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Posted by Stuart Warne | Jan 20, 2008 @ 08:00 AM | 72,760 Views
Hello all. Well I intend this blog entry to be just a quick one but my fingers may run away with me

Ok some over Christmas I managed a few purchases and got a few new models up or close to up. As follows:

Thunder Tiger E-Hawk 1400 powered glider:

I first had an e-hawk about 5 years ago, stock and running off brushed and nicads. Even then it went exceptionally well. Well that one was sold to fund new ventures, but this winter I found one going cheap BNIB so why not I thought. Also I'd been looking at the new Flycamone-2's that had just come out, up to 20 mins video recording and OK quality stills when used on a bright day and with a fast flash card. This time round I fitted an Axi 22/12/20, a TB 18 esc and replaced the stock folding prop for a Graupner 9X6 cam folding prop with spinner, all this running off a 3 cell 1200 lipo.

With this new 21st century set-up performance was not spectacular, but certainly was a marked improvement, and with the weight I saved with the news electronics, the AUW with the flycamone attached was under Thunder Tiger recommended flying weight, so I was happy with that.

The Camera I held in place with Velcro and two small rubber bands. It holds firm and is basically spot on the CG so there is no detrimental effort on the model when flying. I'll start by switching the camera on then a quick gentle launch gets her climbing straight and true. After 2 mins of climbing circuits I cut power and glide. The camera has many modes but I use just a few....Continue Reading