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Posted by Air-Jon | Dec 09, 2016 @ 09:46 PM | 17,166 Views
Hi All,

I'm working on finalizing the design and having fun doing it! The design continues to be revised daily as I receive parts and try to make them cheaper, lighter, easier to print, simpler, etc… This all takes quite a bit of time but it is fun!

I have the first batch of Controllers on order from Xicoy but im not sure if they shipped them today or not. The time difference is a pain to deal with (they are in Spain). They gave me a little discount that was better than nothing. The controllers are worth the money for sure. I have seen many and the Xicoy are just what you need and nothing else. Each controller can handle up to 200LEDS! So lots of creativity available there.

I only order 20 Controllers to start because that was a good amount of coin. I may make a limit of 1 per customer for the first batch. I would like everyone to get one and I can get a second batch on order as soon as I get the funds from the first batch secure and start shipping product.

I’m hoping the new LEDs are plenty bright so I can settle on one and move forward.

The final detail of the CenterBurner kit will be the power source. I am going to likely only provide a Castle Creations 10A BEC/regulator as the power source. This will cost about 3X what a little 2S Lipo would cost, but it is much safer and more convenient. I will set the unit at the proper output voltage at the “factory” and you will simply have to provide power from your battery. I am concerned about the...Continue Reading
Posted by Air-Jon | Dec 09, 2016 @ 09:19 PM | 9,749 Views
Hi all,

I will be posting the status of the “LED CenterBurner” and other ventures here. I though I would post some background on myself, I have been flying RC since I was 13. My first ducted fan was a Multiplex Twister back in 2006, which I hopped up with an HET fan and motor and I was hooked! This Twister got heavily modified and received all new tail surfaces and LEXs. It also received my first LED afterburner. I did not like the look of the early ring LEDs that looked like the halo lights on the import racers cars. So I bought a Hyperdyne Labs V1 AB light controller (awesome unit) and a bunch of LEDs and proceeded to make my own style afterburner. This involved a modified prop spinner glued to the back of the motor with 6 leds, and about 12 LED sunk into the inside of the tailcone with mylar covering them. The look was great! I got comments wherever I flew it. Fast forward 10 years, Freewing/MotionRC have made available a bunch of cool and affordable scale jets! These jets inspired me to bring my CenterBurner to the market. Personal 3D printers are available now it’s feasible to make a quality product like this and keep the start up cost under control. The Mig-21 was the final straw as it so needs an afterburner! The real people who have inspired this are Alpha from Motion RC because of the great service Motion RC does for EDF in the USA, and for raising the bar for foam jets. The other people to thank are my friends Jeff and Chris (RC...Continue Reading