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Posted by LemonC | Jan 25, 2019 @ 06:01 PM | 6,572 Views
Flew six packs on my lunch break today...

my tune is way off.. i think i turned off antigravity when i had it plugged to my laptop the other day... totally dipping and flopping when im inverted. oh well.

also not sure if when i tweak my pid in osd if something is going on. my expo was zero when i m pretty sure i had .15ish set before bc i need a little expo and have been flying with it.?

not sure whats going on.

Also, im so proud i flew six packs and didnt break a prop today, only had one quad also.
Posted by LemonC | Jan 24, 2019 @ 03:03 PM | 6,526 Views
i broke my arm, well my elbow, a few days before christmas, had surgery to fix that on Jan 2, 2019. I dont have a cast, and thankfully have a lot of mobility with my arm repair. Yesterday, i had a molar removed by a dentist. it was pretty gnarly, and i was terrified to have the procedure done, but with the Gas and novacain, i felt little actual pain. Totally had a psychedelic experience on the gas, but omg i didnt feel anything.

i also flew a few packs afterwards. only had two fully charged lipos but oh well.

I ordered a replacement motor and my first GPS from racedayquads yesterday also. looking forward to figuring gps out, then i plan on building a 6 or 7in rig for long range pursuit. I might go with the very cheap option frame, the TBS source one and 7 inch arms. with should be about $46ish... which seems to be a low price for a 7in frame. Id like to stick with my Hyperlight Flowride frames, and add 7 inch arms but they only have up to 6in...

*still cant do powerloops... :/