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This was some fun flying demonstrating the STOL and nice vertical performance of this plane:

Tight Space Flying - E-Flite Timber 1.5m BNF Basic STOL RC Plane (2 min 24 sec)

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My major equipment upgrade is on its way. Something I needed to do for a long time and kept putting off.

Rob from the club turned me onto affordable eyeglasses.

I went to my opthapologist, got a new eyeglass subscription, and just ordered up a new set of bifocal sunglasses for flying.

I was a little self conscious flying at the club without wearing eyeglasses, so now the deed is done and I should have in a week or two.

Ordered with 80% Amber lenses, went with the high index lenses which means a bit thinner than standard index lenses. No mirror finish. Would have liked to get polarized but then they only come with grey tint. I know I like amber lenses from my Maui Jims, but wasn't ready to risk disliking grey tint that comes with the polarization.

I'll post more once they come in and I can shoot some pics.

Update - Zenni sells sub-par product. I had to return the glasses because they were like kids sizes - how does Zenni keep customers? Understanding this about them, and now having store credit (no refunds), I got a second set that are OK but feel really cheap. That makes me question the quality and accuracy of the lenses, but they are good enough for the field.
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GearBest is holding a huge promotion for their XK brand r/c stuff. If you don't know much about XK, they are a division of WLTOYS and make higher end r/c products. The promotion is from Aug 22nd to Aug. 27th. It's a limited stock with crazy low prices if you get in on the sale as soon as each item's sale starts. Click below to check out the deals.

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My BV 141 built from the Ziroli plans. The plan was reduced to 36" span & then the wings were stretched back to 41"
The fuselage & pod were made in a similar fashion to lost foam only they were hollowed out to be around 15mm thick & the foam was left in after glassing. The wing is balsa over foam with an RG14 wing section & covered in film. It's painted in Lifecolor acrylics with Tamiya clear.
700g AUW & loading around 16 1/2 oz per square foot.
Build log here.

Video courtesy of Mark.
Als BV 141 PSS on the slope. (0 min 23 sec)

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do you need to have the gyro in the middle of the plane? because I have my gyro towards the left of the plane because I couldn't fit it anywhere else. is it ok to do that, or do I need the gyro in the middle of the plane? thanks
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My latest review of the MJX Large Brushed Altitude Hold Drone carrying an SJ4000 action cam. (Courtesy GearBest)


MJX X102H Large Altitude Hold Camera Quadcopter (23 min 47 sec)

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Talk about an awesome quad, check this out!

JJRC H32GH Drone Full Review (14 min 19 sec)

Here is a fun little pocket rocket at Gearbest! The JJRC H32GH is a blast to fly! Probably one of the best mini quads I've flown to date, it has a solid feel, sticks are proportionate all the way across the board, makes for much smoother flying. Altitude hold works great, the FPV camera has great quality, footage recorded is pretty nice, it even has sound!

The lights look great, the flips and rolls are awesome, tight, fast, no altitude or heading loss. Adjustable rates are a nice feature, I like them around 75%, goes pretty fast yet is very easy to fly still. The flying portion of the video will demonstrate how great this quad is.

The FPV screen works well, everything is very simple to setup and use, the biggest complaint is that the camera is level. Quads really need a camera pointed up a little bit, otherwise in forward flight all you see is the ground, and that makes it difficult to fly via FPV only.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the JJRC H32GH quadcopter, here is a list of what I thought were PROs and CONs, dont forget to like, comment and subscribe for more! Thank you.

Flying at 5:22

- Camera footage is good quality
- 5.8G FPV
- Included FPV Screen with receiver!
- Nice radio, can adjust rates to suit your flying
- Great looks
- Flies amazing, very proportionate to the sticks, no mushy spots off
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Even yet more on stabilizers

Someone on rcgroups has suggested that you can mount an AS3II without it being aligned fore/aft. Maybe I don't understand what he is saying, but it seems totally bogus. I did an experiment where I actually did this, and as expected, there were massive amounts of cross talk between the pitch and roll corrections when the plane was moved.

