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Posted by LemonC | Jul 11, 2017 @ 02:35 PM | 18,132 Views

I got a qx7 last week. Amazing.

I just came from a turnigy 9xr (non pro). Was using a XJT module most of the time, did some telemetry mod that i never really used, had a AFHDS module and have a multi protocol module for my E010 micro also...

The QX7 is quite a bit lighter, smaller to hold, AND WAY smoother response on my multirotors. that part blows me away. The gimbals i guess are really that good - i always hear people talking about gimbals... The Qx7 really holds positions much better, i didnt expect that. It came with a neck strap and the metal hook to attach the strap to. super cool. I had some LSD turnigy nimh 2400mah batts to throw in it already, they're tight, but working great.

I saw the special colors they had on banggood, and didnt want to miss out on getting a special one, so i pulled the trigger and ordered one. I was tired of not being confident my radio was giving me the best performance also.

I ordered a Green one and it looks sooo nice. i thought of a purple one, but wanted a more popping color incase it was in the grass or something... the green is really bright, and my son likes green a lot...

Anywho. Im excited. i flew my ARC200 yesterday in a green belt with medium trees, was like a golf course almost, but more trees. It was some enjoyable flying.


Also, what's up with photobucket? i cant share my pics anymore i guess thru them...? If anyone reads this, what can i utilize to share pics? when i first signed up with rcgroups, i didnt have a way to share pics thru rcgroups, is that still the case?