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Posted by Stuart Warne | Sep 10, 2007 @ 10:01 AM | 73,672 Views
Well what a fantastic day. Light winds, sunny with a little cloud and warm too. The site was great, set in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. The flight line was well thought out and the grass nice and short. One quirk about the field (for me anyway) was the fact that it was on a hill, so one end of the landing ground was 10ft or so higher than the other! Certainly make it interesting. I even managed to ROG my Mig 15 on its belly when taking off down hill thanks to the extra momentum, and as the winds were very light, I could land in the opposite direction and have it slowed down quicker too.

Also at the high end of the LZ there was a natural sudden bump that ran the width of the field. It was great fun watching models getting bumped up into the air when they hit it, like a ramp on Royal Navy carriers Flying started at 10am and I personally had my last at 18:30, but I don't think there was a minute passed without at least 4 models in the air. A nice selection too, but I'll let the photo's do the talking, (oh yes please note that I took the wrong lens for a camera that I borrowed, so the model are not as big and as clear as I'd normally post and because of that most show the models on the ground apart from the bigger ones that flew and I could capture better).

I could only take my Mig 15 and Blue arrow Acrojet to this show unfortunately. The Mig got up about 5 or 6 time and was flying well by the end of the day (once my nerves had settled ) and apparently (...Continue Reading