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Review - Hobby King Micro SBEC (Switching) Voltage Regulator 5V/3A

Here is a link to the Video:
Review - Hobby King Micro SBEC (Switching) Voltage Regulator 5V/3A (4 min 21 sec)

I'm always looking for good switching voltage regulators to use for my Micro Aircraft builds where I want to use low voltage components and use 2S Power or convert an OPTO ESC into a Non-OPTO ESC.

Here are the Specs:

Type: Switch mode BEC
Input: 6V~26V (2~6S LiPoly)
Output: 5V/3A Constant
Dimension: 16.5 x 16.5 x 8mm

Here is a link to this Micro SBEC:

HobbyKing Micro SBEC 5V/3A

Here is another good SBEC 5V/3A

Here is a link to our original Tutorial for converting an OPTO ESC:
Tutorial - Converting an OPTO ESC by adding an SBEC (Switching Voltage Regulator) (17 min 8 sec)
...Continue Reading
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The remaining Modes are Thermal and Land. The Cirrus’s trailing edge camber can be set to about 3-5 degrees down to increase the camber and lower the thermal speed. Since the speed will be lower I would set 100 percent on the D/R menu. The elevator setting could be set on the TX and it will be remembered. I am usually in a turn when in a thermal so I put in a little more up elevator trim. When I roll out and go straight I may see pre stall porpoising so I take the trim out. Of course you can cheat and put SAFE Self Level ON when thermaling (or searching for a thermal). Purists will get upset but Cirrus is your model. When both ailerons and flaps are cambered down you are at greater risk for stall because there is no washout on the wing (like you will get in Landing Mode). So stalls can be dangerous unless you have about 100 feet or 10 seconds to recover. Here is my stall recovery procedure:

Go full power as this will put you into the Launch mode. Flaps and ailerons will retract intoa minimum wing drag configuration. The prop blast over the elevator will allow more pitch control. If Self Level is On the nose may be down and so up elevator will be applied automatically. If the stall has not been broken then apply down elevator and opposite rudder (if a spin or spiral is seen). Down elevator with prop thrust over the elevator will cause a dive and increase in airspeed where recovery is possible. Now this is theory and will be flight tested...Continue Reading
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Other reasons for Flight Modes is to deploy flaps or spoilerons or flaperons. For example in the Speed FM you could reflex both ailerons and flaps to streamline the airfoil to go faster with power off glide. Of course you would most likely put in down elevator trim to achieve a 10 degree nose down attitude. This would be with SAFE On or Off. In SAFE ON the flight control movements are much less than when Self Level is On. This is OK and is to be expected. In the D/R & Expo menu you could scroll the Switch position and select Flight Mode. Then you would most likely set a rate and expo value at high speed that would not be too much but comfortable and not pitch sensitive. There will be more on this when I go into flight testing and adjustment. More on the FM Table:

Spee is the FM for power off and best dive speed. If you like to dive at a vertical 90 degree descent or a 10 degree glide angle this is your Speed Mode. You will go faster if your prop is feathered and not turning (or windmilling). That’s why I will be using the 60 amp ESC with a programable prop brake. Later I may try a folding prop. Lets say your full throttle dive speed is measured (or estimated) at 60 mph. If your brake is strong enough and you can stop the prop your power off dive speed will be greater. How much? I had a motor glider that doubled the speed. Full throttle gave me 60 mph and power off folded prop gave me 120 mph. Of course the Cirrus is a different...Continue Reading
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Out this A.M. Liking this Cub as a scale flyer. (triple click for close up)
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ThiEYE Mini Drone Dr.X is ultra compact, protable and extremely lightweight, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It comes with everything you need, you just need to connect it to your smartphone or tablet via app. You can get it here with free worldwide shipping:

ThiEYE Dr. X mini drone unboxing (1 min 25 sec)

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These settings are for my DX9 TX with the stock SR22 AR636A receiver:
1. Throttle
2. Right Aileron
3. Elevator
4. Rudder
5. 2 Flaps on a Y cable
6. Left Aileron
8. SAFE Self Level On/Off on switch B (You can use channel 7 if you have a 7 or 8 channel TX.

If you have not used Flight Modes you are in for a treat. Ever go full power and the model pitches up and over (like the original Radian). Just when you get both hands on the TX it’s too late. In Flight Modes you use the Throttle stick for 3 different Elevator trim settings. So for high throttle you would use down trim.
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Dragon Hobby Hydropro Mono 1 Competition 680EP solid-Shaft Drive Brushless motor W/ HOBBY WING ESC 80A, Self Righting Function

Now green , Dark blue, orange and pink color in stock.
But each color only has one piece.

