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Sent for testing / review by Fasttech.com

I have wanted to put the Redcon CM261 6ch DSM2 Rx through some tests for some time now and thanks to Fasttech.com I have one to play with . First I will be using my variable voltage / current power supply to see how the CM261 handles lower voltages ( suitability for 1s use ) . I started at 4 volts and 0.5A as the current limit . With a single 6g servo there were no issues , but as soon as I added a 9g servo the Rx began to brown out . I increased current capability to 1A and dropped the voltage to 3.5v and the Rx once again began to brown out . Increasing current capability ( max current ) to 1.5 amp the Rx held steady . Dropping the voltage to 3.3v the Rx once again browned out .

Starting again from 3.5v I was far more vigorous with the servos trying to get the current draw as high as possible and I was able to get the Rx to brown out . Increasing the voltage to 3.6v saw an improvement and I was not able to brown out the Rx . These tests were conducted with a single 6g and a single 9g servo connected to the Rx . The 6g servos look to draw about half the current of the 9g servo in the test .

1x6g servo - 0.029A @ 3.6v static current draw

2x6g servo - 0.034A @ 3.6v static current draw

2x6g servo - 180mAh current draw utilizing both servos continuously . ( This is about equal to one 9g servo )

So the variables are - current draw and the number of servos as well load .

Range testing with a...Continue Reading
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EF D2 sent for review by Fasttech.com

A quick note about fasttech.com .. To get the latest greatest price ( if there is a better price than quoted )
1. Add the product to the cart
2. Point the mouse to the trolley at the top bar and click view cart
3. Click have a coupon code and type map

Blade Hardness 58-59 HRC
Blade Material D2 Steel
Blade Type Drop Point
Handle Material G10
Blade Length 83 mm
Blade Width 3.3 cm
Open Length 200 mm
Product Weight 180 g
Blade Thickness 4mm

Lets get right to it shall we . The blade is bank vault tight all the way , there is literally no slop to speak off at all . The blade opens smoothly and locks tight . The edge on the blade was razor sharp as supplied , it literally shaved the hair on my arm . I ran the blade across my arm and when I looked there was a nice bundle of shaved hair sitting neatly on the blade . ( It is sharp )

I always like to do some cutting to see if the blade will hold it's edge , it's nice that a blade will take an edge . But even nicer is when the blade holds the edge . A box of stuff came this morning so I took the EF and cut the box up into lots and lots of little strips . I did as much cutting on that box as I could without cutting off one of my fingers . When I was done the blade had lost some of it's sharpness , but it still took hair off my arm .

At this point I am very impressed by the blade . At some 4mm thick , the blade does have some mass and you can feel it in...Continue Reading
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Came in the mail a few days ago , some 2mm Bullet prop adaptors ..
So I put one on the GB mystery motor ..

3s Battery
7x3.5 Propeller

11.940 RPM - 4.9Amp - 3s battery just over 11v under load

Motor ran cool .
So the 7x3.5 is ok and the 7x4.5 is too much on 3s ..

2mm prop adaptor .
Was a 4 pack and 3 out of 4 were ever so slightly to small to fit comfortably .
Lucky for me one was just right and fit shaft perfectly .
Prop adaptor runs Purrrrrrfect .
So I would suggest if some one is interested in the mystery motor , a 2mm Bullet prop adaptor might be the way to go .
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Came in the Mail this morning ...
One FX706 FF EPP Glider from FeeBay

Box looked like it had been sat on by everyone between here and China ( Hmmm- sounds familiar )
Ever since Chucking the FX707 and having it roll out of my hands like a train on tracks I thought - I should have another !
But not another 707 , nope . It had to be the 706 .
I did chuck it very gently in the limited space of the back yard and it was stable and smooth and it did glide .
So looks like another future RC project .

Posted some pictures of the 706 with the 707 .

The FX706 is priced on Ebay over a very broad range , so if you want one shop carefully .
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Still waiting on stuff ..

Fasttech.com has sent a Jumper T12 for me to play with .
Really looking forward to that , especially as the module itself should be capable of being used in other transmitters .

