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Posted by Valrog | Nov 02, 2020 @ 08:11 PM | 5,781 Views
I have had a few people PM asking questions about a wireless PhoenixRC USB Dongle so ill do my best to explain everything here:

First well start of with software:
this link well get you started in all software aspects and other goodies as well. Incredible community might i add!

Im using a DX8 Gen2

Now ill show my hardware. I had this already : I only used it for PhoenixRC so i kept the little switch on the side set to PhoenixRC. And then i found a pic showing where you could solder a servo lead to the dongle and add your own PPM receiver. I chose this as it was 8 channels which is the the maximum channels in PhoenixRC -
Keep in mind you can use 4, 6, 7 or 8 channel receivers but less than 8 you will have to activate things like gear and flaps from the keyboard. And the receiver MUST have a PPM output on it. Another example is

Pic 1 shows the setup and pic 2 shows where to solder. In my days i have only seen brown and black negatives on the servo leads so this gives you an idea . Once i had the Binding done(more on this later) i simply folded the receiver under the dongle and used a rubber band to secure it. I took a small needle file and filed away the dongle plastic case to allow the servo lead to protrude out and still be able to put the dongle case back together.

OR if your just starting out you can go this route and supply your own PPM receiver -

Added 2 pics to show final product