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Fly Dragon Drone Tech is one of the world’s leading companies for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and Flight Control System design, development and manufacturing.

Since founded in 2013, Fly Dragon Drone Tech has never stopped to explore the uncharted territories. With pure and consistent invention, we have made a significant breakthrough in both commercial and agricultural UAV sectors, obtaining numerous of technology patents through years of effort. Fly Dragon Drone Tech Company based in China, powered by hundreds of innovative developers and global sales network, Agriculture drone sprayer Agricultural Solutions.

Since 2015, Fly Dragon Drone Tech has begun to develop Agricultural UAV system. For the past three years, through this system, we have established comprehensive agricultural UAV plant protection standards. Currently, the third generation plant protection UAV has passed the feasibility verification and trial operation on vast cotton fields in Xinjiang, China. In 2015, Fly Dragon Drone Tech rolled out all-new intelligent agricultural UAV solutions and UAV plant protection services. Fly Dragon Aviation Tech co., ltd hopes to improve traditional agriculture through the integration of smart and efficient UAV systems, improve the quality of agricultural products and reducing both environmental foot print and production cost.

Now,Fly Dragon Drone Tech has cooperated with worldwide government departments and many renowned enterprises. Our commercial & industrial products and services are suitable for agricultural plant protection, aerial imaging, low-altitude air space logistics, police force assistance, medical rescue assistance, forest fire prevention, geological prospecting, surveying, arctic expedition and much more.
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I'm working on a comic-scale version of the Mambo with 28" low AR wing and 1/16" slab side fuselage.

Since I can't leave things alone, even the well-proven fuselage box, I decided to work in some truss members behind the wing. Obviously the grain wouldn't work well as-is, so I came up with 9 different options for the truss members.

Results on the third photo.

I list them here in roughly ascending order of preference. I will be going with #8, since it feels like the right amount of stiffness and durability. Definitely I will be saving some balsa weight from the cutout sections and even what would have been some balsa truss.

I've used similar techniques in a very small Telemaster and a 92" Guillows Javelin (400%) with a 7-foot long fuselage. The balsa/carbon bond (with CA) is not a problem but could be reinforced if needed.
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Having tons of fun with my current favorite bird. The more I fly it, the more I like it
Build thread here
Pilot RC Extra330LX 92" electric - 1st torque rolls (6 min 4 sec)

Posted by filago | May 13, 2021 @ 06:11 PM | 14,952 Views
I've been tinkering with my build of the Arduino-based CG scale. It started with simply wanting larger supports to fit a Radian, and then "hey, as long as I'm changing X, let's try Y and Z and... " Scope-creep took over and I'm learning a lot in the process.

The CAD screenshots show removable pivot supports and snap-in wing pads which I'm currently trying; these enable easy changes to the pivots / pads without re-printing the supports, and also enable multiple locations for the pads.

I know there are various ways to measure the center of gravity and all-up weight of a plane, and this is not the simplest or cheapest device for it. But it is easy and quick to use, and remarkably precise & repeatable.

It is a great project for someone who likes to tinker. Highly recommended, if that's you.

More info about them:
Questions and comments are welcome.

- John
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Cessna Model A: You may have heard of this small airplane company called Cessna. No? Well let me tell you a little about them.

Clyde Cessna built an airplane from scratch using some ideas from Louis Bleriot and called it the Sky Streak. In 1911, it became the first airplane to fly between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. (in Enid Oklahoma) When Cessna couldn't get any more money from the bankers in his area, he moved to Wichita Kansas. In 1927, the Cessna Aircraft was officially started.

Cessna’s first official product was the Model A. The Model A was a four seat traveling airplane. As were the times, it was quite large for a four seat airplane with a 40 foot cantilever wing. It was an exceptionally advanced airplane for it’s time. It was very early into the radial engine game originally being powered by a ten cylinder two row Anzani radial of 120hp. Following airplanes were powered by Comet, Axelson, Siemens, Warner and Wright radials of increasing power.

Cessna Produced 83 A series airplanes before the end of it’s run. Cessna decided they would scale up the A model for six seats and they designed the Cessna DC-6. On the day the DC-6 Type certificate was authorized, the stock market crashed. They did manage to produce a few of the DC-6, however the company was inevitably put out of business by the depression and wouldn’t be back again until 1934 when the development of the Airmaster began.

There are at least two complete Cessna A series airplanes...Continue Reading
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Memorial Day Sale at Redwing RC Now thru Monday May 31!

$100 off 100-120cc planes
$50 off 50cc planes
$40 off 90mm Quantum and Valkyrie and C-17 jets
$30 off 30cc and 3D Aerobatic Electric planes
$20 off 20cc Profiles
$15 off 15cc Baron planes
10% off All Balsa Wood Kits and EPP Foamies

Just mention this offer at checkout in customer notes and we will apply the discount!
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Langenscheidt dictionary ..

__ Verb (jalla جل and يجل) = gross sein, erhaben sein .. (jallala جلل and أجل) = honored, respected, ehren, hochachten .. (جل) = was mature, of a ripe age, was aged, old.. (وجل wajula) = اسن and شاخ, become old .. (jall جل) =gross, gewaltig, erhaben ..

__ (جليل) = great, exalted, illustrious, venerable, erhaben, wichtig, glorreich, prächtig, achtbar ..

__ (jalal جلال ) = greatness, majesty, Erhabenheit, Pracht .. (jalalah جلالة ) = Majesté .. (ijlal اجلال ) = Verehrung, Hochachtung ..

__ Verb (جلا and يجلو ) = klar sein, weggehen .. (place / Ort) = räumen .. reinigen, putzen, polieren, vertreiben, entfernen ..

