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Posted by LemonC | Apr 25, 2017 @ 04:38 PM | 9,552 Views

Pretty much ready for maiden flight!

One of my motors needs to be replaced, but should still work for a couple sessions i hope.

Somewhat tricky build due to you need to use some specific parts to work with available space.

I decided i wanted this frame so i could easily mount my runcam2 hd cam. BUT when the runcam2 is mounted, it does not appear that im gonna be able to run 5inch props which i kind of a bummer... :/ Without a runcam2 on the back it will easily run 5inch props. I will be running Q4040 dalprops on my racerstar 2205 2300kv motors. they seemed to be nice on my 195 kim setup but i didnt use a runcam on that build...

I ended up getting new foxeer arrow ccd 2.5mm lens. It has voltage osd which is nice. I was gonna try a much cheaper cmos cam kinda like a fatshark cmos cam, but the connector was at the bottom and there is hardware right where the connector is which would be snapped off on a crash most likely... the foxeer connector is at the top.

The TBS Unify vtx i used has U.FL connector which is good bc less chance of vtx damage if/when antenna lead gets yanked (it will pop off instead of rip off). I used a 10mm lead with 90degree sma connector i believe. the flat backside of the TBS VTX i have allow it to fit in the mix pretty well. I also picked up a dipole antenna i can connect via UFL connector if i decide to lighten my load a bit.

(better pics soon/smudged lens :/)
Posted by LemonC | Apr 05, 2017 @ 05:10 PM | 9,844 Views
Today i was having a blast on my lunch break, and destroyed my foxeer arrow!!!! >

My first CCD was a runcam swift, which i kinda hated. it was the previous version. i constantly had problems with it, mainly mounting. My two chassis ive been using are really tight. the darkside arc200 has little room in the front (or back) for mounting anything. i could not use the 4point mount with it, so i just mounted it with the two point option and it never held its position for anything. a few weeks ago i did a roll flip with not enough cut throttle, and ended up diving into a soccer goal and completely smashed my runcam swift. after mulling over a possible replacement, i finally threw on my old cmos quanum cam. luckily that cmos has about 120degree view which is/was just like my foxeer arrow (2.5mm lens) 120degree view. i also did not like that the runcam didnt have the same super convenient vbat osd info like my foxeer arrow.

Today, i was doing getting jiggy and after having passed under two soccer goals 20times successfully (over estimate im sure) i heard that softball bat pinging noise and lost my video feed. same damage. altho, the ccd chip didnt chip but definately came off the board and my 2.5mm lens is smashed up bad.

lame. oh, and my kim 195 frame is gonzo. i had cracked the upper lower deck a while back but it seemed ok to fly with, but when i busted my foxeer, i also severed the arm near the crack. (i have a backup frame that i m really excited to get going now - its a 220mm i believe, i will use my 2205 2300kv on it with T5040 props).

On a brigher note, my new 4s lipos should be arriving today! im going from 3s to 4s finally. altho i still really like my racerstar 2205 2300kv on 3s. i really wanted the 4s for my 1806 2300kv dys motors. i ordered tattu 1050mah 45c lipo which should be good i think and im wanting to build some 3in and 4in frame more-so for my next projects...