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Posted by Toomb Raider | Aug 29, 2017 @ 10:26 PM | 2,210 Views
Back in the spring I started a build from Chris3D's plans I found in this thread: After a busy summer I was able to finish last week. Everything is made from 3 mm depron just as Goodychrischild, the author of the thread, did in his build (Thanks for the great build log Chris). Overall, the build was pretty simple; the plans were really nice and easy to understand. The only part I had trouble with was the depron bending. The wings weren't bad, they just took about 5-10 mins of slowing bending on a rounded edge. The fuselage really stumped me. I tried bending it a few times but each time I broke the piece. I guess I was too aggressive with the bending. So instead I put some packing tape on one side of the foam and creased the other side in several parallel lines and made a pseudo-bend. For the power system initially I had a brushed geared IPS motor. However, the shaft was bent and caused lots of vibrations so I switched to a 2204 2300kv motor I had from an old mini quad. I am running it on 2s with a 6x4.5 propellor so it has good power but it's probably not quite suited to this plane but it's quiet and it works great.

When I first launched it, it had a nasty roll to the left. The weight was perfectly balanced on the roll axis and the CG was correct. So I am guessing the angle of attack on my right wings was slightly greater which lifted that side or the left side AOA was less... Anyway I ended putting a little weight on...Continue Reading