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One of my favourite RC tug boat it's huge!!!!!
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...and revisit a damaged model at a later date. Works every time.

After doing precisely that regarding the damaged little Harbor Freight P-51, the damage isn't all that bad. The canopy suffered a couple of wrinkles and the underside of the cowl area is little more than a "scraped chin," easily repaired. I thought for sure that I had destroyed the model. It hit asphalt, but I might have been able to pull back the elevator far enough to avoid little bits of EPO scattered all over.

Instead, I do believe I can fix it.

First things first and that will be the removal of the wing spar and restoring the dihedral. Once I attach a new prop and collet, I'll try again.

I was going to take it apart last night and now I'm glad I didn't.

As for the crash damaged homebuilt "Sparrow," I'm told that I should have it back by Saturday, repaired and with additional rudder area. I also have a bit more info on the glider in the photo below.

It was built by a gentleman named Arlo Larson, an engineer whose most recent work includes the development of both fiberglass and carbon fiber blades for wind turbines. My friend Buzz who gave it to me never flew it; he saw it cleaned up and flown for the first time this past Saturday. I solved the sticky folding prop blade problem easily enough by hogging out the mounting holes with a hobby knife.

I also have two gliders by Mr. Larson, one of which is an incomplete "Bird of Time." I can say with confidence that Mr. Larson is a top notch builder! A canopy for that multicolored model is being whittled out by Buzz.
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I am currently assembling a Reichard kakadu, that I have had for a while. I am not an experienced builder , I have built a couple of planes from plans, and a number of RTFs . I am however struggling a bit with the elevator assembly on my kakadu.

I cannot seem to get the elevator bowden cable to align well enough with the control horn I want to put on the elevator. The angle seems all wrong. I have put the cable inside a sleeve to reduce latency, and I wonder if this may be the problem.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Halloa guys & girls

in case you follow my YT channel, you probably know I like the GepRC brand.. I've had quite a nr. of quads / frames from that company.. So far they have all had a smart design and the materials used were of good quality (probably an understatement)..
And today.. I came across a new 3 inch quad that comes with a Runcam Split 1080P recorder Stock :|
Not only that.. the frame has a really smart design IMHO.. It has more room-to-spare in it then most 5 inch quads have

Link to this new quad: GepRC CX Cygnet 145 BNF or PNF

Some pictures then...

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My Custom SR48 so far
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here is 2 videos shows how my skills developed since i start to fly RC Airplane
now it's one Year

First build in Novamber 2017 ( The crash of Zebra airline )

The crash of Zebra airline :D (13 min 32 sec)

this is my last build was September 2018 and i made my accident . hopefully i can back to fly again 2019

Wombat XL Madien flight & My accident (11 min 45 sec)
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My XL Wombat . when a Madien Flight goes wrong
Wombat XL Madien flight & My accident (11 min 45 sec)

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My XL Wombat
Wombat XL scratch building ( Part 2 ) (7 min 27 sec)

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My Wombat XL

Wombat XL scratch building ( Part 1 ) (7 min 33 sec)

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Repairing lipo battery 4S and modified 4S to 3S Tattu

Repairing lipo battery 4S and 4S to 3S Tattu (5 min 18 sec)

Posted by marwan.irman | Yesterday @ 06:09 AM | 471 Views
How i reused old labtops battery in my Airplanes

lithium 18650 _ 3S & 4s battery (3 min 27 sec)

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Sent for testing / review by

I have wanted to put the Redcon CM261 6ch DSM2 Rx through some tests for some time now and thanks to I have one to play with . First I will be using my variable voltage / current power supply to see how the CM261 handles lower voltages ( suitability for 1s use ) . I started at 4 volts and 0.5A as the current limit . With a single 6g servo there were no issues , but as soon as I added a 9g servo the Rx began to brown out . I increased current capability to 1A and dropped the voltage to 3.5v and the Rx once again began to brown out . Increasing current capability ( max current ) to 1.5 amp the Rx held steady . Dropping the voltage to 3.3v the Rx once again browned out .

Starting again from 3.5v I was far more vigorous with the servos trying to get the current draw as high as possible and I was able to get the Rx to brown out . Increasing the voltage to 3.6v saw an improvement and I was not able to brown out the Rx . These tests were conducted with a single 6g and a single 9g servo connected to the Rx . The 6g servos look to draw about half the current of the 9g servo in the test .

1x6g servo - 0.029A @ 3.6v static current draw

2x6g servo - 0.034A @ 3.6v static current draw

2x6g servo - 180mAh current draw utilizing both servos continuously . ( This is about equal to one 9g servo )

So the variables are - current draw and the number of servos as well load .

Range testing with a...Continue Reading
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This Video for Graupner Fan. i Show step by step How to repair or replace graupner MX 20 , MX16 und MX 12 switch and antenna

you can share it to all your Graupner fan friends
i don't know if there is a Group for Graupner . but if you know . share everywhere

How to repair or replace graupner MX 20 , MX16 und MX 12 switch and antenna (14 min 46 sec)

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i made this twin engine Bus flying

Scratch building twin engine airplane and Maiden flight (11 min 54 sec)

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My Suspensions Landing gear

was lots of fun
unfortunately didn't have a video from flight
but i will try next summer to make one

How to build RC Plane Suspensions Landing gear at home. (4 min 21 sec)

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My Skywalker . one of the greates Airplane
love it

i got the plan from this Group : from sfakias

I i modified the plan and this is the result

Skywalker Homemade scratchbuilding and maiden flight. (7 min 45 sec)

this is my modified the plans. Subscribe and download it

part 1 :
Part 2:
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one of my Training Airplane

i build it with my old stuff and did not cost 5$

5$ Airplane Scratch building and Maiden flight (10 min 38 sec)

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