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Posted by elmtree | Dec 31, 2015 @ 09:54 PM | 9,723 Views
After building a 2s 135mm size brushless quad and flying it around for a few months, I found it lacking in power.

I was using ap03 4000kv motors and a 450mah 2s with 75mm props. A bit after I finished the build some new motors came out, the 1104 4000kv motors. Only 2g heavier, but able to run up to 4s and produce insane amounts of thrust. Unfortunately the frame that I had couldn't fit these new motors, so I went ahead and designed my own. I made sure that all the current parts could fit in between two plates. I wanted the whole quad to only be a bit heavier than the original while accounting for the heavier motors and the slightly beefier frame. The original quad sans battery was 59g. Adding 8g for new motors and a 37g 370mah 3s put me at 104g. I decided to make my goal weight 110g for a nice number that was only a bit more than the original weight.

Here's what that design looked like

Once I had finalized the design I got it cut out of carbon for the top plate, and carbon birch laminate for the bottom
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Posted by elmtree | Dec 30, 2015 @ 10:33 PM | 13,221 Views
I set out to build an ultra light weight cruiser. Aim was at least 20 minutes of flight time with full FPV gear. That means camera, VTX and OSD. Since I use 1.3ghz for video transmission I had to stuck with 433mhz for control. I wanted the AUW to be ~150g so that in the even of a crash there wouldn't be much damage.

Before I started the build I had used eCalc to see what kind of motor combo I could accomplish this with.

Adding up component weights I was able to produce a copter that could theoretically hover for 23 minutes with eCalc:

So the build begins!

Shaving grams with direct soldering

The flight components
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