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Hmm, guess I should post an update here, I've returned to flying RC models again, here are a few recent videos:

LAheli Ricco neighborhood 3D practice (7 min 22 sec)

LAheli Ricco SE FBL 3D practice 2 (8 min 11 sec)
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Famous FPV drone pilot Arwut Milk Wannapong tests DOGCOM Lipo battery of 1300mAh 120C 6S 22.2V.

MILK FPV | Test New Dogcom 1300 mAH 120c 6s (0 min 59 sec)

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5 advantages of graphene Lipo batteries

Graphene Lipo battery becomes more and more popular. There are many well-known brands on the market, such as Hobbyking, Dinogy, Lumenier and so on. This shows the popularity of graphene Lipo batteries. Our company also launched graphene Lipo battery as early as 2016 when we launched the DOGCOM brand.

Our graphene Lipo battery offers the following advantages over normal Lipo battery:

(1)Higher Cycle Life Retention rate.In the cycle life test of 1C charging and 1C discharging, the capacity retention rate is more than 96% after 200 weeks.

(2)Higher discharge rate performance.Under the condition of high discharge rate, the discharge platform is still kept high. In the 65C power discharge test, the capacity retention rate can reach 90% of the 1C discharge capacity, and the discharge platform is higher than 3.45v.

(3)With the ability to charge quickly. In the 10C charging cycle test, the capacity retention rate was still over90% after 100 cycles.

(4)The lower the temperature at which the current is discharged.Because of its high thermal conductivity, graphene batteries have a lower surface temperature when tested at high rates of discharge. In 10C, 20C, 30C, 40C, 50C, 60C, 70C room temperature (25 C) discharge test, the highest temperature does not exceed 65 C.

(5)Good safety performance. Graphene batteries can pass vibration, free fall, heat abuse,
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"Tranquiity base; the Eagle has landed."

"One giant leap for mankind".

July 16th 1969, I was just approaching 15 years old. A group of young lads from school went around to a friend's house who was only one with a colour TV to watch the launch of the mighty Saturn V.

I begged my father to be allowed to watch the moon landing live on our TV on July 20th. The program was scheduled for 03:00 in the morning in the UK and needing to get up for work a few hours later he refused, telling me I could watch it on the news later that day. I was obsessed with the moon race and never forgave him for denying me the chance to watch it live, even ribbing him about it to this day!

Here in commemoration of that historic event 50 years ago is the Eagle.

Landing gear is retractable, radio dishes and antenna respond to the controls.

Derived from a SketchUp model by Fort Opus.

You can download the model here.
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A microcontroller is a single-chip microcomputer that integrates the main part of a microcomputer on a single chip. Microcontrollers were born in the mid-1970s. After more than 20 years of development, their cost is getting lower and lower, and their performance is getting stronger and stronger, which makes their applications ubiquitous in all fields. Examples include motor control, bar code readers/scanners, consumer electronics, gaming equipment, telephones, HVAC, building security and access control, industrial control and automation, and white goods (washing machines, microwave ovens).

The role of the microcontroller
In industrial applications, the role of the microcontroller is to control and coordinate the actions of the entire device, usually requiring a program counter (PC), an instruction register (IR), an instruction decoder (ID), timing and control circuitry, and a pulse source. Interrupts, etc. are completed together.

According to the role played by the controller in the work, the main types of microcontrollers are as follows:

1, command controller

The instruction controller is a very important part of the controller. It needs to complete operations such as fetching instructions and analyzing instructions, and then handing it over to the execution unit (ALU or FPU) for execution, and also to form the address of the next instruction.

2, timing controller

The purpose of the timing controller is to provide control signals for each instruction in...Continue Reading
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Hi Everyone,

This is Catherine from Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd.

This is QS8 heavy duty Antispark connector want to share with you. We have blue and black two colors. If you are interested in,Please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

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QS Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd
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T150 is a new design multi-functional high power balance charger by HTRC,Utilizing 3.2 inch color LCD Toch screen display,easy operation, built-in cooling fan,DC 11-18V or AC 100-240V dual power.Max charger power 150w,Max charge current 10A.Designed for charging LiPo LiFe Lilon LiHV NiCd NiMh Pb Smart Batteries.