High Speed: 70-80KM/H


Length: 680mm
Beam: 178mm
Height: 80mm
Weight: 1200g
Motor: 2950-3450kv
ESC: Hobby Wing 80amp
Prop: (M436) D36*P1.4 2-Blade M4 Thread


Hydropro 680EP

Material Fiberglass

Self Righting Structure Ready

680mm Length x 178mm Width

Weight appox 850g (Shipping Weight 1.5kg)

PVC Wrap Coated

Color: Painted

Required to Run:
  • Battery: 3s 4500mah - 5000mah
  • Servo
  • Radio system: 2 Channel Transmitter and Receiver for Surface

Product website: Reading
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4K 25X zoom camera for drone with 25M still image (1 min 34 sec)

The Sky Eye-25HZ is a ruggedized, high-performance 25X electro-optical zoom camera payload designed for demanding applications that require high quality and precise images, like inspection for building, power lines, tower, pipelines etc. High-performance 3-axis gimbal is using advanced FOC(field-oriented control) motor control technology which will enable you to get a 0.01 degree incredible precise control, so the gimbal will give you crystal clear and stable video footage.

25.9 megapixels still image
Still image resolution of Sky Eye-25HZ reaches up to 25.9 megapixels, click HERE to check building inspection images.

Compact and lightweight
Sky Eye-25HZ weighs as little as 782g to help you meet your payload weight allowance

Easy for integration
Sky Eye-25HZ can not only be controlled via PWM signal, but also serial command. Also gimbal status(like Yaw/Pitch angle,zoom position etc) can be obtained by sending serial command to the gimbal via its serial port, which is really useful for precise gimbal control and system integration.

Clean and simple wiring
Sky Eye-25HZ comes with one wiring hub for RC receiver and video output port, which makes wiring pretty easy and clean. Also the gimbal offers 2 smart speed modes: FAST speed and LOW speed. Fast speed mode is used for small zooming range, which makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. LOW speed mode is used for large zoom range, will enable you to target the object more accurately.


1) 782grams, lightweight
2) 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor
3) 25X zoom capability, 1080P/60 HDMI output for video downlink
4) Still image resolution: 25.9 Megapixels
5) 4K video recorded for on-board TF card
6) PWM control and serial command control
7) Convenient wiring hub for RC receiver and video output
8) 3-axis high stabilized gimbal system
9) Adjustable control speed: SLOW speed for large zoom range, accurate. FAST speed for small zoom range, sensitive and quick.
10) One key back to home position
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Dragon Hobby Hydropro Mono 1 Competition 680EP Racing Boat solid-Shaft Drive 2850-3570kv W/ ESC 80A & Metal Gear Servo, Self Righting Function

Now three color in stock, Yellow, blue, green in stock now.

Length: 680mm
Beam: 178mm
Height: 80mm
Weight: 1200g
Motor: 2950-3450kv
ESC: 80amp
Servo: Mini Servo 3.5kg
Prop: (M436) D36*P1.4 2-Blade M4 Thread


Hydropro 680EP

Material Fiberglass

Self Righting Structure Ready

680mm Length x 178mm Width

Weight appox 850g (Shipping Weight 1.5kg)

PVC Wrap Coated

Color: Painted


Battery: 3s 4500mah - 5000mah
Radio system: 2 Channel Transmitter and Receiver for Surface

Sale in Monkeyhobby: Reading
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I made a copy of the DX 9 program that was used for 5 flights just in case I wanted to go back to a working program. The copy was reset when I went to the Sailplane Type Model. Why not use Airplane type? Because the Sailplane program has Camber Presets and more Flight Modes.
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This is my Maiden Flight Review video for the new E-flite Night Radian RC Glider. It has Flite Test stickers and is a 2M Glow In The Dark Powered Sailplane.

E-flite Night Radian RC Glider - Flite Test 2M Glow In The Dark Powered Sailplane Maiden Flight (3 min 52 sec)

In the video I hand launched it in SAFE Mode, flew it around on power, did some gliding, and showed off how well it loops.

Here are my review notes:

- It is a big E-flite Radian Powered Glider
- The motor is a 3S brushless motor
- Not only does this comes with lights installed, but they offer a ton of variety
- This is definitely something you can add an FPV camera to for more fun
- If you're a Flite Test fan, this plane is for you with the stickers and such
- The radio setup is easy like most Horizon Hobby products
- It comes with the option of using SAFE Select
- AS3X is nice when you have SAFE Select turned off

