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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 10:48 PM | 270 Views
It's quite clear that the lunchbox steering has been hunting, ever since the encounter with Asian capitalism. A rear wheel was damaged, so it bounces up & down. This makes the gyro oscillate, which makes the steering erratic. Its damaged state is a good time to try more aggressive techniques of locking the tires to the wheels.

The lion kingdom started seriously considering installing a camera & sound system for making eye level vlogs from the vehicle. 10 mile runs can get extremely boring & a lot of thoughts come through a lion's mind. It would be a much smaller camera than a gopro, suspended by a guywired carbon fiber rod. There are now lots of keychain cameras advertising "1080p" for under $40. Wireless headset microphones are now under $50.

Then of course, there's the DJI Mavic. There is a way to make a 1 handed remote control for it & fix the altitude so it follows an athlete semi autonomously. It would be 20 minutes at a time, but enough to capture a speed mile. There wouldn't be a way to drive a ground vehicle simultaneously. The Mavic would need to accurately track a speed. For $1000, the video would be watched by 20 people.
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 10:39 PM | 275 Views
For those with deep pockets ! There is one on Feebay ...

My my my , a MK2 Tiger ... ( I am in no way affiliated with the seller or engine )
Posted by MCChamberlain | Yesterday @ 10:32 PM | 264 Views
Just received my Babyhawk a couple of weeks ago, added my receiver to it and have flown it fine for three days in a row and put about 12 battery pacs through it (2s 450 mh and 2s 500 mh) every thing was working fine. Today I took off and at about 100yds away it back flips and drops out of the sky. I disarm the quad, go and pick it up and try to re-arm it and it will only play 1/2 of the tone when I power it up?

I just now plugged it into Betaflight and the Femto doesn't light up and I cannot connect?

Posted by flyenrw | Yesterday @ 07:55 PM | 335 Views
I used to enjoy it's like Johnny, take your medicine, it's good for ya! I'm not making this stuff has been non stop! I just lost a half hours posting as lightening struck near by and the power went out.
Couple pictures of my nemesis!

One more interior panel and the cockpit sides will be finished and ready for paint, well some day! I shot those progress pictures and the main access door entry.
I've been looking at the landing light crevice and wanted to add something simple but effective.
As I looked into reflectors, I finally found a 12 mm plastic bowl suitable for a 5 mm LED, for a great value at .25 cents each at Fiber Optic Products.
I felt like I found gold to come across the size I wanted. Trouble is I have to paint them. but ALCLAD II paint to the rescue.
I've used their Chrome ( G ) before on a Stearman project, for the radial engine valve covers. I was pretty satisfied and surprised it turned out bright. A couple pictures for the end result. So I will spray the white reflectors with this finish.

I have used a lot of the very lite ply .020 in the cockpit and decided to frame the sides of the cut out of the landing light to clean up the edges.

My plane had a lot of dings and surface grinding by people that are looking at a time clock and not the project. If you look at the right side of the light box you will see a balsa insert block used to replace a very badly shaped crushed leading edge of the...Continue Reading
Posted by TopherD | Yesterday @ 07:27 PM | 338 Views
Hi All -

I just bought a Shuriken 180 PRO configured dsmx, tried binding i with my Spektrum DX5E radio and it won't bind. Do you think that transmitter is too old? Thank you for your help!!!
Posted by aben71 | Yesterday @ 07:05 PM | 379 Views
Hello RCGroups Fam

I am looking for some feedback in regards to a new action/review camera,my old trusty SJ4000 has been sent to the camera graveyard,my RunCam HD is my current camera of use and it is a great camera for video recording but when I use it as a "hatcam" for review purposes I find the audio is not so good.Thinking I might pick up a Mobius here ,from what I have seen it is a good review on the go type camera as that is most of what I plan on doing with this.Also think this one looks interesting FOXEER Box 4K ,Foxeer is over twice the price as teh Mobious but claims to be 4K .Some more to research,what do you all prefer?I appreciate any advise,Thanks

Oh wait another interesting option,not a hat cam usable but something I could mount on a tripod hmmm

Opps one more thought and this may be the one the Foxeer Legend 2
Posted by angelo.p | Yesterday @ 06:18 PM | 397 Views
After a crash with my good ARFUN 95 PRO I damaged one arm and the FC.
A 3D printed frame is the solution with a new 20x20 F4!
3d printed frame for ARFUN 95 Pro micro brushless 1104 motors (4 min 18 sec)

Posted by rotorquest | Yesterday @ 04:32 PM | 449 Views
We lucked out and got our shipment of TBS Unify Race vtx's early. I know there's a major shortage of these and the tramps so you can get as many as you need since we stocked up big time on these bad boys. Don't miss your chance to grab the hottest selling vtx of 2017, checkout today!