All this waiting is getting hard !
So I started a DIY Micro DLG (?) or HLG build .
Looks like I need to order more parts , just dont have the right DIA control rod .
Rudder is glued in , just need to do a post for the elevator , as well a foam pod to cover the Rx / battery / servos
And lets not forget the wing .
This practice DLG is being made from the packing material that my 1.5meter DLG was wrapped in .

Practice ! - I have not scratch built anything in maybe 25 years , so I need to practice .
So this is a rough build , just to get an idea of how to do things .
I call this the " Ripit " , as it is dimensionally very close to the Whipit . ( Why re-invent the wheel )
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Last year I picked up some decent deals from this sales period and to be honest I have kind of been hanging out for it again .
So I am looking forward to seeing how well GB and BG can do when it comes to discounts .
I have saved some $$ , so look forward to some window shopping and maybe even cracking open the wallet .

Banggood 11.11 Sale

Gearbest 11.11 Sale

DJI MAVIC 2 Zoom RC Drone - coupon:GB-THZOOM2 / price:$999 USD

JJRC H68 720P WiFi FPV RC Drone 20mins Flight / Headless Mode - Double 11 price: $42.99 USD

MJX Bugs 3 ( B3 ) 175mm Mini Brushless RC Drone RTF - MJX B3mini price:$50.99 USD
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Well , been ho humming about the HOW for a while now ( How to RC a 35cm EPP FF glider )
I thought about a few ways , but it all came down to simplicity and the need for being apply-able .

I am using 3mm carbon tube as the axle .
4mm carbon tube as the wheel so to speak .

First you need to cut your wing into 3 sections , the winglets and the central core that will be glued to the fuse .
The first thing I did was cut the 3mm tube to 10cm length
Then make a very well aligned hole in the central core where I wanted my CG . ( About 50% )
Then push the tube in , make sure it aligns and foam safe cyno it in .
This is the same time I installed the nylon washers ( 3m)
Now cut and trim your 4mm tube so it fits perfectly or slightly longer ..
I then used nylond screws to hold the 4mm tube in place , make sure you dont use to much tension . ( cynoed in place )

With the centre section ready for wings :
Make some very straight holes in your wings about the same depth as the tubes
I made my holes a little undersized as the wings are held in place by tension ( No glue )

So far looks very good ..

For control I am using a WL toys V911 heli flight control board ..
It is going in inverted .
The battery is going into the back of the fuse from the control board as I dont need or want more weight forward of CG ..
I did a very short post on the flight board several posts ago .
It is coming together , and hopefully by the next post it will be...Continue Reading
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It was a little breezy , more so than the Whip would have liked in the past , but this is now .

Wing has been Fibreglass'ed @ the centre , launch peg added and been covered with laminating film ( 10thou ) .
As a result the wing is stronger / stiffer .

Launch peg:
Seriously = Fantastic .

I have a bad back , and after about 30 minutes at the park with the whip previously doing Frisbee launches my back was screaming for mercy .
Today with the launch peg , where was the strain on my back ? , nope . Cant say there was no strain , as any physical activity puts stress on it . But there was no additional strain . Launching with the peg was just so easy , I did not try for any gorilla launches and just stuck to relatively low energy launches that still gave me more height than my best Frisbee launch .

My launch settings needed to be a little more aggressive , but that was just a matter of trial and error .

Where the whip is at :
Handles the wind better , penetrates a relatively strong breeze .
Launch peg is a must have .

At the park :
I got this one amazing launch ..
The transition was brilliant / launch to cruise .
I actually caught a small thermal . There I was watching the Whip penetrating the breeze when I realised I was gaining altitude and not loosing it
I tried to stick with the thermal but lost it after a one too many turns .
Thanks to the peg , I would have put in twice as much time at the park .
So if anyone is wondering...Continue Reading
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It came a few days ago and I thought it best to just test it ASAP .
To start with I went to the 2s Battery ...

5x4 = 2A
6x4 = 3.2A
7x4.5 = 5.5A
And from here we jump to :
9x4.5 = 7.5A and the motor is cooking . ( over propped )

I dont have any other props , maybe I should get me a few 8x3 or something (?)

