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Posted by AirMonty | Dec 02, 2020 @ 05:58 PM | 7,005 Views
I bought the Cirrus damaged and had to do a major repair on the right wing. I really didn't have much to go by but I used the other wing as sort of a template. The elevator had to be repaired and the nose wheel servo had to be replaced (man, was that a pain to get to, let alone unscrew and take out). I finally got the work done and put in a redundancy bus so I could use two receivers and two receiver batteries to provide me with a little more security. I put a Tacon 160 motor in and a HV ESC and planned to run it on 12S, using two 6S lipos in series. I weighed it and was shocked and mad to find out it came in at over 20 pounds! These planes are known to require full flaps for landing because of the wing loading already and now I was going to have to deal with and even higher loading because it was 2 pounds more than spec. I removed one receiver battery and it came in at 19.1 pounds. I had plenty of power using a 18 X 10 wood prop, so my big concern was landing safely. On Nov. 21st I decided to see what it would do and got everything ready. I Checked everything twice and moved to the field and she took off nice. I think I finally started to breathe again once she was in the air. The maiden flight was good with no trim adjustments made. It came time to land and I flicked on full flaps, she wanted to nose down quite a bit (I had mixed some down elevator in to stop it from ballooning) so I went around and set up for the final. She came in relatively slow and steady. I don't usually celebrate when I land a plane but I did that day. Was an awesome flight. 2nd flight went well too.