We also have the full Unify HV (25-800mw) for those who need more than 200mw power

And the TBS vtx/rx mounting board for those clean AF builds

Oh btw, we just got the Furious FPV Fortini F4 in stock, what a sweet looking fc this is

Thanks for checking us out and happy flying!
Posted by ben dixbreaks | Yesterday @ 01:50 PM | 511 Views
Well at 87 years old I finally came into the 21st century by joining rc groups .and promptly screwed up like Hogan's goat. I will plead the fifth on all the details ! Ah well, stuff happens as it says on the T shirt.
I have been making model airplanes since 1943 and although one might think I have many years of experience it's really more like one year's experience 74 times over. Not quite as bad as that sounds. I am a reasonable model builder but a long way from top notch. Having said all that I have to confess that I prefer scratch built or kit built over foamies but I do have some of the latter. It takes so long to build with sticks and Monokote that I fully appreciate the popularity of the modern foamy. My foamies are a Tiger Moth, a Grumman Panther plus a Mig 15 still in the box. People simply don't have the time to screw around for months just to finish one 'plane.
To go with the foamy Tiger Moth I have a scratch built Gypsy Moth the same size. I have always liked the Gypsy Moth for appearance. Of course all that stuff is subjective so I don't expect everyone to agree with me.
Currently scratch building a 54 inch Pietnpol. I bought the Dumas indoor kit and enlarged the plans plus I have a small copy of the full size plans. All electric of course. I would never go back to nitro although I love the four strokes. I also have an Osprey sailplane that I bought from Soaring USA. I have never flown it and am thinking of getting rid of it. (we all have too much stuff)Too many other projects to enumerate here. What? What? Who said "Me too?" Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
That's it for now.
Posted by standroneflyer | Yesterday @ 12:30 PM | 564 Views
This is my RTF custom build racing drone that can go over 70km/h. I am selling all my drones and parts because I have to focus on school work.

1.RTF Fiber Glass ZMR 250 Racing Drone
Flown only 6 times, need to study for exam.
Everything included to fly, battery, charger, transmitter, everything.
Also bunch of propellers as well.
Will sell for $400, retail price from is about $450

2. Carbon Fibre ZMR 250 Racing Drone + An extra frame
This includes the carbon fibre frame, King Kong 2205 Motors, turnigy 6x transmitter and receiver, Afro 12 Amp esc ( 3 of them ), all you need is a battery.
Will sell for $300

If you want to buy the entire package, I will sell it for $600, which includes everything mentioned above. I will include a lot more extra stuff for the drone, such as flight controller flasher, battery leads, power distribution boards, etc.

I can meet any time in Oakville

Please visit my google drive page for more pictures, using this link :

Please text me at 365-777-7711, or reply to this...Continue Reading
Posted by irfanreza1975 | Yesterday @ 12:17 PM | 598 Views
Hi P2 has a problem in arming after firmware update.
If anyone has solution please suggest me.
Posted by marblekit | Yesterday @ 11:46 AM | 635 Views
Posted by Alex fpv | Yesterday @ 11:29 AM | 615 Views
i am on cleanflight and every time i press save and reboot it freezes on rebooting and will not save.
Posted by Micubano | Yesterday @ 11:02 AM | 644 Views
My wife has summers off and took the kids to a state park with a lake. My son and his friend brought a little Lagos boat to run on the water. According to my son the lid was on tight and it was running fine when it suddenly sank very fast. The problem is that they were no where near a designated swimming area and on a stone jetty with steep sides. My wife underestimated the water depth. A few feet out she slipped into water that was over her head, full of weeds, and her legs ended up in a very cold pocket of water. We both did SCUBA at one point and know all about thermoclines, but she said this was a really shallow pocket with a huge temperature difference. Long story short, a few times she feared for her life and her struggle to get out seemed to take forever. She ended up recovering on the beach for over an hour covered in lake weed. So now my wife knows RC water rule is never worth going into the water to rescue anything RC from a natural shoreline. Either bring an RC rescue boat or a real boat. The Lagos was a goner the second it was out of sight, so even that would not help. If you can't get whatever is stuck out there, leave it and take the loss. This happened yesterday, but the thought of my wife dying in front of my son and his friend while trying to retrieve anything RC from the water has been stuck in my head. No matter if it is a toy boat or expensive airplane of floats, no item is worth risking your life for. Have a safe summer everyone.
Posted by Drone Minds | Yesterday @ 08:59 AM | 715 Views
Hi guys. I got sent this little ducted fan style drone, similar to other ones in other blog posts from others here only without a camera. Not too much to say really. It's quite easy to fly but I crashed it a lot, but because of the ducted fan style propellers it can take a lot of crashes and scrapes. I really think this style of propeller arrangement is perfect for FPV racing where you might get a lot of bumps and even be able to keep flying because it won't always been a catastrophic crash.
This is not an FPV quad, just a toy really, so I made this silly little video about it. It was quite fun making it, but you probably think it is too stupid.? I really like this style of micro quadcopter drone though so I hope I can try some better faster ones soon with an fpv camera!
REALACC JJRC H36 Mini RC Drone Test (1 min 17 sec)