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Posted by Waldopepperaxe | Nov 20, 2009 @ 12:39 PM | 13,322 Views
Motor turning over to slowly with the electric starter??

I needed a 24 volt battery to use on my electric starter for some of my bigger engines and even in the cold on a few of the smaller then bigger engines.

So after searching on line (not extensively) and found nothing, I made this box which is two 12 volt batteries with a switch to go from 12 volts to 24 volts. It has worked out fantastic for me so I thought I'd post on how to do it.

this is a step by step procedure built into the pictures, the box was already completed when I did this so most of the pics show the finished product.

I present to you the Waldotorque double 12-24 extreme starting system.

Is it extreme? absolutely not,, but everything today is extreme, so why should I change that.

You can also charge the two batteries without having to open up the box or disconnecting anything. just put the switch to 12 volts and attach your charger to 1 side of the box, put the clamps on the other side and then charge that battery. I'm not sure if you could charge both at the same time with the switch in the 24 volt position but if I find out it is safe to do so I will post the results in an update.

UPDATE already : LOL instead of using the Machine screws or Bolts for the battery terminals it would be much wiser to use Banana plugs to plug into on top of the box. Thank you majortomski for the suggestion....Continue Reading