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Posted by UpNup | Jul 28, 2017 @ 02:12 PM | 3,509 Views
My plans called for 1/8" music wire or piano wire. This is extremely rigid wire that's perfect for rc plane landing gear.

My trusty linesmans pliers came out and it took all I had to bend the wire. And I had a hard time making crisp corners that were in line.

After reviewing videos and blogs about vises, clamps, steel jigs, and really great tools, a thought hit me. What if I just drilled two screws about 1" apart into a two by four?

My homemade jig for $0 worked really well. I even got the 2x4 free from a dumpster on a construction site.

The only technique to recommend is to make the bend in one smooth motion. No jerking. Pull it past the stopping point and adjust it using the jig or pliers.

On the Ford Flivver 1/5 scale plane I'm building, the landing gear had rubber doughnuts in a stack. That meant I had to make my stack ahead of time and insert them during the bending process. It took a bit of advanced planning.

Hope this helps someone else save some time and money.
Posted by UpNup | Jul 24, 2017 @ 06:37 PM | 3,954 Views
My reliable foamie with 60+ flights in her was stored in a hot garage before flying in 90 degree temps. Didn't dream that the heat and choppy winds would loosen the cellophane tape. After flying loops and rolls for 7 mins., I'm lining the Champ S+ for landing into the wind when the tape lets go.

It was spectacular.

Somehow the bottom half of the nose sheared off and the prop cut thru the right fuse side before I could cut the throttle. Wires held it together in a slowish death spiral. Landed in grass.

But hey, a bit of Gorilla glue and it's ready to go with some new character lines and a wiser pilot.
Posted by UpNup | Jul 13, 2017 @ 04:57 PM | 4,440 Views
Looks like someone figured out how to make money with this hobby!
Have a smile on me.
Posted by UpNup | Jul 04, 2017 @ 08:49 PM | 4,822 Views
Had fun on my day off with a Williams Brothers 1/5 scale pilot figure applying painting tips from Aces of Iron. My role model for the bust wore a tie and not an ascot, so I added a collar and just painted a tie on him. Probably need to add a Clark Gable mustache when the Dullcote dries.

Williams Bros. has been around a long time and some dismiss their pilots, but for $4.66 plus a few Testors paint bottles, it was a first for me.

Update: With winter coming on I added lamb fleece and Brooksie grew a mustache. To help hold on his goggles, he needed some help in the back.

The fleece is an ancient athletic sock turned inside out, cut to fit, and died with coffee. The mustache is my wife's (discarded) false eyelashes, and the buckle on the back is a paper clip....Continue Reading