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Posted by Stuart Warne | Jun 12, 2007 @ 05:55 PM | 74,008 Views
Ok so for the last day of holidaying/visiting relatives in Athens I managed to go up in a Cessna 150. My brother in laws brother owns it and so we went flying out of a North Athens airfield from were he store's it. Well it was a fantastic evenings flying got about 40 mins at the controls to add to my previous time (including 40 min in a AT6 Texen whilst in Florida a few years ago) so I have about two and a half hours fixed wing now! Great stuff. The city of Athens is really great from the air but also the airfield had a large collection of ex military types. Best of all were the 4 F86 Sabre's and the Mig 15 parks on the ramp, especially as I just brought an Alfa Mig They also had a T33, Yak 18, Grumman Albatross, DC3 and many more. Also flying back to the airfield we had two Hellenic A/F fire bombers pass just 200ft to our left at 3000ft. Very exciting to see these two coming towards you out of the haze. They funniest part though was the wasp we discovered we had flying in the cockpit with us as we come off of the circuit at 2500ft, quite a drama trying to get that thing out of the plane

Anyway here are some pictures of the evening flying; I'll be doing the same again in September. As for my model, well I've got the Mig to start and finish when I get back home this week ready for my next fly-in at Old Warden at the end of July.

Until then.....
Posted by Stuart Warne | Jun 04, 2007 @ 01:30 AM | 74,099 Views
So after ten years of flying I finally took my BMFA 'A' Certificate last weekend and passed (this is an award to show that I can competently fly a model on my own and safely, which I have been doing for 10 years now , but what with collage, University and then moving down to London and getting a job, it took a little longer than I had hoped ). Anyway with this pass I am now able to fly at most electric fly-in's, and my first one was this weekend at Hayes District Model Flying Club.

Not as many people turned up as hoped, but it was a fantastic day none the less, they even had a scale competition, which I came second in with my Alfa P47 'Henna's Revenge'! (on both flying and static though was it judged). That was a nice surprise and really capped off my first ever public fly-in. Thus so far my tenth anniversary year of flying is going well (just need to get the Alfa Mig 15, Wildcat and HVP Catalina flying now )

Here's a few snap's.

Lastly just to say thanks to the members and organizers at the Hayes club, letís just hope for more people and shorter grass next time

Stuart (Off to Greece now for two weeks )