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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Oct 10, 2008 @ 10:16 AM | 31,623 Views
I have a secret but since there is a video I guess it's not that big of a secret. I found this on the web yesterday. Can you find the real long haired country boy? Tip - look for the flames coming out of my 55 Ford's tailpipe!
Posted by Jim T. Graham | Oct 03, 2008 @ 01:51 PM | 28,709 Views
NashBro 08
For me this time of year is always special. The last weekend of every September I host a flyin in Leipers Fork, TN. Leipers Fork is a sleepy town outside of Nashville that was founded around 1820. This time of year hundreds of 3D profile addicts called "Pro Bros" descend on the town like a swarm of locusts. Lucky for us the towns people mow an airpstrip for us, put out porta-johns and provide lights for night flying. This generally keeps the boys busy out in the 200 acre pasture for the full 4 days of the event. With gas prices getting high I was talking myself into think this years attendance would be light. I'm happy to say I was totally incorrect! This was the best NashBro of all time and everyone seemed to have a great time. When you have over 40 profiles in the air at once it helps when everyone is of the same mind and the mind at NashBro is "no whinging!".

Mass Hover
At 1:04 each day we have a little thing I invented at the first NashBro 6 years ago. We have the "Mass Hover". This year we had at least 42 planes in the air at one time hovering. The new addition was that I got to blow an airhorn that meant it was time for the "vertial drag race". Everyone really enjoyed it this year so I blew the horn a lot! When the spec out the plane they then plummet to the earth in a fireworks sort of way. It's actually very pretty.

The AMA Shows Up!
My good friend and future AMA executive VP Mark T. Smith drove in to the support...Continue Reading