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Posted by rclad | Oct 03, 2018 @ 11:44 AM | 3,963 Views
My Taranis Plus has been dutifully logging telemetry data for a couple years. I stopped reviewing and removing the log files a while back, so the files have been accumulating for two years. I didn't give that much thought until recently. An "SD Card Error" notice popped up on my transmitter screen during the last two flying sessions. I finally duplicated the error on the ground by flipping the throttle safety switch off and advancing the throttle. As soon as I moved the stick forward the error notice appeared.

Apparently, as soon as the throttle is advanced a telemetry log file is opened on the SD card and data for that flight is stored there. But why the error just appeared now is not clear. There is plenty of free disk space remaining, about 75% on a 1 GB card. The solution to the error was simple. I just downloaded all the log files - about 180 - from the SD card to my PC and deleted the original files from the SD card. No more error!

Kudos to OpenTx for designing firmware robust enough to handle this simple error without crashing. All controls continued working normally despite the error in logging flight data.