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Posted by Tetex79 | Feb 22, 2014 @ 09:55 PM | 2,832 Views
To my friends that are not Venezuelans, a response to a few questions that I think can help you understand what is happening in Venezuela and to the rest of my friends please help me spread word.

They held elections less than a year ago and Nicolas Maduro won the elections, right?

Yes that is true, but the elections were held in an atmosphere of great inequality between sides. The ruling party's campaign was funded with state resources. This last one is totally unconstitutional but all public authorities are controlled by the ruling party and allow it openly. On election day thousands of complaints of irregularities were presented to the poll authorities by opposition witnesses (there were no international witnesses). Maduro won by a very narrow margin, the election was contested based on the polling station complaints. The government agreed to recount votes but dismissed the importance of contested ballots, and were not considered in a process that did not satisfy the demands of the opposition.

Venezuela is an oil producing paradise where the socialist government of Chavez and Maduro now have solved all of the countries' problems?

No, the government's propaganda has been charged over the years to create the illusion, especially internationally. They have created hundreds of plans and called " Missiones, " legitimate and important objectives, but these projects have only been used a populist manner, virtually they work just enough to make the necessary...Continue Reading