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Posted by aben71 | Jul 29, 2016 @ 05:51 AM | 3,228 Views
Hello All,

So I have been really fpv flying ,this is my first season doing so,I started with using the small 5.8ghz screens then bought some Eachine VR007 goggles to get more into the experience and they have been pretty good so far however I am looking into getting something better,not too high end though like Fatsharck Dominators,my budget isn't there yet.I considered stepping up to the Eachine EV 800 goggles,not much more money but I am curious if they are much better than the VR007 goggles.The next thing up would be the FatShark Teleporter V5 FPV Goggles ,or the Walkera Goggle 4,these two are twice the price but at my spending limit.I guess I just need to decide which of the three are the best deal for the price.
If anyone has any experience with any of these I appreciate your input.

Posted by aben71 | Jul 23, 2016 @ 12:10 PM | 3,588 Views
I have been checking out this new 1/16 scale buggy recently,this is the HT C604,this is a 4x4 brushed motor buggy powered by a 7.4v 1500 mah Lipo battery.I couple things that I like are its approximately 14 minute run times,it has decent shocks all around,it has good speed and plenty of torque to power through rough terrian.
Here is a video of my first test run on the HT C604

HT 1/16 2.4G 4WD Off Road R/C Buggy Model # C604 Test Run (6 min 33 sec)

I plan on doing a shootout comparison between this and a couple other similar 1/16 scale buggies that are similar to this and see what one comes out on top

You can find the HT Buggy Model C604 here :
Posted by aben71 | Jul 19, 2016 @ 12:09 PM | 4,063 Views
I got to test out the Eachine Pro DVR Mini with the RunCam Owl Plus for some fpv flying with my Syma X8HG I am pleased with the results,the Owl Plus preformed well,handled changes from flying in bright araeas to shaded areas nicely and it was really cool having the Eachine dvr to record my actual fpv footage

Syma X8HG With RunCam Owl Plus And Eachine Pro DVR Mini (8 min 13 sec)

Posted by aben71 | Jul 16, 2016 @ 06:09 PM | 4,277 Views
The new Hubsan 502E Desire,what a neat little quadcopter.This Quad is pretty cool.First off,it looks cool,I like the styling of it.Next up,it is small an a easily portable video and picture taking qaudcopter.Now its biggest feature ,this little guy has GPS : So far this is the smallest quadcopter that I have seen with GPS and it works well,I found it did take a minute to lock in on the necesary satelites it needs to use its gps features but once locked it held in and I could fly it out far enough that I was barely seeing it the hit the return to home function and it came back reliabaly every time
I will be posting more on this one soon

Hubsan H502E Desire Mini GPS Camera DErone First Flight (13 min 51 sec)

Check it out here : http://www.banggood.com/Hubsan-X4-H5...=bubsonx4h502e
Posted by aben71 | Jul 15, 2016 @ 08:30 PM | 3,965 Views
Checking out the new XK X252 Shuttle. This quadcopter features 5.8G FPV With 720P 140 Wide-Angle HD Camera Brushless Motors and 3D flight capability.Pretty awesome quadcopoter,it is a very stable flyer in 6G mode and you can get really wild with it when you put it into 3D mode,lots of fun,need more practice with 3d flying but once I get better at it I'll post some video of that wild flying

XK X252 Shuttle Unboxing and First Flight (12 min 14 sec)

You can check out the X252 here : http://www.banggood.com/XK-X252-5_8G...campaign=XK252
Posted by aben71 | Jul 12, 2016 @ 05:05 PM | 3,979 Views
I have been checking out the new XK X251 Whirlwind over the last few days,this is also the new version.I have never tried the previous version of this quadcopter but as far as I understand the previous version had a full acro mode and now this new version has only a "ratittude"mode which will perform a type of auto flip when put in 3G mode.I like the appeal of the previous version because from what I understand it was capable of "3D" type flying.All that aside I still think the "new version" of the Xk X251 is a really great quadcopter,this version may be a little more forgiving than the old one but don't be fooled it is a fast and powerful little brushless beast and yes I believe a JJRC X1 killer

XK X251 Whirlwind "New Version" First Look (7 min 56 sec)

You can find the XK X251 here

Posted by aben71 | Jul 12, 2016 @ 08:05 AM | 3,423 Views
This is a pretty slick looking machine,brushless motors and 5.8ghz fpv with a screen also looks like this one comes with goggles that plug into the screen as well Good stuff

Selling here:


And uses this promo code to save some $$ CX91B
Posted by aben71 | Jul 12, 2016 @ 05:14 AM | 3,682 Views
I have been hearing about this new quadcopter for a little while ,now it

is out and available at Gearbest.com


here is a coupon code that save some money also JRXMD
Posted by aben71 | Jul 07, 2016 @ 08:11 PM | 3,605 Views
So now that I have had the Walkera Rodeo for a couple weeks and had a bunch of great flights with ,now is the time to put out my review of the Rodeo 150.I really like this one a lot,the only complaint I have is I wish it had more flight time on a battery,fortunately that is a easy fix,I bought more batteries

Walkera Roseo 150 Review (9 min 33 sec)

You can buy the Walkera Rodeo 150 here http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopte...#lkid=10002063
Posted by aben71 | Jul 05, 2016 @ 07:48 PM | 13,025 Views
Here Is my test flight and review of the new Syma X8HG quadcopter which features altitude hold and a nice HD camera.This a nice reliable arial video quadcopter.
Compared to last years model there is not much change overall.I have a couple of Syma X8c models from last year and the Syma X8 continues to be a good reliable quadcopter .The X8Hg has a much better camera then the X8c.The altitude hold is also new and it works well overall,I tested it out on a really hot day so the built in barometer seems to need to adjust to the hot temperatures,I did find however I felt more comfortable flying higher and taking video with the X8HG than I do with a X8c.
This is a good buy for those looking for a budget aerial video quadcopter ,another good one from Syma

Syma X8HG Drone With Altitude Hold Review (14 min 34 sec)

You can get one here :http://www.banggood.com/Syma-X8HG-Wi...aign=syma-x8hg
Posted by aben71 | Jul 05, 2016 @ 01:22 PM | 9,915 Views
Took out my Walkera Rodeo 150 and Eachine Falcon 250 out for some flying and fpv comparison,I know not really similar machines for sure but they are currently my fpv favorites.The Rodeo can certainly holds it's own for it's size ,also I like the camera better on the Rodeo 150 .The Falcon 250 clearly has more speed and would most likely smoke the Rodeo in a all out race..unless it was a tight small area,that's what I also like about the Rodeo,it's great in the small park that I flying in out back of my house.Don't get me wrong,I fly my Falcon here as well but truly is best taking it a larger field to open it up
Hot days,cool quadcopters,happy flying all
Posted by aben71 | Jul 02, 2016 @ 09:36 AM | 3,696 Views
I have been having a blast flying fpv with the Rodeo 150.I have a couple other quad racers which are great but really too big to really enjoy in the backyard space I fly in often,they need a good deal of space to really open up.The Walkera Rodeo 150 is perfect for a park ,it's size is just right for a park flyer and still has plenty of speed to be exciting.I highly recommend this one to anyone who want a great performing fpv quadcopter but not a lot of space to fly a larger size racer easily

Rodeo 150 is selling here :