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Posted by old4570 | Aug 16, 2019 @ 10:13 PM | 344 Views
450x @ the Football field (3 min 14 sec)

These little wings fly amazingly well ..
I have to say I am surprised ..
Just needed more power ..

Still tending to pull up , so more trimming needed .

Flies nice , turns nice , glides nice .
Weighs less than a box of tissues and is not overly expensive .
Battery was not fully charged , so flight is a little shorter .

450x Flying wing (+) WLtoys 949 flight board (+) 8520 /
Posted by old4570 | Aug 13, 2019 @ 09:42 PM | 356 Views
450x Wing with a new 8520 motor (3 min 22 sec)

450x Flying Wing
WLtoys 949 flight control board
8520 brushed motor
Nanotech 260mAh 1s Battery

Oh dear !

the 8520 motor has made a world of difference .....

Seriously ! I have more power @ 50% throttle with the 8520 than I had at 100% throttle with the 720 .
Heck , the 8520 actually melted the propeller hub on the first prop I tried ...
This 2nd prop has been glued to the motor output shaft ..

Most of the flight is 50% throttle , but near the end I crank the throttle to 100% ..
This little wing can fly fast ..

But that was what it needed from the start , MORE power !
Those early flights were simply seriously under powered ..

450x Flying wing (+) WLtoys 949 flight board (+) 8520 /

Oh yeah !

The camera angle was not good , but you can see the difference the 8520 makes .
This wing is a serious bit of kit now ...
Posted by old4570 | Aug 07, 2019 @ 02:36 AM | 807 Views
FMS 800 V tail maiden (8 min 32 sec)

FMS 800 V tail
Flying weight 156 grams
CG @ 40mm from L/E
Nanotech 370mAh 2s
FS2A micro Rx (4ch)

1) FMS 800 V tail
Flew off the board so to speak , no rates / no expo .
The model does need some down elevator trim , but I will take care of that next time with some sub trim .
Most of the flight was about 50% throttle .

2) CG
The CG ended up being about 40mm from the L/E . Instruction manual say's 35mm and I would say that was a fair call .
At 40mm it's not overly sensitive ( no rates - no expo ) . But the model does turn tight .

3) Nanotech 370 2s
This is the battery I chose , it was doing nothing !
8 and a half minutes of flight and my battery checker say's 40% battery left . ( Mostly 50% throttle )

4) Flying weight ( 156 grams )
Originally it was 154 grams , but I needed to stuff some weight up the models bee hive to get a better CG than 25mm from the L/E
Love the weight , it simply allows the FMS 800 V tail to fly really slow . Once the elevator is trimmed so that the model does not climb but rather holds straight and level . It will be a joy to fly slow .

5) Stability
Yes and no . It is very stable . But that straight wing does effect roll stability . So attention is needed , and no - it's not really a hands off model . No where as bad as say the MG800 , but not as good as say a Firstar 200 .

6) Propeller
Yeah , not the best - that's for sure !
Yes you can fly @ 50% throttle , but not much less than that as...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 05, 2019 @ 07:37 PM | 1,044 Views

I have taken the FMS 800mm V-tail apart for some pictures .

A) There are a lot of similarities to the Ezio 800 , HK may have taken liberties . Especially as the prop is exactly the same .
B) Servo leads are SHORT !
D) I think this model is intended as 2s around 350/450mAh
E) 2 servos take care of everything
F) V tail control rods were - WAY - Way - way out ( pre formed ) .. Not sure who was on the job that day - but I had to re do it , and it is tricky .
G) V tail is in 2 parts and needs gluing in place
H) Wing is held in place with a single screw . ( Philips head ) A hex screw would be better .
I) That prop !!!!! = Same as on the EZIO 800 , which was useless !

First thing I will do is check how much thrust the motor prop combo produces ( check current as well )
If thats ok , I will move onto soldering up a 4ch FS2A Rx .. and then assembling the FMS 800 V-tail trying for a decent CG ..
I have a small assortment of batteries to try ..