__ (jala' جلاء) = Klarheit, Deutlichkeit .. Abzug, Evakuierung, Räumung ..

__ (اجلى and جلول عن) = moved, emigrated from, sich entfernen, evakuieren .. (تجلى) = sich zeigen, klar werden .. (انجلى) = sich herausstellen .. (اجتلى) = enthüllen, betrachten .. (استجلى) = klären, aufhellen, enthüllen .. (تجلى &#...Continue Reading
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Businesses are opening up and SAIRO DRS robot helping them increase customer safety.

This UVC robot can work in two modes:

- fully remote controlled by the operator
- semi-autonomous - programmed functionalities run by the operator

If you would like to know more about application examples, please visit -

SAIRO DRS - UVC Disinfection Robotic Solution (2 min 22 sec)

If you would like to see my other projects just visit:
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Here's a short step-by-step guide to building EdgeTX firmware for your radio using Ubuntu Linux. EdgeTX is a version of OpenTX, concentrating on new cutting edge developments.

In the first half of this blog entry, I show how to setup the build environment and the second lists the necessary steps to build EdgeTX. In the example, I use RadioMaster TX16S, but the steps are applicable to other radios as well, you just need to select another build target in the cmake line (more on that below).

After following the steps here, if you are interested to learn how to setup a graphical development environment for coding and debugging, please see my blog post #2, showing how to setup Qt Creator and how to perform real-time in-circuit debugging with it on code running on radio microcontroller.

Disclaimer: I have assembled this guide to the best of my knowledge. Nevertheless this is NOT the official guide of how to build EdgeTX, nor has it been verified by EdgeTX project maintainers. In short - if you run into problems, please consider first that it might stem from the steps here, especially before opening an issue in EdgeTX GitHub.

You will need Ubuntu Linux in version 20.04. The steps will also work when Ubuntu is running virtualized, such as on a VMware Workstation, VirtualBox or Hyper-V.

1. Setting up the build environment for EdgeTX v2.4
  • Download Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and install it (using Minimal installation type is sufficient. Allow Download updates while installing Ubuntu, 3rd
...Continue Reading
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Bored of your Cine8 ? need an organ donor for a 2 to 3" build ???
Check my lastest Youtube edit, Happymodel Cine8 review and... Other things 😅

Happymodel Cine8 (sort of) review conversion Angry toad Custom 2.5" frame cinewhoop insta360 go 2 (11 min 34 sec)

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PDF User Guide Link:!Au6X2Jil-WVD6n0Z...0tPe6?e=0TC0Wh

Free STL Download Link:

This tool will make it easy for you to make a perfect CA hinge.
Also will be a standard hinge making tool for all Craycle models.

In addition, a hinge design has been made that you can use for your own balsa and foam models.

You decide which flexible material you will use as a hinge. You can use special materials produced for this, or you can use an easily accessible material such as nylon film (for example: acetate film).

Note: You must print the Hinge Maker at a layer height of 0.15mm.

Follow us for the next projects.

0,4 mm nozzle daimeter.
0,15 mm layer height.
Hinge Maker = PLA/PETG/ABS etc.
Hinge = Only TPU or flex filaments.
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This is my E-flite Draco Maiden Flight Adventure!

E-flite Draco Maiden Flight Adventure | Mike Patey's HUGE E-flite Draco 2.0m Smart BNF RC Plane (12 min 7 sec)

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Here is a 3" tether car powered by a Cox Tee Dee .010 engine.
The body is a Tootsie Toy piece. Had to do a good bit of grinding on it
to get it ready. I messed up on the cylinder opening. Decided to make a
gear choice change after I had cut the opening out.
I fabricated the frame and fuel tank from K&S brass stock pieces.
Used solder to hold it all together.
Gears and axels are slot car parts.
The wheels are Dubro 3/4" airplane tail wheels drilled and
tapped to fit the axles.
The brass screws are 1-72 thread 1/4" long.
I'll fill the cylinder opening and paint the body one of these days.
To see enlarged photos just click on one of the images.
There are also some build notes attached to some of the images....Continue Reading
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Halloa people

first video on an (for most) unknown radio / radio-brand and I've combined it's maiden with a first plane of the ZOHD Drift...
The Drift isn't a new-new plane ofcourse.. it IS new to me though :P

Soooo a Wfly ET16S radio.. Ever heard of the brand?
Also: it was sent to me for free.. Just so you know...

Let's at least see if the plane + radio combo results in a flight

New Radio + New Plane + New Camera ! :O What could go wrong :P (14 min 17 sec)

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Want to know more about Depron? It's back in the USA.
Listen to the Aviation RC Noob Podcast with Special Guest Greg Tanous to learn more.

Let us know what *you* have used Depron For.
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OpenPilot/LibrePilot. Still one of the cleanest flight controller architectures out there...

LibrePilot System Architecture
Eric Price
June 30, 2017


LibrePilot is an Open Source Avionics Solution for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Model Aircraft and other robots.
It implements sensor fusion as well as fully configurable Steering, Control, Guidance and autonomous Navigation and runs on a fight controller circuit board. It interfaces with remote control receivers, GPS, IMU, Barometer and other sensors and controls a number of actuators such as brushless engines, navigation lights, buzzers, servos, etc...
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Last February, I started the Aviation RC Noob Podcast with my great friend Joe. Just as he started in this great hobby. Naturally

With this podcast we share our journey in the hobby and try to provide meaningful information to help the new hobbyist understand the hobby better, and know you aren't alone.

Start at the beginning and listen to our first Episode:

learn about why we started and what we are trying to do here:

Visit our Website:

Listen in and tell us what you would like to hear about.
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New product this week :
SKYZONE SKY04L LCOS 1280*960 5.8G 48CH DVR Build In

New product this week :
CUAV Pixhack V5 nano Small Flight Controller

New product this week :
...Continue Reading