And now we move to some 3s tests .

6x4 = 5.6A / 12000+ RPM
7x4.5 = ? Sorry , the prop mounting method does not allow for full power pulls with this prop / battery combo ( prop was pulling off the hub ) , but let me say the thrust was impressive . Unfortunately the motor was once again cooking ( Too much prop @ 3s )

The motor + prop hub weigh some 29.83g
Comes with 2mm bullet connectors soldered to motor leads .
12000RPM @ 11v with a 6x4 prop (3s) and ran cool .
I would maybe suggest a 7x3 on a 3s as a possible Max prop
On a 2s the motor would be happy on a 7x4 or maybe a 8x3 maximum . (?) 7x4 definitely .

What do you want for $5.23 ozzi bananas (?)
Shaft is 2.4mm threaded ( ???? )
I was able to get one of those prop hubs ( prop saver ) on that use an O ring to hold the prop . ( not really for High RPM or high performance )
But then who the heck has a 2.4mm prop nut ?
Anyhow , for low speed , low RPM , Low Performance applications , this motor will do .
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Some times you just got to laugh about it ...
Came today - an even more BENT blue bird !
Me thinks the universe is challenging my fixing skills !

Remember how I told the universe it owed me a lottery win ?
Yeah , I won ! $11.45 .. Next time I will have to be more specific ! ( The top prize - First division )

It be a howling windy day today ... So no going to the park .
Still waiting for stuff ...
More stuff needed to start playing with Micro DLG's , hmmmmm .
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Got OOO' ogled something bad this morning .
I think people were perving at my goodies ..

Goodies being the FX707 and the UMX Whipit .

These people should keep their eyes on the road , not the goodies on the sidewalk !

Anyhow ! FX707 Chuck test ..

I put the FX707 and it's wings in a bag as I was walking to my Chuck test range
Seriously , it flew off the building board ..
@ 222grams it was almost flying in slow motion .
My first chuck and I did not touch the Tx until it just about landed .
The glide , I just don't know how I could make it better ?
I am absolutely amazed and genuinely pleased .
Never imagined it would turn out this well ! Not off the board so to speak .
I may need to replace the servo control arms , just to give the rudder and elevator more throw .
The FX707 is so slow that the rudder and elevator are a little soft , might wait till it has been on a slope . (?)

UMX Whipit Chuck test

Almost flew exactly as expected ..
Pushed thru the breeze so easily ..
BUTT ! -- The fibreglass and peg on one tip did pull the Whip in that direction time and time again ( Left tip ) .
Otherwise the whip behaved very well ..

There will be some minor trimming needed ..
But the big thing I think is to balance the wing .. Just got to do something about the Whip going left all the time .

FX707 = Fantastic
Whip = A little more work

Whip Update :

Did some tweaks , and went back out in the afternoon .
The breeze is up .
But I was able to get the whip to glide straight ..
Next outing to the park I set up / re-tune my launch settings ..
And hopefully the whip cruises
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I was on youtube and saw a very interesting video on Laminating Film ..
A gentleman was showing some one how to repair a damaged EPP Foam plane ..
And I thought , wow .

What I found local ( Australia ) was some 0.04mm laminating film . ( Sold by Renz - Australia ) For all you Ozzies ..
Now I have only done a little research and a little testing with this stuff , so maybe get on youtube and search Laminating Film .
It will apparently do open structures .
And it will bond to Foam at reasonable temperatures .
I was using just a ordinary clothing Iron at around 50% temp range .

The stuff I got is 440mm wide and some 200 meters in length ( 600 feet ) and as mentioned 0.04mm thick . ( 10 thou )
There is a bright shinny side and a dull side , the dull side has the glue .
The first thing I did when the roll arrived was to take a soft pliable piece of foam and laminate it on all sides . ( Just a 5mm or so thick bit of foam sheet )
After laminating it it was much stiffer and felt a lot stronger ( as it should )

Using the laminating film for repairs ....
This is where it gets interesting , when you damage foam it can lose its integral strength / stiffness and become very soft and pliable .
This happened to a little chucky I got , the elevators had lost all their strength and stiffness .
Using the laminating film to cover both sides , the elevators are nice and stiff , holding their shape really well .

