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Posted by BAF23 | Aug 24, 2016 @ 02:01 PM | 13,287 Views
History and acquisition

In 1968 shortly after becoming solo on a towed Ka4 Rhönlerche, I took place in the frontseat of a Belgian Air Cadets Schleicher Ka2 Rhönschwalbe glider for my first winch launch. By that time their surviving 1955 acquired Ka2's weren't used much anymore and I was glad to have had that ride in one of the 75 Ka2b airframes that were produced between 1955 and 1957. This also explains why the Ka2b figured on my dreamlist of model gliders since years, especially when I found out that a traditional wooden kit was available from Schneider Models in scale 1:3. The size of that model, 5m33 span and a 2m75 fuselage length was as attractive as scary to me. The kit consists of only the plans and some precut wood and canopy mold, building it would require the living room table to be neutralized during about two winters because the wings and fuselage are too long for my hobby room. The existence of Ka2b OO-SZD on the Belgian register, after half a century still wearing extremely attractive SABENA (former Belgian World Airlines) colors, was also a strong incentive to “ever” possess and fly a Ka2b model in this scheme.

A fellow member of the BIGGS (large-glider association) built one in 3 years time and it flies like a charm, I was hooked but that model is rarely found secondhand and often the painting prevents an easy switch to the Belgian desired scheme. Early summer 2016 one was advertised on a popular German model forum but the price was too steep and...Continue Reading