Model No:T150 AC/DC
Input: AC 100-240V / DC 11-18V
Charge power:Max 150W
Discharge power:Max 10W
Charge current range:0.1-10A
Discharge current range:0.1-2A
Lilon/LiPo/LiFe/LiHV cell count :1-6cells
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count:1-15cells
PB Battery voltage:2-20V
Smart battery:I/II/III
Current drain for balancing: 500mA/cell
Net Weight:0.48kg
Gross weight:0.80kg
Package size:215*155*75mm
Contact:Skype: Butters long
Email: [email protected]
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I was timing for a pilot during a recent Altidude Limiting Endurance contest (ALES). Most pilots were using the Radian motorglider and having trouble landing within the landing circle. Most were landing outside and getting zero landing points. The Radian has no flaps or spoilers so approach planning and touchdown is non standard. A random circling approach or a low fast approach is about all you can do. When you want to come to a stop you nose her in to the grass and hope that the spinner, prop, and motor are not damaged. Of course if you use motor you save your Radian but get a zero for the flight.

The stock Radian comes with a white plastic skeg that is about 1/4 high and protects the white foam from getting scratched. If the plastic supported a music wire skeg I think it would improve the concept of protecting the prop and also improve spot landings in grass and other runway surfaces.

The following pic and diagram shows the concept of the music wire skeg mod. I will be testing a main wheel and rudder wheel for maneuvering on the grass and hard runway with my Night Radian. Other ideas are encouraged and welcomed.
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Gear sets and misc parts.
Im pretty sure I have a box somewhere with spare cylinders as well.
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Here is a video of the new ProFly OV-10 Bronco 1800mm ARF from Motion RC.

ProFly OV-10 Bronco 1800mm ARF RC Plane From Motion RC Second Flight (5 min 14 sec)

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Radiolink A560 3D Fixed Wing Airplane need review,is any one interested in it? the Radiolink Factory will send the airplane to you directly.

This is their new need 2 or 3 reviews,here is what they requested
1. The best evaluation theme is . Product features / highlights or use tutorials to avoid simple out of the box video
2. Don't mention how and how you get the product to measure (so you can let the tester fans see the assessment is fair and equitable)
3. Video and other content related to: out of the box, product function introduction and off-site use, etc.
4. Be sure to put the official purchase link store and official website address below the video (currently only Amazon US station, AliExpress store), after-sale contact information (reflecting our friendly service) would be great if Reviewer has more than 1000 fans ; or have at least 300 fans
Any one who want this airplane,please contact me at [email protected] ,...Continue Reading
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Hi Everyone,

This is Catherine from Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd.We specialize in this field for several years,with good quality and pretty competitive price.Should you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me. FREE SAMPLES will be sent for your evaluation!

We have NEW QS10 Heavy Duty Antispark Connector want to share with you. Hope you are interested!

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* Operating voltage range: DC11.0-18.0 Volt/ AC to DC adapter (DC11.0-18.0V/ 6A)
* Max.charge power 80W
* Max.discharge power 10W
* Charge Current Range: 0.1-6.0A
* Discharge current range:0.1-2.0A
* Current drain for balancing: 400mAH/cell
* LiIon/LiPo/LiFe/ LiHV cells:1-6 cells
* NiCd/NiMH cells: 1-15cells
* Pb battery voltage: 2~20v
* Smart Battery: I II III.
* Net Weight: 220g
* Dimensions: 135x86x27mm
👉 ONLY $15
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This is my Maiden Flight At Dusk with the brand new ZOHD Orbit Neon 900mm FPV Night Flying Wing.

ZOHD Orbit Neon 900mm FPV Night Flying Wing Maiden Flight At Dusk (3 min 25 sec)

Here are my review notes for this Glow In The Dark Night Flying Wing:

- The LED Lights are amazing
- Assembly and setup was super quick and easy
- The special biodegradable foam is incredibly smooth
- Comes with easy launch gyro settings with 3G and 6G options
- This Orbit Neon has the latest and greatest gyro settings

- I dont see any cons yet but I will update this as I find them over time.
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A short video promoting my club:
Senja Modellflyklubb (6 min 30 sec)

Posted by Beatnik | Jul 28, 2019 @ 01:41 PM | 1,438 Views
Not only modeling fascinates me. For many years I participated in the movement of reenactors, uniforms, badges, medals and of course weapons samples....Continue Reading
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Infinity NG short nose vtail & Ultima (1).