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Posted by rclad | Nov 17, 2018 @ 10:30 PM | 3,688 Views
I've flown the 2019 Intermediate IMAC (#IamIMAC) sequence many times now, and one thing that leaps out for me is that this class requires a lot more practice than Sportsman - and every day - to get decent at it!

I haven't been flying much since Regionals in mid-September - just once or twice on the weekends - so my last flight this past Sunday wasn't very good. But I mounted a Mobius I camera in the cockpit in place of the pilot figure to see the view of the sequence from the plane. This ain't precision flying, but it's a lot of fun to watch from the pilot's point of view. The airfield is Flying Cardinals in Hebron, KY. They have a geotex runway. I used Dashware to add the telemetry data. I forgot to turn logging on for the variometer, so no altimeter! This sequence typically takes me to about 900 feet AGL.

There was a direct cross wind (about 5 mph on the runway and stronger above), and temperature was 42 F.

In the first sequence I forgot the 2 point roll at the top of figure 4. and then had to break sequence as I approached the top of the cross box Humpty when I heard a POP! I thought the ESC blew. Once I realized everything was good to go I resumed the sequence - kinda sorta - with the next figure. (It is supposed to be an inverted entry to the P-Loop, then a half roll on the upline.)

A rear view camera would help to see the rolls on the upline when there are no clouds in the sky. I'll have to add that next time.

The camera really helps me see all the...Continue Reading
Posted by rclad | Nov 05, 2018 @ 10:27 AM | 3,548 Views
I bought a Mobius I camera and HK gimbal a year ago and finally got it installed in the IMAC plane I flew in Basic last year. I hadn't flown the plane since April, and it was badly out of trim, and I hadn't flown the Sportsman sequence since September, so I was out of practice. This is sloppy flying compared to what I can do with some practice and warm up, but it's fun to see what the sequence looks like from the cockpit. It also helps to see what errors I'm making on a consistent basis, like coming out of a half outside loop with right wing low. Most errors I can see from the ground, but this was one error I was missing.

The camera is mounted on a gimbal that tilts up and down with elevator input, and rotates with rudder - only the 9g Spektrum gimbal servo rotates opposite from my rudder servo. They share a Y connection, so I will have to put the gimbal servo on a separate channel to get it to rotate correctly. There is too much slop in the gears to hold the camera steady, so an upgrade to better servos is needed. This was mainly a proof of concept flight to see how much a video could help improve my precision. It looks like there is much to improve!

87" Extra 300 Flying IMAC Sportsman Sequence for 2018 (9 min 56 sec)