Current draw on a 2s = 4.7/4.8A to a peak of almost 5A
Thrust seems to be ok , looks like this motor might turn higher RPM on 2s
CG = No way ..
CG is sweet less Rx and battery ..
Will need weight in the tail or it will be nose heavy .
Just about to solder up a Rx now .


Rx is soldered and in place
Everything has been trimmed ready for CG Games ..

Seriously , the CG is perfect without a battery ...
Flying weight ATM with a Nonotech 370mAh 2s is 154 grams , but the CG is 25mm from the L/E
Power to weight . might be around 80%
There will be required weight in the tail for CG , which should probably be around 40 to 50mm from the L/E
Hmmm , what does the FMS manual say ? ( FMS say's 35mm from the L/E )

Posted by old4570 | Aug 03, 2019 @ 09:17 PM | 2,477 Views
My condolences and sadness for the events in Texas !

Happenings !

A battery came in the post = GN3 2s 450mAh 80 - 160C ( Thats crazy discharge )
Obviously a hot little quad battery . But will fit in the Ezio 800 no problems .
CG looks to be about the same as with the larger battery I used in my 2nd flight . ( Usable CG for the experienced )
Still might need a little dead weight in the nose though for a good CG .

DLG Launch Setting ( Rudder / Elevator ) (2 min 49 sec)

Quick and dirty video on DLG launch settings ( Rudder / Elevator )

It's not hard ..
I just picked the easiest switch to use , and set it up as my launch switch .
When I launch , I just wait for the DLG to level out and hit the switch and thats it .
Ok , might take a few launches to get your offsets in the sweet spot . But once it's done !
Posted by old4570 | Aug 02, 2019 @ 12:14 AM | 1,409 Views
There are quite a few flight control boards out there in the world .
I dare say most of the micro helicopter boards could be re-used in say a micro glider or something . ( as long as you have the transmitter )

If you have gone down the multi protocol road :

1) WL Toys V911 flight control board ( 2 servos built in ) Flysky protocol ( 9x )
This is a great board for projects . Has two built in servos and does not support more . You can solder in a brushed motor if you like .
Board is 1s or 4.2v with a charged battery . I love this board , easy to use and easy to mix . Was cheap a few years ago , but has recently gotten scarce and a little expensive . So if you know some one with a V911 heli that has become ? , might want to make it yours !

2) WL Toys F949 flight board ..
Much like the V911 board - 2 built in servos ( smaller ) , 4.2v operation , expandable to 3rd servo .
2 pin connector for a brushed motor , flysky protocol (9x) , 3pin connector for a micro servo

3) WL Toys F959 board .. 2s ( 8.4v )
2 inbuilt servos , has a 2 pin motor connector and what looks like a 4pin servo connector ( I have seen some 4 pin micro servos on Ebay )
Flysky Protocol ( 9x )

4) XK A800 flight control board ( 8.4v ) KN protocol .
This board is a PITA for projects .
Has flight stabilisation - 2 pin connector for a brushed motor and a 3 pin servo connector .
Cant do much with this board ( me ) as any attempt at mixing results in that servo / function no...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jul 31, 2019 @ 09:34 PM | 1,850 Views
Yes , it is time for a dedicated Ezio 800 battery .
Some may know already that the Ezio 800 is battery challenged . ( Most batteries wont fit and those that do wont give you CG )
I ordered some batteries from HK ..
Took the plastic caps off ( Care needed as the tabs are fragile - hence the plastic cap )

Re solder the negative wire to the negative terminal on the second battery ..
Connect the negative and positive terminals on the two batteries so as to connect the batteries in series . ( 2s - 8.4v fully charged )

Glue , tape the cells together .. I needed weight so taped them .

