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Posted by UpNup | Dec 05, 2018 @ 02:31 PM | 3,031 Views
When researching to build an RC scale balsa plane from plans, I have found that it was helpful to build a plastic model of it first. I found just what I was looking for on eBay for $14.

This week, I finished the 1967 Monogram 1/48 scale Ding Hao! P-51B. This was my first warbird and a real joy to research and build. The cockpit and wings had good detail. I can live with the final result.

However, 52 year-old decals do not go down easy. Micro-sol, Pledge floor wax, and finally CA at least got everything to eventually stick. And I mean everything peeled up from the “no step” to the “Stars and Stripes.” And this model certainly came with a generous collection of decals.

The P-51B base green plastic was rattle can sprayed with Testors paints (olive drab and gray) and a final coat of their dulling spray. I went with zinc chromate brushed on interior surfaces. And the coup de grace? My wife contributed a blond hair for the radio wire.

It will be great to see how this will be a reference for the RC version with 60” wingspan.