- The CG is printed incorrectly in the manual and may cause issues flying it. I found that a touch past 3.25" was perfect for my enfan 1500 lipo battery on the maiden flight.
- The tape provided to hold the horizontal stabilizer is unacceptable. Use quality shipping tape instead.
- Wires that connect the horizontal stab to the fuse are a free floating afterthought.
- The Servo tape that covers the wing lights underneath the main wing started to roll up after the first wing installation.
- The LED wing wires are going to be a hassle every time this plane is flown because they are about an inch and a half too short. To help with this, I added some servo connector extensions. I highly recommend this!
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Nifty table of all the SECO orbits. The speed & altitude can be derived from the webcasts, but the inclinations are not broadcast. Not sure how they calculated the inclination change. Even without inclinations, rough calculations based on high school geometry showed it achieving abnormally low orbits. The table confirmed those calculations were right. To recover the booster after launching a 7000kg satellite, it can only reach an elliptical 11000 miles. That's lower than GPS. It's a long way from the direct GEO insertion advertised but never used by the delta IV heavy.
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I had a dream !

I saw this jet looking hand throw air-plane and thought !
Hmmm , dont they have these small EDF units ..
That foam job looks like it would take a 30mm EDF , a 4ch Rx and some small servos with little trouble .

Well the other day my hopes and dreams were shattered when the foam job arrived .
It was seriously twisted out of shape . I don't know .
Looked like every toady between my home and China sat on it ..

Pictured is about as straight as I can get it .. Not going to try and RC this one ..
Do I try again ? Dont want to buy another bent bird ....

Anyhow , 2 more 35cm gliders arrived ..
These two glide sweet , sweet enough that I may give it a go ( RC them ) ..
Hmmm , elevator / rudder or pitcheron ... Or , one of each !

FX 707 Update :
I did mention that the sleeved control rods bit the big one ..
Ordered some 0.8mm music wire from HK ............ and it was binding as well .
Thankfully I had some 0.6mm from a previous order and when tried was as smooth as silk ..
So swapped out the control rods from 1mm to 0.6mm .. ( no choice really )
The FX 707 is fully ready for testing now ..
And it be the 3rd day of rain today .. It has hardly rained this year , and when I have two gliders ready for chuck testing - it rains .

( Just let me win the lottery and we will call it even )
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More flights for the Cub. Got those takeoffs down to almost no-roll. Still working on the landing part of the STOL---LOL!
REC 0001 (0 min 20 sec)

Posted by mdmavic | Oct 17, 2018 @ 04:25 PM | 1,793 Views
Any one have a problem binding this quad,I get a solid red on the TX ,but no signal bars and no battery bars for the drone battery with a full charge on the drone battery. The drone is flashing yellow but can not callabrate the compass.
Posted by JohnVH | Oct 17, 2018 @ 11:11 AM | 5,326 Views
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Review - Turnigy 3S 2200mah 25C Lipo Pack

Here is a link to the Video:

I order these LIPOs to use on two of my larger planes.
They weight approx. 16 grams lighter than stated in the specs which is great ;-)
I was also impressed with the Internal Resistance of these LIPO Pack.
The lowest Cell Resistance was 3 milliohms and the highest was 6 milliohms ;-)
Not bad for a 25C LIPO.
The LIPO measurements were very nearly spot on with the stated Length, Width, and Height.

Now it's on to perform some field testing of these LIPOs in a Plane, so stay tuned ;-)

Here is a link to this LIPO:

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

See Us On Youtube | Patreon | RCGroups | Facebook
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Yep Les Amis,
Un des meilleurs BNF 5 pouces 2018 ! Je suis d'accord, l'année n'est pas finit mais le EMAX HAWK 5 restera de toutes façons un des meilleurs de sa catégorie ! Que ce soit au niveau des composants, de la mise en route ou du vol, cet engin est parfaitement conçu par rapport à ce qu'on a l'habitude de voir sur le marché chinois. Dans cette vidéo, nous allons en parler mais aussi aborder quelques astuces et conseils autour du racer en général . Pour résumer sur le Hawk 5, si vous cherchez un 5 pouces, ne cherchez plus, foncez !!!

EMAX HAWK 5 TOP 2018 Review Astuces Conseils ... Un MUST HAVE ! (29 min 58 sec)

NOTATAZ : 19.5/20 Que du BONHEUR !!!

Niveau : Initiés .
Les + : Y en à trop ...
Les - : Difficile d'en trouver en étant honnête .

Les produits présentés sont visibles ici (en cliquant sur ces liens vous soutenez ma chaîne) Merci à vous :

- EMAX HAWK 5 PNP ( 185€ avec le COUPON suivant : GB-THEMAX5 ) :
- EMAX HAWK 5 BNF (199€) :
- Batterie 4S 1500mAh conseillée :
- Hélice Emax Avan 5043 :
- Fixation Antenne FPV TPU :
- Récepteur FLI 14+ :
- Sangles batterie Kevlar :
- Protection batterie carbone :
- Protection batterie TPU :
- Frein Filet 50ml : https://goo....Continue Reading