Posted by billekens | Mar 13, 2006 @ 01:04 PM | 2,786 Views
Posted by GRW3 | Mar 13, 2006 @ 12:52 PM | 8,455 Views
Ones Good To Have but Not Necessary

The only power tool you need is a good drill, cordless preferably. I would follow that with a hand held Dremel Tool or one of the copies that are available today. (I got a new All Trade with 200 accesories at COSTCO for $26. Good thing too, my ancient Dremel had spun its last.)

Over time I acquired several other useful tools. A Dremel Scroll Saw, a 10" Drill Press, and smal Belt and Disk Sander.

It is not unusual to have to cut plywood, hard wood or large chunks of balsa during a construction project. You can use coping saws, hack saws or jig saws for a lot of this but that can be time consuming or awkward. Faced with one kit that had a lot of this I borrowed an old Dremel saw from a friend. i liked the convenience but hated the noise of the vibrator used to displace the saw. I resisted buying one until Dremel brought out the modern version with a quiet drive.

The Drill press is important for easy placement of accurate holes. You can set depth and angle for precise control. Some pieces can be hand held but you should consider a drill press vise for better control.

The Disk and Belt Sander is a great combination for modeling. The Belt Sander is great for roughing out large pieces of cross grain or mixed assemblies where members of the plane family would not work. Finish the job with a block sander. The Disk Sander is a more precise device but cannot handle as much material. It can do angles, simple and complex. Which can be very helpful in getting tight fits.

The Saw and the Sander can generate a lot of sawdust. They are equiped with Shop Vac fittings if you need to do a lot of cutting and/or sanding indoors. I have to get a new Shop Vac so for now I am doing the heavy wook outdoors.

Your best bet with these tools is to use somebody else's to get a feel for their effectiveness. If I had to choose one, I would probably go with the Sander.
Posted by Robert Smaglik | Mar 13, 2006 @ 10:59 AM | 3,053 Views
Has anybody have experiience flying the arrow designed by Laddie Mikulasko,
I have built one from RCM plans but can't get it to fly,very unstable.

Posted by applejack | Mar 13, 2006 @ 06:23 AM | 2,828 Views
18 tooth Ditto with 20 5x5x2.5 N50 magnet poles wound 22 turns 24awg. A 12x6 prop does not seem to load this motor down at all.
Posted by applejack | Mar 13, 2006 @ 06:05 AM | 2,814 Views
First attempt at making my own flux ring and face plate. Also my first LRK style motor. 25x6.6 stator w/14 5x7x2mm N50 magnets

A favorite 22.7mm single stator motor with 23 turns of 26awg Y

Bits and pieces - 22.7 stators ready to wind
Posted by nemo_uk | Mar 13, 2006 @ 04:09 AM | 19,354 Views
new stuff for RealFlight G3 ... Extra 330S & RC Universe Biplane modelled by Rick Deltenre. Raptor 30 V2 modelled by me.

