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Posted by Captain Dunsel | Dec 03, 2020 @ 03:42 PM | 8,159 Views
Minimum R/C F8F ‘Rarebear’ Bearcat

Available direct from Minimum R/C ( or via

Span 360 MM (about 14 1/8”)
Weight, with 1 cell (200 MaH) lipo is 33 gm/1.25 oz.

Flight times are short (about 2 minutes), but very spirited. This little beastie is fast and highly maneuverable – loops, rolls, etc. are easy and quick, whilst the model isn’t hard to land. There is no landing gear.

This is a simple kit, not an ARF. Parts are a stiff foam with LASER-cut control horns, servo mounts, etc. I used Foam-Cure and clear Gorilla glue when building it; CA is not recommended.

Building instructions (in English) are available via the Minimum RC website (

The kit comes in several levels, starting with just the airframe and motor at about $16. Next level adds the servos, and the full kit adds a 250 MaH lipo, tool kit, receiver and transmitter at about $95.

If you don’t get the full kit, you will need a receiver. Minimum offers one, compatible with Flysky, Frsky, Spektrum DSM2, or S-fhss, for about $15. Their receiver includes a brushed ESC, and runs about $15.

Some MAJOR notes!

1. The receiver and servos come complete with all SERVO connectors, however there is a small charge for having the motor and ESC plugs installed by Minimum. After battling with those tiny connectors on the first receiver I bought, I found it absolutely worth paying...Continue Reading