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Posted by bayou_city_boy | Dec 03, 2019 @ 06:52 PM | 8,780 Views
It's been over 2 years now since the Harvey flood destroyed our home. Several have asked how we are doing and if we have recovered.

We have been blessed beyond our expectations!

Everything we lost has been restored several times over. Even the oak trees! We lost 2 live oak trees my wife loved. We now have 15 oak trees and 5 nice pecan trees.!

We spent seven months in a hotel and actually survived each other! Lol

Out insurance company came thru and did not give us a bit of problem on our claim.

Everybody around us had problems with their claims. The insurance adjuster came in, looked around, got us a small check to get us going, And within 4 weeks of the inspection we had the final check.

They actually paid for all my lost airplanes and radio gear too!

But we decided not to remodel a second time. We sold the house to an investor.

As many know we were flooded the year before in 2016. We had just completed the remodel when the Harvey flood came.

While in the hotel we looked around in different areas to find a place to settle down. We looked out in Brenham. We looked up in Tomball and Magnolia. We went up to Tyler Texas.

I even found a nice home on Palestine Lake with a hangar and a runway for a full-scale airplane! But it was $750,000!!!

We didn't get THAT much from the insurance!

We settled on a small 2 bedroom brick home up and Livingston across the road from a small lake. So we have a lake view out of our front living room and family room windows. But without...Continue Reading