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The fleet so far;

- Scratch built nitro High-wing trainer (old, photo pending)
- Electrafun xp
- eScale Waco
- Skyangel Mig15 Ducted fan (unflown)
- HK FPV250 Quadcopter
- C-Ray 180 mini wing
- HK GoDiscover (unflown)
- Iron Feather 79inch foamboard wing
- HK Sky Eye
- HK Sky Hunter (unflown. WIP VTOL conversion)
- Volantex 1.6-2.6m Phoenix Evolution
- Skywalker Falcon (FPV WIP)...Continue Reading
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Hi All,

I am currently in talks with TopXGun regarding the possibility of providing and supporting their products in the UK and Europe and would like your help and honest opinions, at present the user base is very small outside of their home country China, so obtaining helpful customer reviews and findings is very difficult, so I would be very grateful if any end users out there could provide me with this invaluable information either on this thread or PM me directly.
TopXGun have developed the Hardware and Software for their range of Flight Controllers from the ground up and the flight performance is very stable and predictable.
The Technical Specification is very high including dual IMU/GPS redundancy on the Higher End models like the T1-S and T1-Pro and with the latest edition the D1 they have implemented RTK technology for extremely accurate GPS positioning.

Many Thanks Jason.
Posted by hlsat | Aug 02, 2016 @ 03:46 AM | 7,535 Views
Presentation of electronic control systems, circuit diagrams, articles and everything else you need for construction, repair - service and control these.
Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 01, 2016 @ 10:07 PM | 8,661 Views
Yes correct, 490,049 miles without any Engine rebuilt history!

A well deserved Engine OIL and Filter change and a little repair on old and dry rotted wiring at the steering wheel. You can't blame me for bringing the Steering Wheel inside the house in the Air Conditioned Kitchen Island as this past weekend was super HOT and HUMID. I must have thrown out three (3) T-Shirts! All turned Out Super!...Continue Reading
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Flew my red nose P-51, NF 129 this evening after installing a 9x6 in place of the stock 8x6 prop that came with the plane. While the plane sounded like it was pulling more power in the blocks on the ground, it really didn't appear to get any more speed in the air than it did with the old 8x6 prop. (See prop picks)

The larger 9x6 GWS prop sure was noisy. It had the hollow muffler sound like a revved up little 4 cylinder car would have. Very odd sound. Flew nice though, almost the same as the old prop. It did get moving on its take-off role more quickly.

Did a 7 minute flight on my 1350 Mah 30A 3S Lipo, then i installed the 20A 1800 Mah 3S Lipo and flew for about 8 minutes.

Here is where I apparently made that rookie mistake. Put the plane back in the blocks to run it with the voltage buzzer installed (beeps when below 3.5 volts) to see what the battery flying time might be on the 1800Mah battery before cuttoff. I ran it in the blocks for almost an additional 6+ minutes going from 1/3 power to 2/3 power with occasional 100% power for 15 seconds at a time or so. Right at the 6 Minute mark I did another near full power advance, when suddenly----'POP'. Prop spools down and the smoke comes out of the nose between cowl and spinner.

motor is a 4100 KVA Inrunner geared down to 4.6 to 1 on the gearbox. It has an 8A continuous rating and a 13A burst. Been flying with it for 15 to 20 flights now. Only difference is the new prop. I have two theories and maybe you all can explain what happened:

1 I ran it too long in the blocks at power without the cooling airflow it may otherwise get during flight.....probably a No No.


2 The larger diameter prop may not be generating enough air flow near the hub pulling air into the nose of the nacelle cooling the motor.
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The scenery around Concrete WA looks fantastic from the camera position on the 1/3 scale Grunau Baby IIb wing mount.

Grunau Baby II at Concrete (2 min 13 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Aug 01, 2016 @ 09:19 PM | 9,380 Views
And Here's a version a-la delta dart......

Dynasoar Rocketry DeltaDart RC rocket glider kit (6 min 38 sec)

Posted by acclivity | Aug 01, 2016 @ 09:13 PM | 7,487 Views
all the tape on wing, then goop, then thick new stuff, then covering... white base, will get black stripes on bottom and some neon on top.

Received battery and rx and switchjack, so can get busy on fuse.

