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Posted by acarolus | Nov 22, 2020 @ 10:58 AM | 4,884 Views
Have already set up a lot of elec heli, but now with setting up the new BD Axon I encounter a big problem within my DX18 (1st generation-latest firmware 2.07). Within analog switch setup when I move the L lever pot on the transmitter it also changes the rudder/tail slider setup from -3 to +4. This even after setting up a new model and within channel assignment all aux channels set to inh. This movement is alsof picked up within BD software(was not the case with BD 3SX). I can't find a way to disable this !! (Tried already to change both llever values without success and cleared values which are then automatically set to -75 and +75%. After full setup I will fix my tail within rate mode and than move to heading hold to set head and tail gain, save the gains within the software so I can assign switches for self level and captain rescue.
I do not want llever pot mess up my tail slider setup as this pot is easily touched and changed by just handling the transmitter, and I am sure I will forget to check the correct position of this slider before every take off. (have not programmed any mixes Esther, all set inh)
Hope that any Spektrum user can come up with a solution on how to set transmitter software that moving llever does not interphere with tail slider position.