Then I used hot glue to seal the terminals ( they be fragile ) , the hot glue should releave all stress and give the terminals strength .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 29, 2019 @ 11:59 PM | 1,892 Views
MG 800 maiden ( Sub 250 project ) (10 min 29 sec)

Flying weight = 240 grams
Battery = Nanotech 500mAh 2s
Motor prop = 5A maximum current
Most of the flight was 50% or less power ( I really did fly low power )
CG was around 70mm from LE - and that's to far back folks .
I have found a slightly heavier battery , brings flying weight to 246 grams .
CG shift ? ( ? ATM = battery is on the charger as I type this )

The wings are bent the wrong way . The roll axis is really sketchy , and the wings dip at will .
I spent so much time concentrating on keeping the wings level , the entire flight was a little sketchy as a result . ( CG did not help )

ESC Problems !
Yeah , too much servo action and the motor stops .. I am thinking this might be a UBEC issue , and when the servos pull too much current the ESC shuts the motor down . Not the fault of the MG 800 , but did not lend to a great flight experience .
I have other ESC's , just no bullet connectors for the ESC / Motor

CG -
Just tried it , and looks like the new battery pushes the CG about 5mm forward !
Yeah !!! Parking 5mm's .....
That's with the battery pushed as far forward in the nose as possible .
It might make a difference ..

Flight experience .
I can deal with a rearward CG , but the roll instability needs constant attention . It's hard to fly well when you are trying to keep the wings level . It really wants to roll left or right on it's own . If you watch the...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jul 27, 2019 @ 08:40 PM | 1,923 Views

RTF Weight = 207.3 grams / This is less landing gear - and less battery .
So we have some 42 grams for a battery . To be under 250 grams .
The motor / prop combo make for a 1:1 or a bee's tit better for power to weight ratio @ 251.4 grams ( test run with 900mAh 2s battery )

Hmmm , so far ! Looks like the CG might be too far back ( Just move the battery )
I did some test gluds in the back yard , and if I toss it too hard it tends to climb and stall ..
And a very gentle toss results in a nice glide ...
Maybe some down trim on the elevator ? Or relocate the battery ?

Thats what the CG games are for !

CG games !
Wing has Deflex - This be bad ju ju ...
With a flying weight of 240 grams the deflex makes the stability less than desirable .
The MG800 has a tendency to roll on it's own accord .. This makes life interesting .
I would go out on a limb here and say too interesting for a trainer .

Trainers need to fly hands off !
FPV ? I dont think so ...
It's early days .. But the MG 800 does not like to fly Sssslow ! It is capable of going slow , it just does no like it ( my sample )

Did anyone buy a Firstar 200 from HK when it was on sale ? ( Now there is a nice bird for those starting out or for anyone not wanting a challenge )

Anyhow , trimmed enough to maiden ....

Posted by old4570 | Jul 26, 2019 @ 09:06 PM | 2,601 Views
Hehehehehe ! Oh dear !

Was it a waste of time trying to reduce weight in the wing ?
Starting weight was 78.5 grams ..
I got the wing down to 68.4 grams ..
Then after applying 10 thousands of an inch thick laminating film
73.6 grams
78.5 - 73.6 = 4.9 grams

All that work for 4.9 grams . I did have to try , just to see what was what .
I hardly think it was worth it .
With a projected Flying Weight: 420~500g
I can certainly do batter than that .
But to get under 250 grams ?


Posted by old4570 | Jul 25, 2019 @ 09:31 AM | 3,421 Views
Wow ,

2 servos and controls hooked up ..
Motor installed ..
Still to go are the Rx and ESC

Not glued ... Weigh = 192.5 grams

That is too HEAVY !

Foam bits were 119 grams , test fit weighs 192.5 grams

So where the heck did 73.5 grams come from .. ??????

A smaller motor wont really work , so there is weight that cant be helped .
MG 800 needs to go on a diet !
Yeah ! Weight loss time ..

Weight loss

Maiden Flight
Posted by old4570 | Jul 25, 2019 @ 12:18 AM | 2,782 Views
Measure twice , cut once ...

1) I glued in the horizontal stabs .. Since the fuse is two pieces , and the stabs are two pieces .. ( Go with the flow )
2) I used some double sided tape to put in the elevator servo . Then fitted up the controls for that side of the fuse .
2.5) I cut a small slot for the servo lead in the bottom of the servo slot .. ( There is none )
3) I will use some steel wire to join the two elevator sides ( Not included in the kit )
4) For the wing , I will try one servo , can always change my mind !
5) I used a circular servo arm cut to purpose and will allow for two connections ..

