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Posted by Captain Canardly | May 19, 2012 @ 12:32 PM | 25,493 Views
So this morning wife wakes me up with infos of our Vet being able to see Lady "right away"- 20 minutes from zero point awakening
Now when we do get her there, she crawled out of the car, minimally using the right foot, and manages to pee, and commences a line for the 2nd time to the front door- amazing how animals know whhen they are gonna get great help!
It was gonna get crowded, so I go outside for a smoke, and when I got back in,
Tanya and Heather and a wad of Lady fur were added to the room. Mark- the main Vet, took a look at her walking abilities, and then X Rays were next- just some aeration from gassing at the wound. So bottom line is the Lyme's med is stopped, wound meds activated, along with application instructions, and now for some slightly interrupted life. Lady seems to be doing OK with the 'hat' and I now get some time to put true life back in order!
Julie did real well in choosing Maryland Ave Pet Hospital, Lady has really bonded quickly to all the staff there!- and interesting traffic to watch out the window, and daddy has plenty bucks to pay an extremely surprising reduced( from previous episodes) bill!
Posted by Captain Canardly | May 19, 2012 @ 01:43 AM | 23,523 Views
So in Between normal work/ and Crimson life, Lady had a go nowhere Sunday, didn't even wanna pee!
We take her to a new vet, the folks at Maryland Pet Hospital got quick test answers,as Lyme's Disease was the culprit- a tick was found 4 weekends ago from the folks who ferminated her for summer and fast acting antibiotics, as when I got home from a short Monday, she was interested in taking daddy for his walk. A slow, 2 hour walk, but she also showed interest in the ball player's hotdogs this is a good thing! and upon returning home, she scarfed on Saturday's T bone.
Tuesday, she back to talking, picking on 'lil'Bit, and walked dad @ full trot. I finish out a stressing week, and looked forward to 'the routine, plus linking the controls for the Crimson.
Friday evening arrives, and we're returning from the 2nd walk- about 2200, when we see a couple puppies @ the apartment 'puppy park' . We were told by a woman that the puppies didn't like other dogs, we were about 25 feet away from the gate when this brindle pit bull literally crashed through the gate to chew on Lady.
First bite was the head, 2nd series was her right leg, and me, trying to pry these 2 apart. Needless to say, most of the neighborhood got involved, and the Police did an excellent job of getting all the data. after a Pepsi and nreve collection, I head on in to Regions' Hospital for a rabies shot.( according to the 'husband':mad
who was scared off from approaching my apt building when the Police arrived,asked...Continue Reading