If the plane is pitched down, the elevator tries to correct for it, as it should. But the ailerons also react, rolling the plane. Of course, once the plane is level fore/aft, the wings should also level out. This is just confusing to think about.
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This is my third 3S recorded Flight of my UMX P-47 Thunderbolt using the Hyperion 3S 240 mAh Babbelbatt and the Eflite 3000Kv Motor / Eflite 5 x 2.75 Propeller combo. The Landing Gears have been removed for belly landing duties at Cherry Knolls Park (for best results, view this video in full screen 1080p and turn the volume up to hear the awesome sound).

Eflite UMX P-47 Thunderbolt 3S Gears Off Flight with the Hyperion 3S 240mAh Babbelbatt (5 min 56 sec)

RC Groups Initial Blog Write-Up with Photos on Modifications:

To purchase Roger's Hyperion 3S 240mAh Babbelbatts, click on the link below to view his store.

Link to RCBabbel's Babbelbatt Store:

Motor: Eflite 3000Kv 180 Brushless Outrunner
Prop Adapter: Small Parts CNC UMX Prop Adapter (Long)
Prop: Eflite 5 x 2.75 Propeller w/ Custom "Blue Angels" Yellow Tips
Hatch: Custom Magnetic Battery Hatch Mod
Reinforcement: .050 Carbon Fiber Horizontal Stabilizer Rod Spar

Transmitter: Spektrum DX6
Battery: Eflite 3S 240 mAh Babbelbatt
Timer: 4 Minutes
Lipo Final Voltage: 11.17 Volts out of 12.60 Volts (18%)

Camera: iPhone 6 at 1080P / 60 FPS

Thanks for watching and if you haven't already please click the Thumbs Up and Subscribe!
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So i had built this ghost copter a few months back and somehow the motor top came flying off while in a low hover so i told the seller n he sent me a new motor and some shafts n clips and i FINALLY got it in the mail! IM SOOOOOO EXCITED.
Here's my stickless top that flew off

Hers wut i got in the mails! Yayyyyy
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Maiden flight today with the HobbyZone Champ S+. Calm conditions, 75 degrees.

The Champ S+ has amazing technology. I used all of it except for the invisible fence, which locks controls and returns the plane when it gets too far away.

GPS: I failed to rev the engine to 100% after setting the plane down into the wind, so GPS failed to set and the plane landed on its own 50 yards away when I engaged the red HP/AL button. The plane flew with plenty of power. Dew coated the plane after several grass landings, but it did not appear to respond sluggishly from the extra weight. At 3.7 ounces, I figured it was worth testing.

The box comes with one adapter for the prop. I plan to purchase several more. The propeller won't break on a tip-over landing, but the plastic adapter from the brushless motor to the spinner will easily break.

The beginner mode is very forgiving and keeps the plane level. A hard kick to the rudder will virtually reverse the plane's course in midair, so you still have lots of control. I was glad that I was hand-launching from a large park with trees on the perimeter. The engine is much stronger than the old Champ and what I'd played with in Real Flight simulation. It just takes getting used to and dialing back the throttle.

It was nice to not embarrass myself in front of my wife. She thought I had so much control that I could fly it in our smallish back yard. I really turned down the throttle toward the end and tried to keep the Champ S+ nearby. The plane is little, but it wants to fly.

Would I recommend the Champ S+ to anyone? Yes, my younger brother was so impressed, he's working to get one today. This "drone technology" is here to stay to help old guys like me get into the hobby!
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hiya guys, im kal, im new to the airplane seen and ive already picked up four. i used to run trucks, and cars. mostly into other cars and trucks
now i occupy my time with avoiding the ground....mostly. i teach and my principle lets me get away with crazy projects all the time so hopefully ill have some cool stuff to share in the future.
Happy trails...
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This is a fun and fast buggy!

WLtoys - 12428 4WD Cross-Country - Review and Run (15 min 18 sec)

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It was my 3rd week at the field and it was beautiful...again.
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Maximize this puppy. Greenwich CT, staying within the baseball field's boundaries and getting sweet footage until the frickin' voltage telemetry sensor shorted at 2min mark. Using Runcam 2 (badass).

Pic related.

E-flite Timber crash caught on Runcam 2 1080p 60fps GPS Google Earth (4 min 59 sec)

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Vid I did for a mate of his maiden day with the hsd viper. I've been lucky enough to have quite a few flights with it now and it's a beautiful flyer as you'll see. Super stable and easy, this will be the jet clubs new trainer, and I can say from personal experience, it's awesome fun to fly.

HSD SUPER VIPER (6 min 24 sec)