Next I will need to solder a 10A ESC ..
I want to dummy fit the motor and ESC before gluing the fuse ..
So far , a little bit of thinking ! Then some test fitting !
I want the ESC to be a clean neat install , leaving lots of internal space .. ( Dont want cabling everywhere )

Part 3

Maiden Flight
Posted by old4570 | Jul 22, 2019 @ 11:49 PM | 2,584 Views
Is anything worth waiting 3 months for ? ( Maybe a liver or heart transplant )
At last , when I saw this kit ! I thought it might be interesting .

Oh ! It is interesting !
Seriously , there are so many ways to build / assemble this kit , you might be spoiled for choice .

Build it as a Rudder / Elevator / Aileron / Motor ... OR ... as a Elevator / Aileron / Motor ... OR ... Rudder / Elevator / Motor
Ailerons - How many servos to you want to use ? 2 or only one ?

That motor mount is really well thought out , but I wont be using it . I already have a motor in mind and it simply can't be adapted to that mount .
So I will be going in a different direction with the motor ( 7x4.5 prop @ around 5A full throttle )

Single Aileron servo ? Would have to be 9g , elevator servo - may as well be 9g .
ESC , Im thinking 10A or 12A ( depending on whats on hand ) , I did just get a 6A esc . ( But a little close )
That 6A esc is earmarked for another motor and project .. ( Possibly a depron Ezio clone )

Mounting the wing ...
I see 3 ways of doing it .. Some sort of a plate glued to the fuse to put screws thru ( wing hold down )
Glue the ply plate in place , use a rod , and use rubber bands ..
Or a rod at the back and front of the wing ( holes are there ) and just use rubber bands ( X pattern ) to hold the wing to fuse old style .

MG 800 ...

Horizontal stabs are two piece , hmmm .. Would need some sort of joiner .. ( Not doing dual control rods -...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jul 21, 2019 @ 10:05 PM | 2,147 Views
UMx Whipit's (two whips) Old Modified Whip VS 100% Stock Whip ( Short Version ) (1 min 6 sec)

Took the two Whips out , was windy .
Too windy to really compare , but here is the very short version .

Picture 1

FMS V-tail 800mm - Wanted one for a long time ! ( Not a house brick like a certain Super K )
I will do a pictorial on it when the wind backs off ( Northerly Gale Blowing ) , weather says next week end .

Picture 2 and 3

MG 800 from GB , only took about 2 months to get it .. ( 3 months after checking )
It is a very interesting kit - I will do a thing on it !

Bare Bones Kit weight = 119 Grams ( Just the foam bits )
Building to Federally Mandated 250 Gram Limit for unregistered , unlicensed pilots .
Gives us some 130 grams of stuffing .

Picture 4

100cm Hand Throw Glider -
I ordered two , and I took this one out of the box . Did I mention the Northerly Gale ?
Anyhow , I had to replace the steel ballast ball for a larger one to get CG .
And it looks to be a capable glider .
Ok , it is BENT !!!! , a little here , a little there . In fact , the only thing not bent a little was the vertical stab .. That was straight for some reason .
SO it looks like a bit of time with the hair dryer is required .
BUTT !!!! - It does glide , even bent .
How to RC it ? Thats the question .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 21, 2019 @ 04:31 AM | 2,690 Views
450x New motor ( 720 ) (1 min 8 sec)

Motor be a 720 brushed quad motor ( 7mm x 20mm )
Prop is overly small
CG is too far back
Flying weight is 47 grams
Its overly breezy ..