With things like foam safe glue , we can now glue a smashed...Continue Reading
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Still windy ( Gale force ) = Oh dear !

The blue bomb ( hand throw plane ) = Bent bird .

So been trying to find the CG ...

To this effect I used a fair amount of Hot glue and the plane still flew like a spear !
Though ! .. The more weight added to the back , the further it went .

So I gave up on the hot glue and moved to LEAD .. ( Lead shot to be precise - No4 shot ? I don't know )
If you look at the pictures , I made two holes as far back as possible and then pushed lead shot into the holes ..
First two then four , and each time the plane glided better ...
Bottom line , it took 14 pieces of shot + a bit of foam safe cyno .. ( Glue the shot )
So in one of the pictures you will see the mould line where my CG currently sits just a little behind ..
I would suggest @ the mould line or just ahead if you plan to RC ( As a starting point )

Thats it for this one , I might Chuck it some , but I will not RC it , just too many funky bends ...

I did mention in the previous thread that I fixed the elevators with some laminating film ..
Me thinks olds likes the laminating film ...
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I had a dream !

I saw this jet looking hand throw air-plane and thought !
Hmmm , dont they have these small EDF units ..
That foam job looks like it would take a 30mm EDF , a 4ch Rx and some small servos with little trouble .

Well the other day my hopes and dreams were shattered when the foam job arrived .
It was seriously twisted out of shape . I don't know .
Looked like every toady between my home and China sat on it ..

Pictured is about as straight as I can get it .. Not going to try and RC this one ..
Do I try again ? Dont want to buy another bent bird ....

Anyhow , 2 more 35cm gliders arrived ..
These two glide sweet , sweet enough that I may give it a go ( RC them ) ..
Hmmm , elevator / rudder or pitcheron ... Or , one of each !

FX 707 Update :
I did mention that the sleeved control rods bit the big one ..
Ordered some 0.8mm music wire from HK ............ and it was binding as well .
Thankfully I had some 0.6mm from a previous order and when tried was as smooth as silk ..
So swapped out the control rods from 1mm to 0.6mm .. ( no choice really )
The FX 707 is fully ready for testing now ..
And it be the 3rd day of rain today .. It has hardly rained this year , and when I have two gliders ready for chuck testing - it rains .

( Just let me win the lottery and we will call it even )
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FX707 is ready !

Yes I had a busy Saturday ..

9g servos are glued in , control surfaces working .
Orange Rx is giving issue ( might be the short antenna )
Battery used to get CG close is a 700mAh
Pictures included ..

Windy as all outdoors today ( howling wind )
But ready for chuck testing .

What would I do different ..
The control rods - I used some sleeved rods and they blow chunks ..
And you find these things out after they are glued in .. So yeah , I would definitely do the control rods differently .
Other than that , the build was surprisingly easy ..
Orange Rx , going to solder a extension to it . Taranis is throwing up low signal warnings about 1 meter from the FX707 ..
So pretty much ready for some Chuck Tests .
Weight = 222 grams as is ready for chuck testing ( with battery ) .
Oh that short nose ...

UMX Whipit

Also done .. Peg is glued in .
I have done some pull testing on the peg and looks to be good .
Also got low to the ground and did a very short glide test and looks promising .

Today is too windy , but both gliders are ready for some glide tests .
Posted by old4570 | Oct 13, 2018 @ 12:49 AM | 1,879 Views

I butchered the whip wing

Yes , it be true !
A) I removed the plastic hardware from the wing .
B) I fiber-glassed the top and bottom of the center of the wing
C) Recall that laminating film - I covered the wing .

Wing factory stock = 15.6 grams (?) I had glassed the tip already , so ? on exact grams
Wing without plastic hardware = 12.1 grams
Finished wing / Glassed center - covered with 0.04mm laminating film = 17.7 grams

Why ?
Wing did not feel that strong in the middle ...
When I removed the plastic cover , the carbon rods were lose under the cover ( hence the soft feeling around the middle of the wing )
The wing feels super tight around the middle now . ( Little flex )
The covering has stiffened up the wing , feels much tighter now .

