prime sale will be officially online from 3rd-24th 4pm July. Banggood prepares benefits and coupon rain that worth over one million USD ! waiting for you! Prime Sale is a terrific opportunity for Banggood VIP customers, you can snap up the excellent price even 48 hours before Explosive period!

Hi guys. Received this ToolKitRC recently courtesy of Banggood.

I’ve seen the ads of this charger for soooooo many times over 2 months, I’m interested due to it’s Dual Output feature, at $60 the price it’s alright but it’s without PSU built in so I just wait...

Until one day, Banggood gave me a list to choose 2 products for review and this is in the list, I immediately pick one.

Now to keep this review short, I’m not gonna write about the typical charging features but the extra special features that I like! As compared to my old quad output charger

1. Wide input voltage range
- 7-28V. Out at the field? 2S power supply works too! But I recommend using 6S, higher voltage, less amp going through your input wires. And you are converting higher voltage to current, therefore require smaller capacity 6S pack

2. End discharge voltage level
- selectable from 3.7V down to 2.7V

3. Discharge mode
a. Inter – refers to internal discharge using resistors in the charger, turning to heat
b. Recycle mode – hehe this is when you are done flying...Continue Reading
Posted by edwardjohn | May 09, 2013 @ 02:37 AM | 11,855 Views
Original thread here,

So I opted a Fatshark Predator Goggle for the main reason of convenience, because I've got only 2 hands to bring my fpv gears to the field. A goggle like Fatshark could be strapped on my head while exiting the car.
Since then i never had the mishap of dropping my radio tx into the drain when i ran out of hand.

I also purchased the set of dioptic lens but i have astigmatism and both my eyes have different prescription so those lens somehow don't match my eyes quite well so I still get blurry image.

And none of the local optic shop would be able to custom the lens for us because the lens size required for the fatshark is simply too small for the trimming machine to clamp on.

After months of searching for solution, a good friend who runs an optic shop suggested this.
Is to purchase the original uncut version of the spectacle lens/glass and cut it myself!This is how it looks like, that glass you are wearing was from these!
Sorry. Picture shown is after i cut.

So before you cut, get the measurement first. Depending on your lens thickness and how you would want to fit it. The following pictures may explain better.

According to the measurement you got, lay 2 layers of masking tape on it as a guide. That made it so much easier to cut and protect your lens as well.
Remember to * wear a mask(they release super fine powder!) * cut very slowly! * use a fine saw

And here's the...Continue Reading
Posted by edwardjohn | May 07, 2013 @ 03:30 AM | 14,701 Views
Original thread here,

So i got this F450 laid around without electronics last year(transferred to Reptile) and stumbled upon this yasuo840 on youtube showing his F450 converted a tricopter! it's a damn good idea!
Tricopter KK2.0 FW V1.0 LCD Control Board with Q450 Remodeling Vol.30 Test flight (6 min 6 sec)

Finally got time recently and kicked my ass to start the project.

And the parts were actually already landed in my room like months ago. I ordered them based on those good folks who shared tips of their diy tricopter such as,
1) David from http://rcexplorer.se/category/projects (check out the Tricopter V2.5) for tips on the rear servo
2) Oldman(not sure his name) or Hallstudio from http://www.youtube.com/user/hallstudio for the setup

Here's the result, took me one night

- F450 quad frame
- Sunnysky 1100kv
- F30A ESC
- HBK 30A props. (Lasted multiple crashes and even it's bent till there's a white spot, it still flies w/o complaint!)
- Test Zippy 4S 3000mah or 3S 1800-2200mah. The 4S 2200mah doesn't fit. Damn
- Trex700 landing gear ;D

The flight experience
1) First flown with 3S just to find out how it will fly, indoor. The maiden flight, servo was wobbling quite bad until you can hear oscillation/resonance sort of thing. So tried
- setting Yaw gain and Servo filter, tuning it up and down and still it's wobbling even at Zero gain.
- props off, check motor, prop adapter,...Continue Reading
Posted by edwardjohn | May 07, 2013 @ 02:57 AM | 14,419 Views
Posted by edwardjohn | May 07, 2013 @ 02:56 AM | 14,437 Views