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Posted by BAF23 | Nov 07, 2014 @ 07:06 AM | 22,685 Views
When a wing of my ¼ scale Multiplex Ka6e structurally failed just after releasing from too fast a tow during an event in Wey (Germany) during spring 2014, my scale marvel came down vertically from 400meter and was only good for the scrapheap. Either I had to build another model, but that would leave me without large-glider scale-weekends during summer, or I had to buy a ready-to-fly secondhand scale model. I opted for the latter, and after missing a 5m Lunak by a matter of hours (sold by a German to another Belgian), I choose for a rarely used ¼ scale Heiko Baumgärtner Blanik that had been for sale for a while in Switzerland, but not advertised much on popular web places. After a few mails with the seller, I borrowed my dad’s new station wagon, and left early for a 1400km non-stop up and down trip (in one day) to pick it up. I found his house just after noon of the third of July, and after a coffee and chat whilst I ate my sandwiches, we went to the garage where he assembled the Blanik for me. Although similar in wingspan to my Ka6e, it looked twice as big, and was highly detailed and in superb condition.

The Swiss owner demonstrated me that everything worked, and just a look at his garage convinced me that with such a meticulous workplace, the glider must have been assembled with the precision of a Swiss watch. We dismantled the model and stowed it in the back of my car, I paid him close to 1000 euro, and set course North...Continue Reading