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Posted by jennis70 | Nov 21, 2020 @ 05:41 PM | 3,764 Views
My husband and I have inherited his fathers collection of engines. We have no idea of their value or worth. We are very willing to sell them but would rather not use Ebay. We also want to honor his dad and find people who would enjoy them as much as he did. Some of them have not been fired and it appears that only a few may have been fired. He never mounted the boxed engines on models. Any input on these engines would be appreciated.
We have 1. Technopower II Radial Engine Type B7B purchased in 1985
2. Saito FA-80 13 cc Four Stroke Cycle
3. O.S. Max 61SF abc
4. O.S. FS-20 3.56 cc
5. Graupner O.S. NSU Wankel system Type 49 PI
All the above engines are in their original boxes .
There are other misc. engines without boxes but I am not an expert on these and cannot tell if they have been used or if they are functional.
1. Hope Glo-Plug Engine 19
2. Sea Fury (motor boat) engine, (I believe that engine was used in a model)
3. No name engine (with serial #'s)
4. Thunder Tiger 25 w/muffler
5. 29 Super Hope
6. Dooling 29
We also have a Conley small block V-8 engine model that my husbands father built in 1992.
We can supply pictures of any or all the above items. We also have an assorted misc. things like propellers and parts which we are very willing to depart with.