Swapped out the prop for a larger one when I came home and did some repairs .
I ordered a 8.5 x 20 brushed motor the other day ( The 720 will have to do for now )

The other wing ...............
2 wings in the kit ...
I ordered a WLtoys F959 flight board and a 959 motor ..
ALready have some 959 folding props .
Will try again ..
My F959 has about 1:1 power to weight ..
So in a 450x it might be more like 2:1
Should be better than the 0.5 to 1 I have now ( if that ) , might be more like 0.25 to 1

That 8520 will be interesting ! 53,000 rpm
Posted by old4570 | Jul 19, 2019 @ 05:17 AM | 2,099 Views

https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DmvvSdlqQw - Product Page

450x Maiden ( Small Wing ) (5 min 8 sec)

a) Originally it was my plan to go XK A800 flight board and motor ( Matched set ) . Unfortunately the control board did not want to function correctly when I tried to mix the two built in servos .
b) Control board is WLtoys F949 , and it does not support the XK A800 brushed motor . The wing lacks power very badly .
c) Turn too tight and the wing falls out of the sky ( That lack of power )
d) I did not expect the wing to fly at all , as there is no stabilisation . But it does fly .
e) Wing flies surprisingly well
f) Wing needs more power !!!!!! Will be re-motored ASAP . Currently could not pull the skin off a rice pudding .
g) The wing just has enough power to fly - JUST . This is my fault .

Update :

Have soldering iron ..
Swapped out the motor for a small quad motor ..
This means a lot less weight ...
So the battery needs re locating .
As pictured looks to be the go ..
Another week of bad weather ahead , so hopefully wont take a week to re fly ..
So this was how I was going to do the second one ...
Hmmm , so what to do with the other wing ?
Posted by old4570 | Jul 17, 2019 @ 11:02 PM | 2,683 Views
WLtoys959 + sq12 (2 min 38 sec)

A) Yes , I nearly flew the wings off the F959 .. Toward the end of the video it got very squirrel'y so I decided to land it . Honestly , I was probably one second away from the wings falling off . Yes they were glued in , but apparently I had gone a little overly weight saving in the assembly and the windy conditions broke the glue bond . And the wings backed out of the fuse ....
B) I did want that flight video ..
C) Calmer conditions needed , but with all the bad weather . There is only one good day on the weather forecast , and that day is scheduled as UMx whipit day . I better charge some batteries ....
Posted by old4570 | Jul 16, 2019 @ 12:19 AM | 2,460 Views

Oh dear !
I really was afraid of this ..
Can't do sweet SPUDS all with mixing ..
Probably because of the auto stability built into the board .
As soon as you mix , servos stop working properly ..

BUTT ....
WL Toys 949 control board to the rescue ..
The board cant handle the XK brushed motor , just way - way to big a motor .
And around 80% throttle , the board shuts the motor down .

Solutions -
1) Smaller prop
2) Limit the throttle to maybe 70% max

Anyhow , the plan was to do the second wing with a 949 board and a much smaller quad motor ..
I guess there is plenty of time to remove the XK motor , not like its locked in or anything ...
Such is life ..
Posted by old4570 | Jul 15, 2019 @ 11:11 PM | 2,353 Views
Motor Install ..

A drop of glue , and a zip tie holds the motor in place ..
The foam cover is held in place with clear tape , as I want easy access - in case there need to be changes in thrust angle .

Control Board ..

Some knife work to make a hole for the control board ( Looks like a neat install - I might B getting better at this )
Not glued in , not until after some glide tests ..

Hard Part ..

The controls , yes this will be the tricky bit due to the design of the wing ...

Prop ..

The kit comes with a bag full of props ( 10 ) , and I found a screw that fits - so - Easy Peasy / Lemon Squeezy .

Part 3 / Problems
Posted by old4570 | Jul 15, 2019 @ 08:25 PM | 2,519 Views
2PCS KINGKONG/LDARC TINY WING 450X 431mm Wingspan EPP FPV RC Airplane Flying Wing Delta-Wing KIT from Banggood ..

A) Pictures look real nice on BG
B) Video seen so far , also look real nice ..
C) In the flesh , the 450x is not nearly as flash as in the pictures , but it still looks like a nice model .
D) The plan

I have a XK A800 flight board and motor ..
Plan is to surgically alter the 450x and transplant the XK A800 internals
Well ? Thats the plan !

The weight of the foamy bits , less everything else is just about BANG on 25 grams ..
Is that good ?
Honestly the brushed motor weighs a lot = 16.9 grams
TH e flight board is a sprite 'ly = 9.5 grams

Will see what happens ..

Part 2 - Motor / control board