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Posted by rclad | Feb 13, 2018 @ 05:41 PM | 3,353 Views
After purchasing my first giant scale plane last year I thought it would be a while before I made another investment in a big plane. Well, the IMAC bug bit me hard last year, and as much as I loved competing with my 3DHS 87" Extra, I began thinking it would be good to have a back up plane, just in case....

So, here it is, another 3DHS plane! This time it's an electric only airframe, and it's going to carry 8000 mAh 12s 30C Glacier batteries for an estimated AUW of 20 lbs, about 3/4 lbs lighter than my 87" Extra, which only has 6000 mAh batteries. The extra capacity will allow me to fly two Sportsman sequences with plenty of time to spare for practice at home, or loitering in the air for those contests that run dual flight lines.

Power will be a Motrolfly DM 5335 5 kw motor with Jeti Mezon 135 Opto ESC. Receiver/servo power will be either 2x 1300 mAh Lipo 30C batteries or BEC with Optipower Ultra-Guard.

Stay tuned for the inevitable customization to make life at the field easier. Since this plane is designed for electric only, though, I'm hoping I won't need to do much to make things work for me.
Posted by rclad | Feb 07, 2018 @ 04:45 PM | 3,625 Views
As a fan of electric power for both my RC planes and the car I use to transport them, I love the PR coup Elon Musk pulled by launching his personal Tesla Roadster into space yesterday. The Roadster was used in place of the usual dummy load of dead weight and launched on top of the new Falcon Heavy rocket. The live feed of the car in space is simply stunning. Beautiful views of earth and Starman, the "driver" in the car, as it slowly rotates on its trajectory to the asteroid belt. It was supposed to enter a similar orbit to Mars around the sun, but got more of a boost than planned. Oh well, still a fun ride! Congratulations, Space X, for a successful launch!

Live feed can be viewed here.