The wing by itself, is 23 oz... weighing out everything else, I should be able to make it just under 40 oz... with ballast, it should rock in big wind and still be able to fly on lighter days.
Posted by V-Man | Aug 01, 2016 @ 09:10 PM | 10,764 Views
Got four new flight videos from last weekend's sessions updated on my channel:

They're short and fun, check them out!
Posted by DroneDefender | Aug 01, 2016 @ 08:48 PM | 1,559 Views
Can anyone help with diagnosing problems where the quad copter flies with the (A) motor in the lead. This makes the camera view left and overheating (B) motors. I tried to rebind, no help. I tried all trim buttons, no help. I tried controller stick recalibration, No help. Tried compass recalibration, no help.
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You read that right! 60% OFF ALL in-stock Gemfan propellers at Altitude Hobbies.

We have a wide selection of props ranging from 4" up to 12" in nylon, carbon blend, carbon fiber, glass fiber, bullnose, etc.

All 60% OFF now through August 31st! Use code "gemfan60"
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Such a great place to fly! Filmed with a Phantom3 pro.

Grandma's bday at the farm (4 min 36 sec)

Posted by 2dogrc | Aug 01, 2016 @ 04:32 PM | 9,200 Views
Had a blast with this ARF. Diatone won't disappoint you. If you go with the Crusader or Tyrant, they are both great ships!

Check them out at our store,

Diatone Crusader 190 From 2dogrc (2 min 30 sec)

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Well finally about got the 3DHS YAK 55 ready for the air. Extreme Flight was out of the red cowl. So had to go with the blue. Lucked out and got blue wheel pants to add some more splash. Actually looks pretty good. Brian
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This is the Maiden Flight of my Eflite UMX Spacewalker 2S Brushless with Dual Servo Ailerons "Worldrunner" Edition.

Eflite UMX Spacewalker 2SBL w/ Dual Servo Ailerons Maiden Flight - Worldrunner Edition (6 min 25 sec)

This is a 2SBL with Dual Servo Ailerons Conversion using a brand new in the box Eflite UMX Spacewalker. Having previously purchased and flown a stock version of the plane made me feel that this plane could certainly do much more, given the outdoor conditions I mainly fly in.

This conversion was fairly straightforward with no major issues. Hollowing out the front end but leaving enough foam for structural rigidity was the most difficult task. The UMX Yak Motor Mount was also cut and shaped to fit within the fuselage and glued in, using GE Type II Silicone. I initially elected to use an Eflite BL180 2300Kv Motor, but decided that the 3000Kv version was a better match for outstanding throttle when mated with the Eflite 3.75 x 3 Prop.

To mount the Spektrum EFLU4864 AS3X Receiver BL-ESC, I cut the edges edges of the interior foam fuselage slightly to form a ledge that the Receiver would sit on, and then glued it in with GE Type II Silicone. Then the Elevator and Rudder Control Rods were cut and resized for proper fitment.

Using an Xacto knife, I carefully cut out the pre-molded Ailerons on the Wing, and then exercised the Aileron hinges. Then, I applied a small thin layer of hinge tape on the hinges for added durability. Mounted on...Continue Reading
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I respect the fact that if you're already an RCG user you probably don't need this video; however, how many times have you been approached at the field asking for this type of info?

Obviously you'll have your own approach and preferred products--that's fine. Just take a look at the video below and if you agree with the premise--use it as reference material for rookies you encounter. If you think I'm totally off base, keep doing what you've been doing--but the video stays

The primary motivation for this was a new guy I encountered the other day who was still spending $50 for small batteries and thought his only option for a replacement motor on an Apprentice was going to cost him $70--after ONE flight! I just couldn't abide that and felt obligated to show budget alternatives.

How to Get Started in Radio Control Flying (24 min 5 sec)

Posted by marblekit | Aug 01, 2016 @ 02:55 PM | 4,531 Views
On preorder now for just $46!

Looks like the VR007 goggles but with a diversity receiver and a lower price tag!
Posted by aussieboatman | Aug 01, 2016 @ 02:24 PM | 921 Views
just made my second post and hope to be able to make more, but there seems to be a waiting period?
Posted by aussieboatman | Aug 01, 2016 @ 02:07 PM | 968 Views
Just starting out. New to this hobby with a Tundra and a safe cub.
lot to learn yet