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Posted by CoolerByTheLake | Sep 25, 2011 @ 09:24 AM | 19,001 Views
Started this a little while back. Have been doing research for well over a year. I have read just about every thread about the Starfire, here and at RCU. I do have just about every photo posted that will help in the building process. My big brake came 2 months ago, when, I PM'd a guy that was doing a build, and was going with a turbine install. I asked if it was possible go get a copy of plans, and ended up with the plans, full manual, and all ducting, for the price of shipping. You can't beat that. Two years ago, I bought a OS91VRDF/Dynamax & pipe, thinking one day will have to do something with it. I know its old school, but it's a start, and by the time I get this done, will more than likely have converted it over to EDF. Lots of good options coming soon. Even heard Tom Cook is working on V.2 of the Dynamax.

Just recently have started on plug. First thought was to do lost foam method, but in PMing a few helpful guys, it looks like it's possible, when plug is done, to use packing tape over plug, wax, PVA it, then glass it.Should be able to salvage plug for one or two more pulls. Will see. Progress is and will be slow---we all know extra cash for most of us is a little hard to come by. Here's a couple of pic's. Needed a PS for foam cutting--so I built one. That's the transformer under the grill. Weighs about 4LB's. Works great, 24V,4A almost too much power. And a couple of plug. Still in the shaping stage.