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Posted by Sea Wall | Aug 27, 2010 @ 05:17 PM | 4,428 Views
Thought I'd let the world see my latest creation, a modified Flight Lines Plans Snazzle. I purchased the Snazzle plan from Micron RC a while ago as I was looking for a light weight easy to carry glider to attempt some very small scale slope soaring from the miles of sea walls that surround where I live. The finished model came out at approx 85grams which looked promising. First attempts at test gliding were not good. This is my first flying wing in about 30 years of on and off RC modelling. After a lot of reading and head scratching the glides got better and better. Eventually the wind was the correct direction and strength (and the tide was out) so the time came to give it a go. After a few dodgy attempts things got better until I was happily sloping along the wall even manageing the odd roll. This carried on for a few months when conditions were right but as the wall is only approx 10ft tall it took a fair blow to keep flying. What I needed was something with less wing loading. So I extended the wingspan by a rib width on each side, did away with the box fuselarge and fitted very 'thin' gear. This is the result, more to follow as it's getting late.