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Posted by blue_peace | May 01, 2021 @ 02:39 AM | 1,606 Views
It was supposed to be like 5mph of wind but there was more than that and it was going the wrong direction. I didn't think I'd need ballast but today shows otherwise. So yeah I'm gonna look into that.

No I don't have a spring-loaded switch for take off mode. I forgot it was on one day and I almost looped it into the ground.

I know I am like a PSA of what not to do with DLGs so don't watch this. I just fly on the side when I'm not banging away at a keyboard like a monkey.

Not another Vortex 3 DLG video (5 min 37 sec)

Posted by blue_peace | Apr 10, 2021 @ 01:14 AM | 3,513 Views
I have a former history in RC but I haven't touched it in like 6 years. I tried to get back into it but never had the place... when I was younger I was in high school/didn't have any responsibilities. Lived by a field, I suppose it's all an excuse.

I switched to software, kinda failed in school, I'm an SWE now on paper. Outside of developing web applications I've been trying to get into the embedded space and robotics. Flying/submarines is still a thing that will factor into it at some point.

Just posting some other stuff I'm working on/worked on.

Eventually if my life doesn't implode my plan is to be like a homesteader somewhere but have access to tech still (Starlink/Amazon). The essentials, nevermind food.

I'm working on it.

The robot I designed/made from scratch, it sucked. Not strong enough/dumb. But it was good as far as learning to program multiple servos moving in Arduino. Also did the ESP to Arduino connection. Not really "radio controlled" but WiFi controlled ha.

The other thing is a SLAM attempt as a response/thing I wanted to address from the robot. Then I would adapt it to a smaller 12-servo true quad with a Teensy onboard. It's not in this image but there is an IMU on there. The idea is you take an image (slow processing as it's single core/not optimized) and find things in there/draw bounds around them as a cube in 3D space. The ToF sensors(2 in image eg. "Lidar" and ultrasonic) determine how far away it is. Then using kinematics to track the robot/vehicle's velocity/accel you can tell how far away you are from things/map them in memory/3Dspace. It sounds easy but it's not haha. I'm not a math wiz and the computer vision aspect alone is pretty difficult but it's a fun project, still not finished.
Posted by blue_peace | Mar 18, 2021 @ 04:59 AM | 13,153 Views
Trying to get back into RC. Took a break (growing up). Been like 9 years or so since I was really heavy into flying... tried to fly in between then.

One time I had everything, I had this Radian 2 bought RTF straight up, but I didn't feel that happy flying it.

I don't know I'm hoping I have not lost the bug for flying/doing RC stuff. It helps when you have the property to do so.

I moved to places that didn't have large open fields, there's a park near me at least that I can go to and fly with decent space in the back.

I was a different person then, dumb mostly.