Few things left to do ,
A) launch peg
B) mounting the wing


Wing is mounted and picture shared ..
Posted by old4570 | Oct 11, 2018 @ 06:07 PM | 1,302 Views

UMX Whipit update : 9.12pm

Wing tip has been glassed , should be well and truly cured / dry by now ..
Might be time to peg it .
Hopefully wont have to Frisbee it any more in the future .. Not planning to launch it hard enough to rip the wings apart ..

Hmmmmm !!!!
Saw a video on youtube , laminating film !
Got my self a roll ( came today ) , ordered the thinnest film I could find ( 0.04mm )
Did a test on some really soft flexi foam I have ( same foam I tested the fiberglass on ) ...
Impressive stuff .. Wonder if I should cover the Whipit's wings ? ( Looks like the top of the wing is getting surface stress fractures )

Free Flight Report

...Continue Reading
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For review :

The cheapest dial calipers on Fasttech.com

And the cheapest dial calipers from Ebay

Fasttech.com sent me some Fujisan Dial Calipers for test/review and I only thought it fair that I should perhaps compare them to another dial caliper that was also along the lines of budget . So what we have is the cheapest steel dial calipers off Ebay VS the cheapest steel dial calipers off Fasttech.com . In this case we are talking $22 ozzi bananas (Ebay ) VS $21 greenbacks ( Fasttech ) .

I don't know about other people , but I really dislike reaching for digital calipers and finding they don't work because the battery is flat ! Yes analog calipers are a little slower to read and a little more difficult , but the batteries don't go flat ( There are no batteries ) . So if you reach for precision measuring instruments a few times a year , analog calipers just might be the way to go . ( Unless you have other issues like maybe eyesight - in which case those digital calipers might be a God send and just be sure to have a bag full of spare batteries )

Ok , I did a whole bunch of random measurements N stuff and there really was nothing to separate them . So I pulled out a 25mm gauge from my 50mm micrometer ( its pretty much spot on for 25mm ) and used it for some more precise measurements to see if I could separate the two calipers I had . Sorry no is the sort answer . Both calipers were spot on ( don't worry about the picture , that was on me ) . Both calipers were...Continue Reading
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FB2204 1430KV Brushless Motor $5.14 Oz Banana

Don't you just love a mystery ?

2s / 3s ? ( my guess is it's 2s only - guessing )
They do say 10A , so I have ordered a 12A esc .. ( 2s / 3s )
Hmmmm , interesting enough to by at the price .
Be a pretty small motor me thinks , 1430kv .. 2s , RPM around 8000 to 10,000 depending on the prop .
Hmmmmm , wonder if it would pull a 1.2 meter foam job ?

They dont even give the shaft size , so a bit of a lottery on what I get .
Still waiting for stuff ,
I should turn on the TV for some Bathurst ...
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I got one of the capacitor gliders I ordered and thought it time to post something .
Have not launched it in anger as yet as it has been windy and these are small enough to not like a strong breeze .

Assembly .
Simple as just put the elevator and wing in the correct slot in the fuse , or so you would think !
Elevator went on ok , but the wing .
The wing was a real tight fit and in the end I gave up as the force needed to locate it was approaching the point I thought I may rip the wing in half ..
So the back of the slot ( TE ) , I used a knife to cut it a little ( 1 or 2 mm ) and then used the flat of the blade to crush the foam to increase the size of the wing slot ..
Now the wing went in with a lot less than wing tearing effort ..

So in theory its as simple to assemble as slotting in the elevator and wing , but I would suggest caution and possibly adult supervision if the glider is purchased for a younger person .

Trim ..
I would strongly suggest trim flights before power is applied ..
Nice calm conditions , and you trim to your satisfaction ..
Once you are happy with your FF glide , then you can apply power ..

Power ...
This is where things get very interesting ...
1 second of applied power ---
This gives about 10 to 15 seconds of decent power , after this initial power the motor continues to run ( diminishing power ) for over a minute ..
2 seconds applied power ---
This gives up to 20 seconds of decent power , and after this the motor continues to...Continue Reading