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Posted by scousethief | Jun 10, 2018 @ 04:49 PM | 15,919 Views
Printed a goblinesque fuse and using 2 old foam wings. Will try to print a wing with airfoils and reflex.

It goes without saying that this is a very pale imitation of the awesome Strix Goblin ( I would LOVE one but quite honestly I cannot afford one ) . I will be making some adjustments to make a version to fit the nano talon wings and a few other bits.

I have now printed 3 of these Anywings : 110%,100% and 50% and they all appear to be sound structures. The 100% version is suitable for Nano Talon wings with a little work but you can scale up or down to suit what you have. I would like to be able to 3dprint the wing at some point just to compete the "3dprinted" tick box (any suggestions for airfoil selection ? ) . I will add a v2 with inner skeleton, slightly longer connecting surfaces, a landing skid/grip and a camera mount. I will also move the servos inwards to bring the cg in a touch.

There is a ton of storage room in the body more than enough for the usual array of electronics.

The little one is 50,% and has a set of wings from one of those cheap foam chuckgliders , it is built as a test and has elevons cut. I have another set of wings from a micro fox glider ( not the multiplex fox it is shape more like a typical glider ) and i may try those but the first set performed so nicely that I am more than happy with it.

The black fuse with wings attached is 100% size and has 9g servos fitted, I will continue testing on this one when complete. The wings for a...Continue Reading