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Posted by grmis | Nov 24, 2013 @ 12:55 PM | 14,790 Views
Here is my new bird. The frame is a Flybarless HK450 pro TT v2 (Hobbyking) with a few upgrades from Tarot or Align.
Detailed setup:
- Cyclic servos: 3dPro DS415MG (from rc711)
- Tail servo: TGY 316MG (Hobbyking)
- Gyro: TGZ 380. I bought it on eBay for 60$ shipped (August 2013), but it seems that it can now be found for less than 40$ . So far, in the setup/menus, I could not see any difference with the beastX v3.
Here is the thread dedicated to this gyro.
- ESC: YEP 45A (Hobbyking).
- Receiver: FrSky D4R-II in PPM mode (with telemetry monitoring the BEC voltage, the 3S Lipo voltage, and RSSI)
- Motor: 3400kv, unknown model (I bought it second hand). I would be interested to know the model or brand of this motor, so if someone recognizes it, please tell me ! EDIT: it is an NTM 3400KV 3s heli motor sold by Hobbyking (thanks ridge_racer).

I did only one short flight so far, just hovering, but everything looks ok ;-)