download them from


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I am relatively new to RC flying. Eight years ago, I made a Gentle Lady from a kit and used a four-channel Futuba radio for the RC. I had a great time learning to fly this glider. It was slow enough so that I could learn the difficult conversion from standing outside the cockpit and having the controls seemingly in reverse if the aircraft comes towards you. I know now that nothing reverses but my mind thinks in reverse. We sold our house moved to a new city. My Gentle Lady was delegated to a shelve for a few years. I am now in the process of putting electric power in my Gentle Lady.
I have many hours flying full size aircraft like Beavers, Otters and Twin Otters to name a few. I have been a commercial pilot for forty years and have extensive experience in the arctic. Now that I am retired, I would like to take up the hobby of RC again. Eventually I will build a Beaver on floats if I can find a good-looking model kit. I do not know if that could be materialized with electric power. That question will be answered in the future
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Just like everybody elses I bought this to train on but the more I play with it the more fond I become of it. I will have a blast with this SS. AUW 13.6 with a lot of L/G reinforcement and a 7in piece of p/treated stick slid in fuse to straighten the bow in the middle.
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 02:20 AM | 4,134 Views
This plane is a display. static build, no mtr no elecronics.
I suffer severe end term heart failure and one of my DR's (rare Doc who actually takes care of his patients) happens to be a P-51 fanatic. He kept saying the P-51 was THE PlANE and I should do one so I did, as a gift to him. I did this plane as a tribute to the " Tuskegee Airmen " and used their colors. This is entirely hand brushed.
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 02:07 AM | 3,898 Views
This plane is my first EDF and it has 150 mtrs in it. No power so I made some serious mods to the intakes and gained about 30% This is all GWS and AUW's at 13.0 looking closely at the intakes reveal how much restriction was removed without integrity threatened or weakened.
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 01:58 AM | 3,757 Views
The Spit is done in desert Africa camo 74 squadron. I modified the cowl section to provide cooling to electrics and motor. 350C B/g. 9x4.7 2 blade, easily balanced at 13.3 ox AUW, MTR moved 3/8 in. FWD with 15A ESC mounted in cowl. GWS 4PII Rx ,pico servos.
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 01:45 AM | 3,713 Views
109 350C C/g, 9070X3 prop, GWS 4PII rx, Hitec electrics, Vammy's 1050 2 cell lipo, many mods for strength. Auw 13.0 oz
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 01:37 AM | 3,748 Views
350C C/g, 1080X4 prop, blue arrow 15A ESC, bluebird 306BB servos, GWS 4PII RX, burgerking coffee stirrers for rockets, plus other mods.
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 01:29 AM | 3,756 Views
The Corsairs enemy the ZERO 350C C/G, 90X70X3 prop, CC 25A ESC,Vam's 2 cell 1050 lipo, all Hitec electronics. !3.5 AUW
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 01:20 AM | 3,742 Views
Brushless Mk2 25/25-26 5:1 gear, all hitec electronics.Jeti 18p ESC, 3 cell TP1320 lipo. Way too much plane for me yet.
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 01:06 AM | 3,659 Views
this is my beater. If my heart and lungs hold out and I learn i'll be flying my GWS birds. This is foamed inside due to many oaks infatuated with yellow planes. I've converted it to ailerons instead of rudder.
Posted by cwksr | Mar 13, 2006 @ 12:58 AM | 3,745 Views
converted to 350C C/G GWS, Vampower 2 cell 1050 lipo, 10X4.7 prop, all hitech electronics. AUW 15.5 oz.
Posted by Esprit440 | Mar 12, 2006 @ 04:58 PM | 4,958 Views
Well, I wrecked another one today. Last week I built a small 15" wingspan plane powered by one of the many GWS CNC-12 motors I have lying around from brushless EDF conversions.

I started to design in Rhino but found myself making slow progress, so I just decided to design and build on the fly. First step was to form a sheet of 2mm depron around the torchiere lamp in my living room. With assistance from my wife and a heat gun I was able to get a nice curve.

The wing was built next from a sheet of folded 2mm depron with a 3mm carbon spar - fiberglass tape was applied to the fold to keep the depron from splitting & protect the leading edge from damage.

3mm depron strip ailerons were hinged with tape, and with the wing in hand I eyeballed the fuselage length and cut my preformed fuselage piece. This was pinched at the back for a nice taper and two depron formers glued inside.

After that it was a matter of cramming all the gear inside. The most difficult part of the build was the wing attachment system; I ended up using neodymium magnets with music wire catches but that arrangement wasn't particularly effective.

The detailing was done late last night with adhesive backed vinyl film. I like the canopy since it gives the impression that something is there although the surface is flat.

I made a rough guess on the CG and took it out for the maiden this morning. Throttled up, gave it a good toss... and off it went! I was so relieved that this one...Continue Reading
Posted by Jurgen Heilig | Mar 12, 2006 @ 02:47 PM | 23,758 Views
The first Model Fair of the season where the public gets to see the new models. Despite some bad flu I drove down there for the day. The icy roads this morning where quite a challenge for the summer tires on my BMW rental car.

Here is a picture of a real big "ParkFly" Ultimate: