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Posted by jarel design | May 14, 2008 @ 02:06 PM | 19,611 Views
One of my earliest... (Back when I didn't really understand that if this thing didn't work, dead, meant permanent! lol! (I can laugh now, but at one point I was pretty broken up with pieces of metal stuck in my body! (Don't try this at home kids, I am a professional! (Ha! Ha! Ha! ... You should see my scars!)

Glad I did it... grateful I'm still alive...

First design experienced a catastrophic wing spar failure being towed behind a truck! (I was 18... I was NOT wearing a helmet... I didn't know any better!)

Second design actually flew... This time I wore a helmet and launched atop a large sand dune (same place these photos were taken!) The contraption glided, but I wanted to soar back and forth along this hill the way the seagulls were flying!

This contraption actually soared! rudder elevator (later converted to two stick/aileron, elevator and rudder) I flew it for a while but ultimately crashed (Badly) competing in a spot landing competition... Classic, overshoot, hard banking turn, stall, fall down and scream in pain! *smile* Ok... got that out of my system! (I still have a set of plans for a full size B-2 Mitchell wing! 16:1 glide ratio!
Posted by jarel design | May 14, 2008 @ 01:52 PM | 18,159 Views
here are a couple of photos of my first Foamie scratch built:

Shaped pink foam fuselage with hotwire cut wings. The canopy, header exhausts and wingtips were vacuum formed. This plane originally was powered by a geared Astroflight 05 on ten large NiCads! Pulling her out of the hangar to install a brushless/lipo system.

This plane has mechanical retracts. It was covered quickly (not the neatest)using packaging tape, scotchbrite pads to scuff it up and rattle can (Krylon) camo with decals printed on sticky-back label paper through my ink jet printer. The "guns" are just pieces of rubber hose glued onto the leading edge.
Posted by jarel design | May 14, 2008 @ 01:34 PM | 18,230 Views
First off, please let me share that at this time, none of these kits or parts are available... Long story including my work in motion picture special effects, toy design and prototyping and a move from Los Angeles to Southern Oregon.

Here are a few info sheets on three of my kits and a couple of copies of magazine articles (If you know my work, there were tons of them.

I'll let the info sheet speak for themselves.
Posted by jarel design | May 14, 2008 @ 01:30 PM | 21,932 Views
Receiving questions about what I do when I'm not flying...

Building models and more!

Here's a few photos from a couple of films I worked on:

The 5th Element:
Fabricated fiberglass flying police car... fiberglass and Carbon Fiber along with assorted other parts... Model is about 38" long

Star Trek IX, Insurrection:
Designed and built Data's cloaking helmet

More info coming up as I upload more blog info... Mostly my history in flying and creating and producing RC kits... If you've been around long enough, You've probably heard of or flown my work.
Posted by jarel design | May 14, 2008 @ 10:27 AM | 22,006 Views
Shortly after getting into special effects film work, I began building toy prototypes for several major toy companies. This one was just too cool to not share.

Never designed to fly (other than in our imagination), this plane features an undercarriage that can be jettisoned to reveal a rocket powered "Battle Luge". Like all prototypes I build, everything you see is hand made. A project like this can take 4 weeks and I'm rarely allowed more than 6 to complete.